Al-Humaidhi: “Mirzam” 2022 is the largest and most comprehensive … and its launch soon to the world

– Branches of the exhibition to take advantage of its services throughout the year, in parallel with the upcoming urban boom
– “Merzam” brings together the important world of finishing, furniture, design and decoration
Several prizes of more than 10,000 dinars and a Volvo car await customers
Wide a number of wings to universities that teach interior design and architecture

The founder and organizer of Mirzam, Eng. Farah Al-Humaidhi, said that the largest local exhibition for decoration and interior design will be introduced to the world during the coming period, and it will have branches that can benefit from its services throughout the year. and not just once, in parallel with the urban boom that Kuwait will witness.

Al-Humaidhi during the press conference held yesterday to announce the launch of the third edition of “Mirzam” during the period from December 6 to 10 next at the exhibition site in the Mishref region indicated that the return of the exhibition a great success for those in charge of it, including organizers, sponsors and participants, because it comes after a stage Full of challenges that the world went through during the “Covid-19” period, indicating that, to take advantage of the exhibition services throughout the year have created what are called “marsams”, which are miniature versions of the main exhibition.

She pointed out that the vision behind Mirzam is to create a platform and forum for all those interested in decoration and interior design, noting that the third edition in 2022 will be the largest and most comprehensive ever, with an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters and includes more than 200 leading pavilions representing agencies working in More than 20 different categories in the world of interior design.

Meeting of suppliers and customers

Al-Humaidhi explained that Mirzam is an opportunity for customers to meet suppliers, as it will save many visitors from wasting time between stores, shopping and driving, and will facilitate the search process by having everything they need under one roof. supply.

And she mentioned that “Mirzam” means the stream that brings together everything important in the world of finishing, furnishing, design and decoration and throws it into the hands of the customer, noting that any contracts signed and implemented will in terms of the finishing and furnishing of houses under the roof of the exhibition will increase the buyer’s chances of winning many prizes exceeding their value.10,000 dinars, in addition to Volvo Cars presenting the grand prize in the draw, which is one of the modern Volvo is. cars.

Offers and withdrawals

Al-Humaidhi said that during the exhibition, many participants will offer exclusive offers and raffles, in addition to restaurants and cafes, as many options are provided for visitors to enjoy and relax during the visit.

She pointed out that the number of visitors in “Mirzam” 2020 reached 40,000 visitors per day, equal to the total number of visitors for the two previous years, about 26,000.

Al-Humaidhi revealed that a special area for children has been allocated in Mirzam, which contains many educational and recreational activities, as well as a special area for nursing mothers, because most of the visitors are women.

She pointed out that a number of pavilions are dedicated to universities studying interior design and architecture in Kuwait to display their curricula and the works of their students, and special spaces for workshops and lectures that will benefit students and visitors in general.

Thanks to the sponsors

Al-Humaidhi thanked the sponsors and participants of the third edition of “Mirzam” and their primary and permanent role in “Marzam” since its first launch in 2019, especially Al-Rai Media Group Company, Zain Company, in addition to Al-Wazzan United Company, which participates as a platinum sponsor of the exhibition in 2022. After being a gold sponsor for the second edition in 2020, as well as the bank sponsor of the “Mirzam” exhibition, Boubyan Bank, and the platinum sponsors participating for the first time as Abyat Company and Hassan Abul Group, the leader on the area of ​​finishes.

She indicated that the list of strategic sponsors of the exhibition includes BNK Automotive and Volvo Cars, while the gold sponsors are “Al Waseet Basins”, “Tema Basins”, “Design Hub”, “National Industries Ceramics” and “Farah Home”.

Majzoub: Integrated coverage of “Mirzam” via “Al-Rai”

Ziad Majzoub, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Al-Rai Media Group, said that Al-Rai is keen to sponsor youth and non-youth national projects in which it sees a huge rise from the masses, to always be close to them be.

He added that “Mirzam” has proven successful over the past years and has achieved a large public turnout, pointing out that the urban renaissance that Kuwait will witness will increase the number of visitors to the exhibition in its current edition.

He said that “Al-Rai” will keep track of the event with an integrated media and advertising plan, on all its channels, including newspaper, television, “Al-Rai Digital” and its accounts on various social media sites, in addition to advertising on “Citybus” buses and at “Jazeera Airways” airport.

Al-Awadi: We will review the Zain smart home

Alia Al-Awadi, director of media relations at Zain, said that Zain is participating in the exhibition for the third time, indicating that the company, as the largest provider of digital and technology services, has noticed great growth in the decoration and design sector has. , which prompted him to participate in providing smart solutions in Mirzam.

She added in a press release that during the exhibition, the company will showcase the “Zain” smart home, which includes the Internet of Things, game rooms and many digital services and accessories.

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