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Zayed University is one of the most important universities in the United Arab Emirates, and it is one of the universities that aims to graduate a new generation highly qualified for the labor market and to encourage innovation, creativity and the field of scientific research .

In today’s article, God willing, we will shed light on the university’s specializations, in addition to university enrollment fees, as well as identifying the method of registration and other other points.

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An important overview of Zayed University

  • Zayed University dates back to 1998 AD and is headed by Noura Al Kaabi.
  • Zayed University includes a very large number of local students from within the United Arab Emirates and international students from various Arab Gulf countries and different countries of the world, bringing the number of students to more than 10,000 students.
  • Zayed University has two main campuses, the first is the campus in Dubai, and the other is the campus in Abu Dhabi.
  • The university includes many colleges, under which many different university departments and majors fall, in addition to the possibility to complete postgraduate studies.

What are the main goals pursued by the Zayed University administration?

Since the establishment of Zayed University in 1998 AD, the university administration has set before its eyes an important set of goals which it tries to implement in all its aspects, including the following:

  • Work to graduate a new generation well qualified to face all the challenges of the labor market at local and global levels, which will benefit Emirati society and other societies around the world.
  • Integrated support for all experiences and life, social and academic skills for students, encouragement to excel and support the field of scientific research.
  • Continuous encouragement for invention and innovation and integrated support for all skills that students possess in all aspects of life.
  • Raise the banner of science, spend large sums of money on scientific research, provide all raw materials for research laboratories and medical laboratories, and support students who excel academically.
  • The application of all educational quality standards, which makes zayed university one of the most important universities in the United Arab Emirates, which is not less valuable and services than the most important international universities around the world.
  • University degree, accreditation and local and international recognition of the university, which helps to create great job opportunities for students with the weight of their university degree in the labor market.

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Zayed University Admission Requirements

  1. Academic excellence, so that the cumulative average in the general secondary certificate in the twelfth grade of the student is not less than 70%.
  2. The age of the student is not less than 18 years, that is, it is necessary to already pass the Tawjihi stage and the presence of official certificates and papers proving the passing of the general secondary certificate or its equivalent certificates.
  3. Pass one of the international English language tests with specific scores according to the vision of the university administration, such as the IELTS or TOEFL test, in addition to the Zayed University tests, the EmSAT tests.
  4. Regarding the required official documents and documents:
    1. A high school certificate and a transcript of degrees certified by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education.
    2. A copy of the personal identity card.
    3. In the case of international students, a copy of the passport, two personal photographs with a white background, and a copy of the letter of recommendation for good conduct from the student’s previous professors.
    4. A copy of the family book.
  5. You can apply to the university for undergraduate and postgraduate study from here.

The main majors of Zayed University

Zayed University includes majors, and these are the most prominent:

  • The field of nutrition, which is related to the development of the necessary plans and comprehensive therapeutic nutrition programs for bodybuilding.
  • Interior and graphic design for institutions and institutions, relying on invention, innovation, intellectual creativity and photography.
  • Political and economic specializations that build students’ thinking about everything that goes on at local and global levels, in terms of economic and political matters, and relations between countries and each other.
  • Majors in financial accounting and administrative sciences.
  • Specializations related to personal skills and integrated support for good sales skills and comprehensive e-marketing through modern means of communication to reach customers.
  • Educational disciplines concerned with the standards of correct education at all educational stages, from the education of young children in kindergarten, through the basic and general secondary stages.
  • Media and culture majors and everything related to audiovisual journalism and integrated support for the skills of outstanding students in writing and expression.
  • General disciplines that support psychology, social affairs and sciences that study the characteristics of people in society and identify the most important problems and the correct ways to solve them.

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The most famous colleges in Zayed University

Zayed University includes a large number of specialized colleges targeting local and international students, the most important of which are the following:

  1. College of Administration due to the urgent need for bachelor’s majors, completion of postgraduate studies, obtain a master’s degree and a doctorate in various administrative sciences such as human resource management, all banking transactions, financial and accounting resources.
  2. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, which is concerned with all matters of life, psychological and neurological functions and community affairs.
  3. College of Education and integrated support for all arts and teaching principles in various subjects such as Arabic, foreign languages, physics, chemistry, biology and others.
  4. College of Communication and Media Sciences for digital promotion and e-marketing through social media, in addition to visual and radio journalism.
  5. College of Health Sciences and the medical specializations that fall under it to work in hospitals and medical units such as nursing and health technicians.
  6. The College of Art, which supports artistic skill and creative craft and encourages innovation.

Complete list of colleges and institutes

In the area of ​​an overview of all colleges and institutes affiliated to Zayed University:

  • College of Arts and Creative Industries.
  • College of Natural and Health Sciences.
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • College of Administration.
  • College of Communication and Media Sciences.
  • College of Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • College of Technical Innovation.
  • Institute for Social and Economic Research.
  • Community Service Institute.
  • Academic Innovation Center.
  • Student Success Center.

Tuition fees at Zayed University, UAE

The tuition fee at the university is 2500 AED per credit hour, and the total fees vary according to the number of credit hours of the university in each major.

Zayed University Scholarships

The university provides some scholarships such as the undergraduate program scholarship, which offers a 50 percent discount on tuition fees at the university, in addition to the university family scholarship, which offers a 25 percent discount on fees, and the grant for children of university employees, which offers a discount of 50 percent off tuition fees.

You can see the scholarship offered by the university, the conditions for obtaining grants and how to apply for them by visiting the university’s website through this link.

Is Zayed University recognized?

Yes, the university is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to being recognized by most countries of the world in bachelor’s majors.


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