Doha Printemps opens the largest luxury department store in the Middle East

The largest luxury department store in the Middle East has opened. Unparalleled French experience One destination for a unique and luxurious lifestyle: Doha Oasis. Printan Doha, one of the world’s first post-closing department store openings, represents a new generation of luxury stores that combine immersive shopping experience with new technology, to serve customers in an exceptionally private way.

Reflecting the scope of the ambitious project, Doha’s flagship store is the first Brentanne branch outside France, as the second largest department store in the world and the largest luxury department store in the Middle East, spanning 40,000 square meters, divided into several retail areas spread over three floors.

A global luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle store: offering the largest collection of the most famous designers around the world, carefully curated by Printant Doha’s team of experts, it is also the only store in Qatar to include all the favorite brands under one roof , including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, Balmain, Penel & Penel, Boomer Vendome and Lettrange, in addition to a variety of new and famous designers from around the world.

Striving to be the premier destination for urban lifestyle, art de vivre and unique interior design, Printan Doha offers luxurious collections of home furnishings brands and contemporary audio technologies that cater to all budgets.

Printan Doha also boasts the largest spa, beauty and leisure area in Qatar with an area of ​​2,600 square meters and more than 130 brands, ranging from the most recognized names in the field to the latest sustainable and organic brands that all times favorites are among customers.

One stop destination for luxury lifestyle in the heart of Doha

Doha Oasis is a one-stop destination for luxury lifestyle, for anyone looking for a luxury shopping or exceptional dining experience, unmatched in all of Doha. Where the oval shape of Doha Oasis is complemented by the unique and distinctive offer of attractions, entertainment and high-level services, including the Banyan Tree Hotel, and the Vox Cinemas complex, which offers a mix of immersive experiences with high-end concepts. and finally Quest as the largest indoor entertainment center in Qatar.

Impressive architecture

Designed by the award-winning international design firm Yabu Buchelberg, the beautiful architecture combines Between the quiet and comfortable architectural forms inspired by the natural elements in Doha, and the sophisticated urban character of Paris on the other hand, the lighting and interior furnishings have been carefully designed to provide an aura of elegance and sophistication, all of which play a role played to enhance the appearance of every corner in the place in a way that makes the products shine with the presence of perfect wallpaper. Just wandering through the different areas of Printtan Doha, in itself, is a luxurious and unique shopping experience.

Promise of commitment to customers. Where relentless pursuit to adapt innovative and thoughtful services.

Printan Doha is keen to continue making history with new standards of quality, exceptional customer service, unforgettable shopping experiences and luxury lifestyles, with French inspiration coming to Qatar, bringing Printan’s pioneering creativity to fashion. With non-stop service and unique concern for each individual, striving to provide a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience. Thanks to the attention to all the details in a way that makes the customer experience more alive and beautiful.

Exclusively customized services include:

  • Personalization Studio
  • Concierge service for VIPs, personal shoppers and stylists available online and in store
  • Pre-order the latest collections by international designers.
  • Beauty and beauty studio and services other
  • VIP lounges

Customers will be able to virtually shop and discuss their hard-to-find or buy items with the help of Printant’s team of dedicated personal shoppers connected directly to the Printant Paris team, thanks to interactive hologram/3D sessions and live interactive sessions in the privacy of the in-store VIP lounges.

14 world-class restaurants and cafes

An exciting array of eclectic gastronomic experiences await customers at Printan Doha, with no less than 14 choices of restaurants and cafes adopting different and unique concepts. Printan offers a wonderful selection of restaurants and cafes opening for the first time and exclusively in Doha, to enrich the customer’s in-store journey with an experience of tasting delicious items, and to satisfy the most demanding food options, including: Italian restaurant “Cova Monte Napoleone”, Belgian chocolate boutique “Pierre Marcolini” named after its famous founder and owner of the title of the best pastry chef in the world, the lively “Twiga” restaurant of Monaco, and the “Mater” Chow” bakery, where the first and only specialized pastry of its kind in the world, and you will also find the “Crazy Pizza” restaurant, which is characterized by its introduction to the dough From yeast, plus vegan restaurants ” Wild and the Moon ” and “XYST” from NYC celebrity chef Matthew Kinney, to Brentain’s Tea Corner curated by French luxury tea company Mariage Freres.

More than just a department store, it’s a second home. Brentin strives day after day with optimism, sophistication and a touch of craftsmanship; To surprise, inspire, pamper and delight customers. With pride and a loud and clear voice that will always resonate: It all starts at Printtan.

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