The magic of floating hotels… Fans enjoying the sea and the World Cup together

The State of Qatar has announced that it will receive floating hotels with the aim of accommodating visitors and fans attending the 2022 World Cup.
During the last period, Doha booked additional ships to serve as hotels equipped with the best entertainment facilities for football fans, which raised many question marks about what these hotels are, their role and the means and services they provide.

The idea of ​​establishing floating hotels began in the sixties of the last century, similar to the vessels that transport people from one place to another, which were widespread at the time.

Floating hotels are characterized by their new style, which is very similar to tourist resorts and traditional hotels. Floating hotels take many designs and forms, but their main purpose is to create privacy and a festive atmosphere. Many people do not know what these hotels are, or their purpose. Here are some facts about these hotels.

Marine tourism

Floating hotels are usually associated with marine tourism. Floating by the sea is a wonderfully relaxing feeling and gives people wonderful views of the sea, river or lake where these hotels are stationed. Some hotels are huge, two or more stories, floating restaurants, saunas and even business rooms.

The floating hotels in Qatar are an ideal choice to stay on the country’s seashore during the World Cup, and it is also an exciting experience for fans from all over the world to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf. to enjoy, and a step that has not happened before in the history of the World Cup, which for the first time in the Middle East, Middle East and the Arab world.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in Qatar has signed an agreement with MSC Cruise Ships Company to charter cruise ships with a capacity of approximately 4,000 rooms for each ship. These hotels offer a different set of cultural programs for the country, such as poetry evenings simulating Qatari traditions and national culture, and traditional singing concerts. Prices start from $161 for small cabins and gradually increase.

Other luxury

A few days ago, Qatar received two floating ships to receive football fans, following the partnership signed between the Qatari authorities and ship owners, MSC Cruise.

The MSC World Europa ship is one of the most important floating ships in the world, and the first floating hotel with specifications that can be described as less than superstitious, due to the large spaces and excellent services. This ship is the first five-star hotel to arrive in the country.
The hotel includes approximately 2,633 cabins, and can accommodate 6,700 passengers, in addition to 6 tourist pools and 13 restaurants, as it will be available for accommodation throughout the World Cup period.

The “MSC Busia” ship has also arrived in Qatar, a modern 4-star floating hotel offering luxury and other service, from traditional cabins overlooking the sea to rooms with balconies and luxury suites, in addition to multiple dining options and entertainment programs for all ages.

The hotel includes approximately 1,265 cabins, three swimming pools, a spa and wellness center, and a movie theater, in addition to tennis and basketball courts, and a number of different restaurants.

Cultural trips

Animated floating hotels are similar to their fixed counterparts in terms of tourism and entertainment programs, and they are present to a large extent in many countries, and what distinguishes animated hotels is that the tourist takes an internal tour of cities to many charming places to discover in a short period of time, the Off Paris seine hotel is one of One of these hotels is located on the famous Seine River. The hotel consists of a number of luxurious rooms, and it also has a restaurant, and a swimming pool. Tourists can take a stroll along the Seine River, stopping along the way to see Notre-Dame de Paris and the Paris to visit Municipal Palace. Cruises on the Danube are also very interesting.

Hotel Boitel Charlie offers another option to experience another culture. Docked by Belgrade’s leafy Pregatiljestva (Friendship Park), the hotel has eight modern bedrooms, ranging from double beds to rooms for five (all with private toilets). Bicycles can be rented for excursions around the Danube. Although it is possible to travel by small ships to discover the most important monuments overlooking the river.

different activities

Many of us may ask about the feasibility of staying in these hotels or cruises in general, and do these trips include exciting activities? Of course yes. In the Caribbean, tourists can try a different experience, by booking a trip in the moving floating hotels, one of the trips departs from the city of Miami to the beautiful Cozumel, one of the true treasures of Mexico along the Mayan Riviera. Cozumel, on the east coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, is known for its coral reef system that surrounds the island. Divers come from all over the world to explore the abundance of coral and marine life, including whale sharks and sea turtles. If you are a diving enthusiast, you can swim among groups of tropical fish and other marine life.

These cruises are characterized by the presence of many world-famous people, and therefore the entertainment activities on these ships are diverse, taking into account different tastes, such as fireworks, singing festivals and many others.

History and the arts

Those who love to discover the charming ports of Europe are on a date for an unforgettable five-day journey on board several floating hotels. One of these flights departs from Southampton, a city less than two hours from London, where you can see Buckingham Palace and nearby Windsor Castle, and then begins the journey to Belgium and the Netherlands. A visitor can marvel at the medieval buildings and cobbled streets of these cities. Visitors can hire small boats to explore the canals that wind through the city.

The cruise, in addition to visiting the main seaports, is characterized by the amount of activities that the visitor can do, especially since during the day it is possible to leave the floating ship and go for a walk in these cities, but at night, the picturesque tourist programs that the tourist may experience, of great artistic celebrations, And song festivals that will take him to different eras.

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