Eng Abdulaziz Al-Azm: Homeowners’ awareness of the role of lighting in design is increasing

The Lighting Designs and Technology Exhibition, held at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center in the Saudi capital, will conclude its activities tonight (September 8, 2022); He will organize a multi-session summit on the world of lighting; Its fields and its effects on the environment and the economy… Among the speakers at the summit, the interior design and lighting engineer Abdulaziz Al-Azm, who informs “Madam.net” in the following dialogue about the titles on which he will focus on in his interventions, and on the other hand deals with the growing awareness of home owners The role of lighting in interior design.

Interior Design Engineer and Lighting Engineer Abdulaziz Al-Azem

After hours, she will present more than one intervention at the “Lighting Design and Technology Exhibition” summit; What are the points you will focus on?
In my intervention in a few hours, I will speak in a panel discussion about the importance of the lighting consultant’s role in the Saudi theater scene, using the play “The Dahalizi House” by the American director and producer Todd Nims as an example. Interior design Nawaf Al-Nassar designed some rooms in the ancient house.

A still from the play “The Dahalizi House” by American director and producer Todd Nimes. Interior design by Nawaf Al-Nassar and lighting design by Abdulaziz Al-Azm

The purpose of the panel discussion is to spread awareness about the importance of lighting, its extension to most disciplines, and how to make it successful in the fields of interior design, graphic design, art shows and fashion shows, as lighting and shadows affect. the aesthetics of textures in the aforementioned events… Eng Nawaf Al-Nassar, fashion designer Noura Glessi, curator Dalia Fatani, and producer Todd Nimes.

Another shot from the play

On the other hand, I will explain to the public alone, in a separate symposium, about the role of architectural lighting in the historical and heritage buildings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially with the development of tourism within the framework of Saudi Vision 2030 , and the encouragement to visit historical monuments, and how to use lighting in this context to attract the attention of Tourists, without exaggeration, while preserving the history of the building.

The new home lighting

Villa N in Medina; Architectural Consultant: Khaled Al-Tasan, and Lighting Design Consultant: Ing. Abdulaziz Al-Azm (DTS).

The world of lighting reveals environmentally friendly innovations and solutions, which radically influence interior spaces and gardens attached to homes. What’s new in home lighting?
Lighting has evolved in the past ten years, and LED lighting has become popular and used in all homes. Lighting control was also developed, after the latter was very expensive, so control of lighting was limited to simply turning the light button on or off. Today, this is achieved through a mobile phone or any “smart” board inside or outside the house, with the connection between lighting and other household appliances (electric curtains, for example, and electronics), in an easy way, within the framework of the “Internet of Things”. Modern lighting solutions also offer the user several options to illuminate color aspects according to the activity he carries out each time at home, and the intensity of lighting (cold or warm), in easy ways, and energy-saving lighting devices are common and facilitate the ability to control them via mobile phone.

Other side of Villa N in Medina; Architectural Consultant: Khaled Al-Tasan, and Lighting Design Consultant: Ing. Abdulaziz Al-Azm (DTS).

Have you deepened your awareness of the role of the lighting consultant during the interior design of the house?
There is interest in the role of the lighting consultant from the homeowners, because they realize the importance of lighting in beautifying the decor and other major functions it performs as well as achieving well-being and saving on energy bills. In the last two years I have noticed that 60% of my office’s work is residential projects. However, there are “outsiders” in the field, and they compete with an image that may have a bad result on lighting design.

Common mistakes in lighting design

Are there common mistakes in the design of lighting in apartments?
There are many common mistakes related to lighting of residential projects, especially those under the supervision of some real estate developers, who do not spend much on the above element, and are motivated by the speed of implementation, which leads them to repeat the following:

  • Excessive use of ceiling lighting (spots), which leads to an increase in annoying glare.
  • Exaggeration in the distribution of indirect lighting elements, which irritates the user, in addition to the aforementioned elements that require continuous maintenance because they are very fragile.
  • Buying cheap lighting units, which makes them not long-lived, thus negatively affecting environmental sustainability.
  • The choice of lighting units that are not suitable for the architectural space (a large chandelier for a hall with limited space, for example…).

The designs of modern lighting accessories are impressive, and they play a crucial role in the decor; Any tips before you buy?
It is necessary to coordinate between the interior design engineer and the home owner when choosing the shapes of lighting accessories, to achieve harmony in the decor according to the idea and plan. The lighting designer or lighting consultant, in turn, focuses on the central lighting, and how to distribute its places, to play its role in removing darkness from the void, and assisting the user in night vision, with the importance of coordination with the lighting designer regarding the amount of lighting each room needs and the size of the lighting units.

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