Dubai is an attractive environment for interior designers

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Dubai attracts creators, because of the environment it offers its residents, in terms of encouraging and creating everything that will drive creativity forward. As a result, the Dubai Design District project was launched in 2013, to be the first destination for the art fields. design, fashion industry and interior decoration, with the aim of attracting major international fashion houses and houses to the region.

A previous report by the Dubai Design and Fashion Council indicated that the size of the UAE design market reached approximately $36 billion in 2019, a growth of 13% over the market size in 2017, which stood at $32 billion.

In this investigation, we spoke to a number of Emirati designers about the key features of interior design that have made Dubai an attractive environment for designers.

In the context, the interior designer Nariman Al Zarouni says that what distinguishes the decor in the Emirates is the antiquity and originality that characterizes the Emirati and Arab culture, whether the decor is classic or modern, with Arabic touches added according to the needs of the community in addition to the quality of wood that is consistent with the hot environment, and away from Fiery colors that attract heat, so the tendency was for cool earthy colors that reflect the sun’s rays.

The designer, Al Zarouni, said that due to the high prices and high prices, the consumer tended to look for the cheapest commodity, so there is a recession during the last period due to this rise, which the orientation influenced some as they prefer to focus on the basics when building their homes. She described the decoration design in the Emirates as better than many countries in the world because of the special touches in addition to the quality that interior designers provide to the consumer, especially with the prevailing trend of fusing the classic with the modern during design. that the classic decoration is present in a light form while the modern style appears more clearly, which is now called “New Classic”, and touches of the designs of the Victorian era can also be added to it, beautifully simple and without complication, since many companies during the past period have been able to integrate designs from different civilizations in a variety of colors in a beautiful and remarkable mix, which is reflected in the building in the Emirate of Dubai, And not only the architecture, but all the details in this emirate of its streets, gardens and lighting.

For her part, the Emirati designer Alia Lootah says: Since the beginning of my creative career, interior design has been a passion and a hobby that I have developed over time and by gaining experience in this field with practice. The field is officially my design company, which I launched in 2020.

The founder and owner of LA-CLE adds: “My father pays a lot of attention to art, antiques and paintings, and I got this passion from him, in addition to informing me about the experience of architecture in Morocco based on my frequent visits, where I could create a mix between Moroccan and Emirati architecture, by traveling and going to hotels, and reading specialized books.” Decorating and following TV shows specialized in decorating made me more passionate about this field, and building my own house and my direct interaction with carpenters made me take the step to a more daring stage. move, which gets a license to work in this field, and before it was issued, I started working on three projects.

Lootah continued, “The trust of those around me and my previous experiences in this field, starting with the design of a health resort, through the design of the houses of my relatives and acquaintances, and does not end with my father’s house and my own home too.” This openness to cultures in the Emirate of Dubai has made it a destination for many interior designers of different nationalities, creating a mix of diverse ideas and tastes.

Lootah talked about what distinguishes the decoration design, and she said: “Its most important feature is the reflection of nature and the local environment, especially in hotels that pay attention to this subject. The desert, made of stones.

The designer, Alia Lootah, talked about her experience during the “Corona” period, when she officially launched her brand, describing that stage as “a beneficial harmful lord.” During that period she was more familiar with ideas and followed developments in the world. of decoration, and with the stone by which many lived in that period. During the period, many people felt the desire for change, so the economic returns of interior design revived, its shares rose, and this benefited the designers. With the end of travel, their travel expenses are directed and allocated to changing design and changing home decorations or redesigning it, and many have been affected by what they see on social networking sites from influencers showing how to Arrange and pay attention to coordinating the smallest details, which encouraged many. to also pay attention to a desire for change, as Alia emphasized that the best investment is a person’s investment in his house and home in a way that achieves psychological comfort for him.

Lootah said there is a fusion between traditional and modern decorations in what is known as neoclassical, a concept that combines traditional and contemporary in decoration design that many now prefer in the design of their homes, and the biggest challenge they now faced are the high prices that are all inclusive, and also affect the decoration design.

The designer, Fatima Al Zarouni, spoke about the schools and styles of decoration design in the UAE, which include diverse cultures and nationalities, which is a feature and advantage in the world of decoration, as this cultural diversity and multinationality the styles, schools allowed. and methods of decorative design to multiply, and a culture was generated among members of society about decorative design and attention to it, which contributed to achieving a good return that in turn had an impact on the creative economy. These multiple styles and their diversity as a result of openness also gave rise to the need for new raw materials and materials. The diversity and availability of these materials in the Emirates and in the Emirate of Dubai in particular contributed to this being an attractive area and a global destination for designers and interested parties. in this field..


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