“LMD” company inaugurates the Cairo Design District (CDD) with the “ONE NINETY” project, as the first global specialized area for artistic creativity and design in Egypt

In a new step for LMD, the leading property development company, the company announced the launch of the first neighborhood for artistic creativity in Egypt, “Cairo Design District”, with investments of 12 billion pounds, in its promising project ONE NINETY, one of the most important real estate projects in New Cairo, in one of the most important and prestigious locations at the beginning of the southern 90th Street. At the intersection with the Ring Road, the “Cairo Design District” will be a real addition to EEN NINETY through the different and unique services it will provide to the community of designers and creators from different countries of the world.

Cairo Design District is the first specialized area for artistic design in Egypt, as it is designed to serve as a center for global creativity similar to many areas specialized in international design, such as Dubai Design District, London, Miami and Milan, during which the elite designers and creators from all countries of the world gather to present their works and artistic innovations. The Cairo Design District will be built on an area of ​​199,000 square meters, to combine this vast area with a vibrant area of ​​various artistic works related to fashion design, architecture, interior design and other high-end arts, so that the Cairo Design District serves as a home that embraces all creative and talented people with experience or those who are at the beginning of the path to give their artistic expression. talents and participate in many artistic events and workshops that enrich their talent and give them the opportunity to spread locally and globally, and LMD aims to start the first delivery in this premier region within two years.

The Cairo Design District was designed with an innovative modernist concept that offers a different image for artistic and creative centers, as the master plan for the district was developed by SOM International in collaboration with Portland and Pragma companies to shape this area of an open walkway with unique modern architecture, easy to walk and move around. Among the many international fashion houses, jewelry stores, academies, art galleries, museums, studios, theaters and cinemas, along with a large number of international restaurants serving the most famous international dishes by the best and most famous chefs from different countries of the world, entertainment venues and various opportunities that meet the requirements of all individuals and companies. Businessmen and retail stores for several well-known international brands, in addition to providing the Cairo Design District on the upper floors, including several areas from 100 square meters specially designed to designers and artists in various fields of art, fashion design, furniture, textiles and others to house works of art. Design these spaces in a way that allows creators to design and implement their work in a way that is easy, while providing all the capabilities and services that help them bring their artistic works to light, in a way which meets the needs of various companies, consulting offices, artistic production houses, advertising agencies and all business owners and startups by providing an environment for work and creativity in one place for the first time in Egypt.

With the launch of the Cairo Design District, LMD did not overlook that this region offers for the first time a number of international hotels in Egypt, including Aloft hotels, so that this region is truly an integrated global destination that creators , artists and seekers of art and creativity from all over the world, and that it is a real destination to attract tourists for a unique holiday. Commenting on the launch of this new area, Eng. Amr Sultan, CEO of LMD, confirms: “We sought from the first moment to think about the development of the ONE NINETY project so that it will be a turning point for real estate projects in Egypt, with its creative thinking and unique model a Typical integrated urban community, offering visitors a sophisticated level that meets all their requirements to obtain the highest levels of comfort, luxury and stability, therefore we were keen to bring together all aspects of modern life that contribute to the sustainability of living in ensuring every part of it, including master plans, design and services with international standards.” He added: “Cairo Design District came to complete this typical picture of real estate projects that really put Egyptian real estate on the global real estate map. In addition to being an attractive area for international brands and international designers, as well as for those who want it. to obtain an exceptional experience of enjoying and shopping on a global level, comparable to the most important and prominent international art and entertainment centers known for their luxury and exemplary provision in every part of it.”

To ensure that the Cairo Design District is truly a hub for global art and creativity, LMD, in implementing the Cairo Design District, was keen to collaborate with LMLT, one of the most prominent subsidiaries of LMD operating in the development of commercial projects around the world, in order to develop and manage the Cairo Design District to provide maximum benefit and return on investment for all beneficiaries of this important area. In the context of this, Mr. Ahmed Hanafi, CEO of LMLT Company, indicated that: “Cairo Design District is a region that we specifically wanted to provide to promote and nurture local, regional and international talents, as it provides a place for creativity and design that all bringing brands together. The international company that specializes in the world. of fashion, art and entertainment, to support designers and talented people around the world and help them develop their businesses and create a space for them to come out with their creativity together with the most famous international brands, which gives the ONE NINETY project an additional advantage and places it among the most important global real estate projects.”

Cairo Design District is part of the ONE NINETY mixed-use project, which LMD has collaborated with many international companies in its implementation, such as Gensler, BJB and SOM, with global experience in the fields of architecture, interior design and urban planning, to to develop master plan for it, and “HILL INTERNATIONAL” to manage the entire project. An area of ​​344,315 square meters, with a total investment of 33 billion pounds. It is the first project in Egypt to acquire the right of use of an international brand in its residential sector, such as W Residences Cairo, as its first presence in Africa entirely, with a total number of units of 300. The units vary between hotel apartments , villas and penthouses, in addition to the most famous hotels, including The W Cairo Hotel and the green and open spaces of Urban Park, to offer ONE NINETY to its residents and visitors the true meaning of pleasure, luxury and luxury at the same time, which the clear vision of LMD and its promising strategies in the presentation confirm world-class real estate projects that offer a new dimension and add reality to the Egyptian real estate market, rely on its vast experience. Locally and internationally in various countries of the world through its various projects in the United Arab Emirates, Greece and Spain.

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