500 500 Hospital aims to provide the best treatment experience for cancer patients

Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht, President of Cairo University, has an inspection tour of the new National Cancer Institute, Hospital 500 by 500 in Sheikh Zayed City, within the framework of continuous follow-up and stands on the current situation of the hospital and the completion of the its establishment. Dr. Ayman Ashour praised the performance level achieved by the administration of Cairo University in the Hospital 500 500 as the largest therapeutic castle for oncology in Egypt and the Middle East; Hospital 500 500 is considered one of the national projects aimed at providing the best treatment experience for cancer patients at the highest therapeutic, operational and engineering levels.

Dr. Ayman Ashour met with members of Cairo University Council, and talked with them about the future plan of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research until 2032 and set a long-term vision for higher education with the participation of university professors and leaders, and attract more foreign students, making Egypt an attractive global center for expatriates seeking an education.

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the President of Cairo University, reviewed the executive position on the 500,500 Hospital Project, as the actual completion rate for the first phase of the project reached 76%, as 95% of the construction works in the outpatient clinic building has been completed, and the finishing works are 100% complete, 95%, and electromechanical works are 100%, in addition to the contracting of a number of items of medical equipment and mattresses, and supply is underway, and work is currently underway corridor to finish the work for the patient dormitory building, and the work to extend electricity lines on two tracks, and complete 40% of the first track, A large part of the medical furniture and equipment has also been provided for the opening and partial operation, and the necessary contracts for the initial operation are finalized and the approval of the new medical and administrative structure is completed.

Dr. Ayman Ashour said that Cairo University was able to achieve a great achievement in the file of Hospital 500 500, and that the new National Cancer Institute will be a leading research school in Egypt and the Middle East that includes a group of distinguished professors in the field of oncology treatment, and it will be able to carve a great path for itself. In the treatment of tumors in Egypt and the Arab world, point out that Egypt has high rates of cancer patients, and that the new National Cancer Institute is these rates can lower.

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research emphasized that university hospitals play a major role in the health system in Egypt, especially the large and giant Kasr al-Aini hospitals, and pointed out that the 500 by 500 hospital is an addition to education , training will be. , scientific research and patient service, emphasizing that there is unprecedented support from the state for this project. And other projects that serve the Egyptian citizen, and that there are directives to open the hospital and receive patients as soon as possible.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Khasht said that the new National Cancer Institute Hospital is a major national project that enjoys the support and care of the political leadership, and it is among 3 modern medical buildings implemented by Cairo University within the scope of Giza -governor, which is the Thabet Thabet Hospital in Al-Haram, and the new Oncology Hospital 500 500 in Sheikh Zayed City And the Medical Complex for the treatment of children in 6th of October City.

Dr. Elkhosht explained that there are approximately 20 companies on site currently working in a very dynamic manner to achieve this important service building, indicating that work on the new National Cancer Institute project will continue at a rapid pace to complete construction works . and medical equipment to start the treatment service in the hospital and receive patients will soon contribute to lifting the greatest possible burden on the Egyptian cancer patient, as the hospital is designed according to the latest and most comprehensive international scientific and engineering standards to ensure that the integration of patient care.

Dr. Muhammad Abu Samra, dean of the Oncology Institute, confirmed that Hospital 500 by 500 needs major community support to speed up its implementation to provide an integrated service for oncology treatment in Egypt and the Arab world, indicating that it will soon join the initial operation will begin. of Hospital 500 through a number of services, namely: internal medicine clinics For adults (12) clinics, daily chemotherapy for adults (52 chairs + 10 beds), a clinical pharmacy to prepare the entire treatment, an emergency laboratory, ‘ a blood bank and donation of blood and its components (15 chairs), and the necessary administrative services.

It is noteworthy that the new National Cancer Institute in Sheikh Zayed City, 500,500, was built on an area of ​​34.5 hectares. A device for radiotherapy, and an integrated center for advanced cancer research that includes laboratory research laboratories covering all areas of science related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumors. The project also includes an integrated and approved facility for animals for drug- and surgical experiments in, and banks for stem cells and genetics associated with cancer.

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