Golf tourism attracted 850,000 visitors to Dubai

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Major General «M» Al-Tayyar Abdullah Al-Sayed Al-Hashemi, Vice President of the Emirates Golf Association, confirmed that this is a direct vote of confidence from the Asian Golf Federation to him and him as responsible for the game in the Select Middle East region. reflecting the strong relations and friendships that connect the Emirates Golf Federation with members of the continental federation, and Al-Hashemi in his dialogue with “Al-Bayan” dealt with many important issues and topics about the development of the game, the challenges that faced. by the federation, and its initiatives to attract more Emiratis to play the game, stressing that its ambition is to have 6,000 Emirati golfers over the next ten years.

With the slogan of golf tourism, he referred to the attractiveness of the game in Dubai and its attraction of 850,000 visitors last year. Al-Hashemi confirmed his pride in the infrastructure of the game in the country, but he mentioned that the existing clubs are private Al-Hashemi praised the talent of the player Ahmed Skaik and wished him success in his presence in the Dubai Ports Tour Challenge to prove.


What are the most important goals of the trade union in the coming period?

The Golf Association leads the game in the country and abroad, and faces a new phase aimed at building future generations, and the new board of directors of the federation, whose term of office does not exceed 10 months have not been, the vision of Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, president of the federation, and the efforts of the members of the council, reinforce our optimism that the game is progressing in the right direction, and that the future is bright, and we are starting to reap the rewards and our goal is to build a premier community for golf, through a set of changes aimed at developing the game at all levels in the Emirates and establishing an infrastructure for its practice.


How do you see the development of golf in the UAE?

Everyone sees the extent of the development of the game of golf, and we currently have more than 15,000 players in the country of different nationalities, and 7,000 members of golf clubs, and last year we had 850,000 visitors in Dubai who came for golf tourism have, and this data confirms the reality of development, and back to the past, The game of golf began 30 years ago with the Desert Classic tournament, and we had nothing but that, but last year we broke records , we had 6 tournaments in one season, and last year, with the DP World partnership, we felt the need to further develop the game, and we have almost From 300 new players of different ages with the help of the Future Falcons program, and this number recently increased to 600. players, confirming that we are moving forward in our strategy and developing the game with the DP World Tour, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, and the Dubai Sports Council, as they have formed a great support for the federation.


What’s the secret to the large numbers coming to the state for golf?

During the Corona crisis, many countries were closed, and it was a difficult time for golfers in the world, and the weather in the Emirates was great, so it was possible to receive more visitors, and these numbers were recorded in the clubs .


What are the federation’s initiatives to attract more Emiratis to the game?

We have different programs, but we want to collect them in one program, which is “Falcons of the Future”. Currently, the number of young people playing the game is increasing, and in the past we had 100 players of all ages. and now I can say that we have 600 players and the numbers are increasing, and what we’re trying to do It’s about building a golf community, it’s not just about having the players, we want everyone to get involved , including families, by educating the community about the game.


What are the challenges facing the union?

We do not have clubs or golf courses for the federation, but we are proud of the infrastructure that the UAE has for golf courses and resorts, but the 22 golf clubs in the country are private clubs, and they have their own rules and regulations and are profitable, unlike the rest of the games, facilities and stadiums in clubs such as football or basketball Or hand or plane, unlike golf, which require large spaces and excessive costs.

People of determination

And what about people of determination?

The Golf Association is a partner with the Association of People of Determination (EDGA), which led to the launch of the Emirates program for golfers of People of Determination, and we are working towards their presence in the Paralympic Games.


How do you see Ahmed Skeik’s participation in the World Challenge Tournament?

Ahmed Skaik is a key player in the national team, and he is a talented player, and we will continue to support him to prepare him physically and technically, and we have full confidence in him, and I believe that the decision will be taken by the player and his seriousness to develop his level by participating in the global forum.


Is it possible to see an Emirati player on the DP World Tour in the future?

It takes time, and with hard work and support we can achieve the desired goals according to our vision for the future.

Looking forward

What is the union’s vision for the coming years?

I look forward to having 6,000 Emirati golfers over the next ten years, to having a golfing community of Emiratis and others.


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