40 professional players in the first round of the 14th His Majesty King Hamad International Golf Cup

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Tomorrow morning, Thursday 24 November, the activities of the first round of the 14th International Golf Championship of His Majesty King Hamad the Great, presented by the Bahrain Golf Association, and held on the Royal Club’s courses during the period from 24 to 26 November, begin , with wide international participation, as 96 players representing 20 countries will participate, including 35 players. A professional from developed countries in this field and they have great experience in international tournament competitions, where players from Britain, France, Sweden, Spain, Japan and Pakistan take part in addition to Arab professional players from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon. The tournament also includes high-level amateur players who have advanced world rankings. Observers expect this tournament to witness high technical levels in the game of golf, in addition to strong competitions between the participating players, especially the professionals among them, to win the precious championship cup, which bears the name of His Majesty the Great King, may God protect and preserve him. For his title, as he is regarded. the first professional Arab player who won the championship during the previous editions, and Morocco will participate in the tournament A brother with a group of professional and amateur players who have already played in previous editions, in addition to the national team players.

The tournament runs until next Saturday, where 45 players will be selected to compete on the final day, after reaching the final heats during the first and second rounds.

Major General Ali bin Saqr Al Nuaimi, President of the Bahrain Golf Association and Chairman of the Supreme Organizing Committee, praised the increasing demand from professional and amateur players to participate in this prestigious tournament, which has become one of the most important tournaments held in the region, due to the good reputation the tournament enjoys among regional and international federations, in addition to the strength of participation, which directly contributed to attracting international players and entering the tournament among the tournaments organized by the International Golf Federation has been approved. the world ranking The support that contributed to great successes in recent years and also contributed to the continuation of his annual stay for 14 years without stopping. The president of the federation also praised the role of the organizing committees and volunteers among the Bahraini youth who work in the management and organization of the tournament, as their work and experience in this field is one of the reasons for the success of the tournament during the previous period.

The president of the Bahrain Golf Association emphasized that this tournament, which has developed significantly in recent years and achieved successive successes, the most important of which is the increase in the number of participants from professional players who transfer expertise and technical skills to local amateurs. players, as well as their participation had a good impact on the attendance of the daily competitions held. The President of the Federation added that many goals were achieved, especially the strategy of the Bahrain Golf Federation to work on the development of the Bahraini golf sport to maintain the sporting gains it achieved during its regional and Arab participation.

The Bahrain Golf Association has involved the players of the national golf team in this prestigious tournament so that they have an opportunity to compete with the professional players namely Khalifa Al-Muraisi, Khalifa Duaij, Sultan Al-Hakam, Abdullah Al-Yaqoub, Fahd Al-Hakam, Ahmed Al-Zayed, in addition to former national team champions Hamad Al-Afnan, Nasser Yaqoub and Abdullah Sultan Al-Hakam. This participation competes with amateur players from the GCC countries, Arab countries, European and Asian players who will have their say in the tournament competitions for amateur players.

It is worth noting that the tournament is held annually under the sponsorship of national banking companies and institutions. Batelco has been the official sponsor of this international sports event since its inception fifteen years ago, considering this sponsorship as one of the reasons for its success. become of the tournament, which has become one of the important international tournaments on the golf tour calendar. In the region, the rest of the companies and banks also contributed to the gold and silver sponsorships, and their contribution was credited with attracting professional players. companies are Aluminum Bahrain Alba, Foulath Holding Company, Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company, Security Solutions Company, Khaleeji Commercial Bank, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait and the Economic Development Board.

The first round will start this morning at seven o’clock and will continue until four o’clock in the afternoon. The players will be divided into groups, and each group will consist of 3 players. The Royal Golf Club will be open to the public, where they will host the tournament. can watch and track the results of the players.

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