The University of Sharjah meets the aspirations of students with advanced academic programs

Sharjah: “Gulf”

With the support and protection of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and President of the University of Sharjah, the university welcomed its new academic year, with more technical and technical equipment, and the provision of a large number of leading academic programs, amounting to 122 academic and scientific programs in various disciplines and study levels, provided by 14 specialized colleges, based on the university’s vision, that the student is the focus of the educational process in all its stages and components, including academic guidance and an attractive environment in which he can invest his time, whether in study, scientific research or recreational and cultural activities, and let us know more about what the student feels at the beginning of his university life, and his vision of the services provided. by the University of Sharjah, we conducted this investigation….

During our meeting with the new students of the University of Sharjah, they expressed their happiness and pride in joining the University of Sharjah. That university they had always heard of and wanted to be among its students one day, including College of Pharmacy student Marwa Muhammad Abdullah, who said: “I chose the University of Sharjah to complete my undergraduate studies because of the excellent reputation in the region, and for the academic specializations it offers that keep pace with the requirements of the modern labor market.

As for the student, Shahd Al-Bastaki, of the College of Science majoring in biotechnology, she confirmed that the reason for her choice to study at the university is the scientific and research status for which it is known, in addition to its prime geographical location. Student Saeed Ahmed Lootah of the College of Law added that the University of Sharjah is one of the leading universities in the world, and includes a large number of highly qualified faculty members who are able to transfer knowledge effectively. To be in the ranks of advanced universities according to local and international classifications.

Accompanying majors

Regarding their choices between the academic programs and the leading science majors offered by the University of Sharjah, College of Communication student Shahd Yousef Al-Hammadi, who specializes in digital media design, indicated that this major is one of are the modern majors in the university. , and it keeps up with the future labor market needs.

Aziza Mohammed Al-Hammadi, a student of the College of Fine Arts and Design, majoring in interior design, said, “Design has been my field of interest and passion since childhood, and joining this major will expand my artistic talents develop and develop in the future.”

As for College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences student Ahed Othman Al-Naqbi, majoring in international relations, she added: “I have a passion for research and continuous knowledge in the field of history and politics. Therefore, I chose to specialize to learn more information and delve into his future experience.

Student Zayed Sultan Al-Suwaidi of the College of Computing and Informatics, who specializes in cyber security, said for his part: He chose this major because of the labor market’s need for electronic security in all issues of concern to society.

Study regularity

At the beginning of the academic year, the students praised the system and planning that came into existence from the first day of the academic year, as well as the buildings, laboratories, laboratories and libraries provided by the university. The student, Mayar Hossam Youssef, from the College of Health Sciences, confirmed that the University of Sharjah provides an integrated educational environment for us, including advanced classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, in addition to the activities organized by the university, which contributes to refining students’ skills in various fields.

The student, Aisha Al-Yaqt, from the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, majoring in Jurisprudence and its principles, praised the services and facilities provided by the university to her students, including facilities and transportation on campus, in addition to the professors’ welcoming of new students and guidance in everything related to the study plan.

The student, Zayed Sultan Al-Suwaidi, from the College of Computing and Informatics, majoring in cyber security, referred to the food court, which is distinguished by the diversity of all the daily meals it offers.

As for the student, Syed Abdulaziz Bani Hashemi, from the College of Law, majoring in mechanical engineering, he praised the cultural diversity of the university, which provides an opportunity to learn about different cultures around the world.

Ambitions and aspirations

Regarding their future ambitions and aspirations, College of Science student Shahd Al Bastaki majoring in biotechnology said: She aspires to become a biologist.

While student Saeed Ahmed Lootah of the College of Law explained that he aspires to achieve justice among members of society, and to be one of the best lawyers in the country, looking forward to completing his master’s degree studies at the University of Sharjah to complete. Student Shahd Youssef Al-Hammadi, from the College of Communication, who specializes in digital media design, for her part said: Her future ambition is to continue creativity in the practical field through the latest designs in the field of digital media offer.

On the other hand, student Mariam Mohamed Ibrahim of the College of Business Administration aspires to become a successful entrepreneur, investing her abilities in the marketing field and managing her own project in the near future.

focus of attention

Dr. Hussein Al-Mahdi, Dean of Academic Support Services at the University of Sharjah, confirmed that the university, according to its strategic plan, puts the student in its first interests and priorities. And this is by adopting the best modern teaching methods and means, on the infrastructure and technology available to the university, and we are developing and modernizing it year after year, and within the framework of these university preparations as well, the maintenance and modernization of classrooms and educational and research laboratories, and the development of many facilities and constructions such as air-conditioned corridors and forums Student parking and modernization of sports complexes for male and female students.

For her part, Aisha Bukhatir, Director of Admissions Department, added that this year, and to facilitate its new students, the university has prepared and equipped the electronic application system, to facilitate the application process, hand over documents, pay file opening fees and seat reservations for new students, and enable them to follow up the status of their application. According to the admission requirements approved by the university, and the university is the first to integrate the admission system with the system of the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, customs and port security, to facilitate the process of entering the required information of students and to ensure its correctness and accuracy.

Reem Al-Hashemi, Director of the Registration Department, indicated that the department is eager to support students enrolled in the various colleges and academic majors offered at the university by providing all services, facilities and consultations. It is through its effective and direct role in communication and coordination with students, their parents, colleges and departments, to provide outstanding logistics services; Where it serves as a primary source of information and statistical data related to students, programs, study plans and courses.

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