Genesis introduces its luxury electric car, the X Convertible

12:18 p.m

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Seoul – (dpa):

Genesis has unveiled its electric icon X Convertible, which speaks the language of sporty luxury.

The South Korean company stated that the all-new car is an elegant four-passenger car that has a fully retractable roof.

Triple EV concept: Genesis’ prospects

The X Convertible belongs to the X Concept family, a two-door “grand tourer” that successfully showcases the sporty elegance language of Genesis. The second model in the trio of electric vehicle concepts, the X Speedium Coupe features a powerful and bold advanced design that embodies the precision inherent in Korean industry. X Speedium has also seen a number of updates to the front of the car; As the two-line Genesis lights have evolved to become wonderfully integrated and harmonious with the front grille, to appear in an integrated and homogeneous image, with a streamlined appearance that combines simple elegance and full characteristics of the electric car emits. The X Convertible Concept takes the X Speedium Coupe to an even more attractive and sophisticated level, with advanced features that mimic the aspirations of the future.

Common factors in design while maintaining sporty elegance

The X models are crowned with a new element, the X Convertible, which embodies the design language of “Athletic Elegance” in its purest form; The perfect proportions of the X Convertible concept are complemented by the precision of the design, embodying the continuous evolution in the organization of creative touches that form the sporty elegance, to be a beacon for the Genesis brand.

The X Convertible shares its striking architecture and electrified powertrain with the 2021 X Concept and the X Speedium Coupe, details revealed in 2022, as well as advanced features such as a retractable roof that merges with the cabin roof over the front passengers. , which allows for a wonderful feeling even when the roof is closed, and the exterior structure of the car equipped with an advanced transmission is designed in an ideal way to communicate with nature, allowing users to experience the surrounding environment on a unique way can be enjoyed.

Exterior design: The X Convertible’s hood has a long design that stretches wide in the middle, covering the short front part and the long wheelbase, and reaching to the long roof at the back, emphasizing a balance that combines luxury and comfort. The side design has retained the distinctive character of Genesis cars, thanks to the curved design lines that run along the side and the rest of the car to create an impression of dynamism and elegance. The wide wheels around the wheels give the car ‘ a particularly sporty look, as the car takes the shape of a “Coca-Cola bottle” and merges into an elegant side design.

Quad lights: Genesis’ familiar two-line design identity is also present in the X Convertible. As in the X Speedium Coupe, this identity integrates the design of the three EV models and forms an integrated image with the front grille. The cooling function for the drive system and batteries has been moved to lower intakes in the front bumper.

Rear design: The rear design of the X Convertible is equipped with a concave elliptical tail that interrupts the horizontal square tail lights, as seen in the design of the X Concept and X Speedium Coupe. The rear design is characterized by a V-shape like a horseshoe and combines simplicity and elegance, while the large rear bumper offers a sense of power and exclusivity, designed in a way similar to the shape of the Genesis logo with two wings, in a sign of distinction and flight to new horizons of development and creativity.

Wheels: The G-Matrix pattern, which is the unique design language of Genesis, has added more technology and luxury to the front grille, headlights and wheels equipped with an advanced air system that extracts heat from the wheels due to the pressure of the brakes.

Interior and exterior design that embodies Korean aesthetics and traditions:

The X Convertible’s interior features driver-focused four-seat features, a consistent theme across all recent Genesis vehicles; The wraparound instrument panel seamlessly integrates with the center console and other cabin technology features, emphasizing its performance-oriented attributes as well as driver comfort.

Traditional Korean architecture is ingrained in the roof design: a nod to the brand’s origins. In addition to the main aspect of cabriolets, the interior design includes marine watercolor “Giwa” and “Dancheong” orange, which gives the cabin a modern look and feel. , to match the car Vibrant personality.

Giwa Navy is the primary interior color, called “Giwa”, which in Korean means roof tiles in traditional Korean houses. It is made of recyclable wool fabric, which covers the interior of the cabin, in addition to the soft and elegant leather seats. Meanwhile, “Dancheong” orange, one of the traditional colors in ancient Korean wooden buildings, is the color woven into the cabin in two lines on the seats and cloth.

The exterior of the X Convertible is painted in ‘Crane’ White; The white colors represent nobility and holiness in Korean culture. The exterior is also designed in white with partial areas that shimmer, achieving a luxurious sheen that complements the car’s dynamic palette.

A world of excitement and driving pleasure

The X Convertible offers a luxurious open-air theater and an unparalleled sensory experience for all occupants. Convertible cars offer complete freedom and a high sensory experience thanks to the open roof, which enables direct contact with the surrounding environment. The X Convertible takes the sensory experience a step further with its electric drive system and high-performance sound system, developed by Guk-il Yu. We already learned about this new crystal clear audio feature at the first reveal of the X Speedium Coupe’s interior design features.

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