Celebrity Interviewer Adnan El Kateb Interviews Model Taylor Hill: I Never Thought I’d End Up In The Fashion World

a dialogue: Adnan Writer Adnan Al-Kateb

for the season autumn winters Presently, I think Brand contemporaryweekend Max MaraWeekend Max Mara as usual in woman standing the movement that look Over Fashion Stylish comfortable for times its empty and her travels, And worked together it is time for her group the capsule seasonalitySignatureSignature collection with engineer architectural and design SpanishPatricia Urquiola Patricia Urquiola familiar in her style the talk And fun And suddenly.

heroine campaign it is the group full in color and inscriptions and ores else which Bearing NounAbito Habit (a word Spanish for her Two meanings:”HabitsAnd thei live“) his crossbar AmericanTaylor cardamom” Taylor Hill distance that I announced it Markerweekend Max Marathe face the official the new for groupsSignature.

i metTaylor cardamomplayer gymnastics previous, the beautiful with her features And her appearance And before Everyone something in her spirit sweet And friendly her heart, And we talked Over an experience take a photo the campaign, And her meeting With creativityUrquiola, And her style in Coordination fashion, and her interest take a beating And shine her complexion, And a trip his success that swept through it pads Show Scientist fashion and his campaigns advertisements, to become sun Months faces.

Hello branded We your style in agreement with fashion? And did Two trackers tendencies specific Mother Here you go synthesizer and coordination between shout seasonality and your style profile?

I have some methods the basic own with me, orregard Tayloras where expression, As thatshirt classic with Pants jeans WHO coordinate them in Very Of times with Jacket Jacket and shoe Athlete or Louvre. Beloved that i be relaxed very in Everyone What i wear it Because he as We were We feel with confidence, it will reverse that on me Our appearance. Beloved Moreover that I try shout new And mix it up with cut classic for a look characteristic and integrated and elegant. and now he is time shout jackets, this he is off season, and I Enthusiastic very to carry them!

What how you feel for essence the face the new for a groupweekend Max Mara Signature Collection?

I Enthusiastic very for work with Markerweekend Max Mara“. i walked in PresentationsMax Marafor a while, And I’m proud right now at work with Marker Wonderful Asweekend Max Mara, and carry her designs the beautiful that you create it Collection talented Of designers, and cooperation with Team the work that It surprises us Always with the results.

Tell us Over something separate Event in the scenes while take a photo campaign CollectionAbito Signature CollectionOfweekend Max Mara“.

Featured certainly It was meet me By the engineer architectural And the designer famousPatricia Urquiolaand her two daughters. we spend days fun really while photography, And he came Meeting it is the family to be crowned Experience.

Taylor Hill to Sy: I can imagine the entire Signature Collection in my closet

What widget Favorite You have Of CollectionAbito Signature CollectionOfweekend Max Mara? And why?

I obsessive With als Piece in it is the group! Of Difficult very Selection Piece one Only. I can Already imagine it is the group in its entirety in my closet. but as It was no Bad Mine Of Selection one Only, the the jacket short ambush And the brick the color he is the favorite I have, Because he my work and trendy.

What that you like it in style Markerweekend Max Mara?

Beloved An item joy And cheerfulness that prevail Everyone groups Markerweekend Max Mara“. that Everyone Collection Farida and otherwise, And move to me Material the basic classic spirit Brand Featured Of While its elements The fun.

do you I was You knowPatricia UrquiolaOf Before? signaled your impression Over it is woman talented And the engineer architectural And the designer famous?

meet me the first withPatriciahappened in Site photography, And she was it is Experience enrich And the fun Everyone What I wish it that be.

I have passion By design internal, And she was idea mixed up Scientist fashion with Engineering architectural and design Of While creativityPatriciaas Dream. that it a woman more Of gifted, And he did i liked see it shine with it is the group.

Taylor Hill to “She” magazine: We should choose the sport we love so that our practice of it is a pleasant experience

when Attention order By conservation on me your grace, do you You commit protein Athlete And my food strict?

She became Sport Share Of pattern live, and loved sessions the exercise with my coach Personal that focus on me regions specific Of the body and muscles specific. Must that We choose Sport that We love it to be our practice for her an experience delightful instead of Of something strict and binding. sometimes, i be deepened in the work travel, And I miss some sessions training, but that no confuse me or It worries me. And from hand the food, no I forbid Myself Over something, or tied up Myself with foods specific. I try that Enter to me routine food healthy nutritious, but Point my weakness his sweets And the sweets! over to me moderation he is most important something.

What most important Elements that Based on her Routine care skin that Do you accept him?

Routine my care With my skin not Complex Start, and loved that keep it Simply. Take care natural on me wash my face remove Which Effect for makeup night, And tell my skin with moisturizer effective Previously sleep. And he did i learned wash my face While Shower, because water hot open pores So you allow clean up Well. I’m looking for help with masks the face and eyes Of when to another, And I try drink Very Of water, and get on me Bigger premium can be Of sleep.

How you describe style your makeup profile?

Outside the work, I try Castle possible to avoid Makeup To allow for my skin relieved. And in luggage my makeup private, there Always concealer, and balm Colored for the lips, And mascara.

do you Of component natural in your kit aesthetic?

worship oil walnut In the, And I put it on me skin my body And my face To take advantage Of his ability hacks on me Moisturizing and protection skin Of Drought to in winter. my hair by nature dry, and loved moisturize it with combination balsamic Rich with butter chia.

Taylor Hill to Sy: I never thought I would end up in fashion

do you I was you are dreaming Ago years Childhood at work in territory fashion?

do not have I believe days it is a will end with me Eventually in Scientist fashion, But I am happy very because i I chose this track. And from Advantages my work that love her that I am I can expression Over myself, And look Over near on me details innovation and creativity that accompany Scientist fashion.

as i stopped For a moment And I looked to me a trip your success Of the beginning to today, So how do you feel

order Imaginative! I Of town small in state Colorado, And I spent childhood delightful with my family big And my brothers The three. I remember How We were we practice sport else As Step mountainous and skiing and skiing planked the snow. then happened Everyone something quickly distancemy discoveryby accident in Farm I was row In which horse with my family. Chance Travel Around capital letters fashion Globalism i opened Eyes on me the scientist, and I grateful very for each What I lived it to today signaled achieved.

With what you advise young women WHO They look up today to me Investigation Success in their fields else?

for each young woman, I say: Cosmic you. Sweeten up with confidence, Neither you care with comments negative that can be you hear it The opinion More important he is your rating You are to yourself. stay loyal for yourself And in Everyone Phase your life professional, keep on me humbleness And cute.

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