Brown.. for warm decorations in the modern home

After the brown has taken a back position in the decoration, to link it with the classics, here are the houses whose furniture and accessories are colored in brown, classified as in line with fashion, noting the color solutions and its many ratings on the main pieces of furniture (the sofa in the living room, for example), or on the additions that beautify the decor, such as: cushions, lighting units…

Set of cushion covers made of cotton, velvet and jacquard fabric (photo via

Brown can be characterized as monotonous, and is associated with peaceful country life or the desert, as it is the color of soil, tree trunks and various elements in the unspoiled nature… However, it is clear that brown is finally in the list of desirable colors home decorations, and it tries to occupy the rank in which gray has always been. Interior spaces for a long time, especially with al-Bunni abandoning his classicism and wearing an updated dress.

Handcrafted Lathan Hall Cabinet of solid mango wood with brass inlay (image via

The positives of brown are many; The first is that it is easy to combine with any style, no matter how simple and neutral the latter is, or imbued with details… It indicates comfort, the desired feeling of homeowners in their retreats, in addition to the abundance of light and dark derivatives of brown, these derivatives can color the main sofa in the living room. The walls are painted and used in accessories, without neglecting the work related to wall and floor coverings…

The desk is made of brown wood (Image via BoConcept – Lebanon [email protected])

brown in contemporary decor

  • To modernize the appearance of the brown color, it is correct to combine the above-mentioned color present on the main furniture with white, which is used in the background, that is, to paint the walls.
  • Brown harmonizes with other colors derived from nature, such as: olive green, mud or dark grey.
  • Looking through the pages of Western designers, it becomes clear that the combination of brown with deep blue is progressing at a slow but confident pace, especially with the popular trend of incorporating pieces of “antique” into contemporary home decor.
    A model of how to pair brown with blue (image courtesy of interior design architect Ali Hammoud)
  • According to the “Pantone” institute, the most influential institution in the world of colors, the latter, the most popular in the autumn-winter 2022-2023 season, includes “Caramel Café”, the brown color that spreads joy.
  • In the 2023 wall paint collection, the American company Sherwin-Williams, which specializes in the paint industry, announced 40 colors. The latter did not exclude the light (blonde) shades of brown, and the shades derived from the neutral sand color.

Brown is desirable in interior decoration this winter, and it looks very modern

Winter decor color

About brown in decoration, interior design engineer Ali Hammoud told “Ma’am” that “the aforementioned color, which is characterized by warmth and elegance, is an understandable choice for homeowners, after living through periods of home quarantine and anxiety due to the epidemic, during the Corona pandemic; It is true that no one has yet announced the end of the epidemic seasons, but it is clear that brown is desirable this winter, and it appears in a very modern way.

The brown color is widely used in decorative works, such as: surface cladding (photo courtesy of interior design architect Ali Hammoud).

Summarizing the current uses of color, Hammoud says that “the browns of walnut and oak are suitable for wall cladding.” He adds that “brown wood, regardless of its color gradient (with the exception of reddish brown), covers the floors,” referring to the multitude of common “parquet” shapes. He points out that “the brown dust covers the sofas and other pieces of furniture.” However, the designer is not in favor of the excessive use of brown, but rather infuses the interior spaces with it, explaining that “the aforementioned color shines in bohemian and bohemian colors. “modern” decorations and those that follow fashion, without neglecting the classics. And he goes on to talk about the uses of brown in decoration, saying that “light brown wood, the few veins of which appear, covers the floors, walls and doors of the “modern” house, with lighting flowing on the wooden walls to show the light veins, in an attractive way. It also mixes brown with gray for use in furniture, wall coverings and even marble, which is used to beautify the walls. On the other hand, according to Hammoud, the dark brown wood is suitable for classical decor or any school that belongs under his banner (Baroque, for example), especially with carvings on wood that suggest luxury.The designer prefers brown leather for furniture, far from the use of color in the sewing of curtains.

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