Benefits of owning a unit in Mountain View Icity October

The Mountain View i-City October project is one of the best October complexes and the best residential complexes launched by the Mountain View Company in the 6th October City, achieving a lifestyle of a different kind filled with all means of entertainment for all ages, as well as comprehensive services that provide comfort and stability for the residents, Below we review the details of the project in terms of Mountain View iCity October prices, the importance of the location, spaces and other information.

The luxurious MV Park The Lake compound is one of the most prominent and luxurious residential communities in the heart of 6th of October City on a large area of ​​70 hectares, and the “Mountain View Real Estate Development” company, which owns the project. , was keen to choose its location very carefully behind the Shooting Club, It is close to the Shooting Club, the famous Mall of Arabia, the main roads and the main axes, and it is designed according to the highest international standards, with unique and distinctive designs that are very eye catching
Mountain View iCity “The Lake” includes several features and services that make it a compound that pulses with all the details of beauty and luxury. Where there are 11 beautiful crystal water springs, the magnificent Central Park, the “boulevard” that matches the “Californian Rodeo Drive”, quiet and comfortable workplaces, the YDP youth development program, and other services represented in the club. Sports, social, shops, restaurants, cafes and security in the project.

Mountain View iCity project units space

There are several units that include apartments and detached villas, and the units vary in size, as follows:
There are apartments for sale in Mountain View iCity October, consisting of three bedrooms, reception, bathroom and kitchen, with areas ranging from 100 square meters to 240 square meters as a maximum.
There are also villas that consist of three floors and contain a large number of rooms, with areas ranging from 220 square meters to 565 square meters.

Mountain View Icity October Project Services
The Mountain View Real Estate Development Company, which implemented the Mountain View i-City October Compound, was eager to provide all the services that the residents need to achieve some kind of self-sufficiency, and the available services are as follows:
The distribution of green spaces in most of the complex’s spaces, which gives an aesthetic view and gives the residents a sense of psychological comfort.
A garage for residents’ cars, with the aim of preventing accumulation in front of the residential units and distorting the general appearance.
Gardens with green plants and dense trees are spread throughout Mountain View i-City October.
There are a number of swimming pools with a variety of designs to suit every taste, in addition to a variety of sizes and degrees of water depth to suit all ages of adults and children.
A group of world-class restaurants and famous luxury cafes serving the best food and drinks.
It contains a number of fountains that add to the charm and beauty of the complex.
A social club has been provided on a large area of ​​60 hectares for gatherings with friends and relatives in a pleasant atmosphere amidst the charming green nature.
There is a sophisticated and fully equipped spa, in addition to a gym equipped with all modern sports equipment.
The company has not neglected the provision of health services within the project, therefore it has provided a number of medical centers in various specialties to optimally care for patients.
There are enough spaces to sit in the fresh air, relax and meditate.
The compound is equipped with a unique clubhouse equipped to the highest level to provide more entertainment for the residents.
Areas have been designated for holding various parties, in addition to outdoor barbecue areas.
Mountain View iCity October Compound contains a large commercial area to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience due to the availability of all commodities and needs.
Spaces for walking, running and cycling.
Providing a number of wide playgrounds for the practice of various sports activities, such as tennis and football.
There is a large shopping center with a number of shops selling all commodities of well-known brands, and a number of cafes and large restaurants.
Energy reliance on clean solar panels, so Mountain View I-City October is environmentally friendly.
There is a tourist walkway with a length of 10 square kilometers.
A safe children’s entertainment area with a variety of games.
Within the complex there is an international school, an administrative building and a commercial one.
And finally, the most important services that cannot be neglected, which are guarding and security, since the complex is provided with security personnel throughout the day, in addition to the operation of modern surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.
Mountain View Icity October also has a smart security system, which is electronic gates.
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