Emeralds will rule the decor scene this fall

Every fall, jewel tones seem to be at the forefront of new designer collections and in home decor stores. It is more a matter of the color of this gem that emerges. Last year was all about navy blue and deep purple, and for 2022 it looks like emerald will have the biggest win. This dark green color is appearing more and more on sofas, cushions and decorative accessories. It is the shade of choice for paint and glassware. Recently, emeralds have also been a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, especially since emerald cabinets are very eye-catching, even in small spaces.

Emerald green is a catchy, rich and elegant color that can be added to any space in the home

Improved color

(Decorations designed by Fadia Mansour)

Emerald is usually on the bright side of the color spectrum, but it can also be dark and moody. The world of decoration does not exclude emerald paint as an option to rehabilitate old furniture as well. From chandeliers and a group of hanging mirrors, to accessories of all kinds, this luxurious emerald color is enough to extend the feeling of stability and vitality. In this regard, Lebanese interior designer Fadia Mansour says: “It is not preferable that this color should be basic in home decor, but rather an enhanced color that complements the richness of the home’s colors.” From here, a mirror can also be updated with an emerald coating. This will probably work best in a home that already has some green accents, or artwork such as a painting or sculpture can be placed against a green background, for example. In this way, a moderate dose of emerald can be achieved without feeling overwhelmed by the color.

Fendi Velvet Living Room Sofa (Image via fendi.com)

Botanists certainly also offer a hit of emerald. Or more precisely, some of the plant patterns. Any banana leaf shape will have some emeralds in it, and the palm leaf is still going strong too. So wallpaper with leaf patterns, cushions with green patterns… they are all mainstream, and emerald patterned curtains are an option. Home decorating can be a big undertaking, especially when you want to create a space that is open and inviting, as well as calm and relaxing. Often these different desires tend to clash – especially when it comes to design – as softer colors often evoke calm feelings and bright colors like emerald, create a sense of energy.
Emerald green is favored by designers and homeowners not only because of its versatility and ability to complement many colors, designs and decor, but also because the color can create a home that is warm, comfortable and inviting at the same time. Emerald green also happens to be the color of this year’s decorations.

Complementary colors to emerald

Fendi green thick glass vase. (photo via fendi.com)

If this is your first time choosing this color, the best thing to do is with a small detail – a side wall, a bold decor item or even a rug. Emerald green also works beautifully as a paint color for any room in the house. The dark shade of green works especially well with natural wood tones, and monochromatic patterns, to create an elegant look. For a relaxed feel, using emerald green with other dark colors creates a space with depth and richness. It’s also a great complement to blues and browns, adding richness to spaces, a sense of being in nature during the day, and powerful drama in the evening.
In this regard, Mansour says: “Depending on the idea of ​​the mood of the house, on contemporary color palettes that are light and warm at the same time: nude, creamy, ivory white, gray, beige, grey-beige. ..all of them are beautiful colors with emerald.” And she adds: “If it is The goal is to achieve a contemporary and dramatic decor. Emeralds can be adopted with a stronger and more influential color palette by using bright colors such as yellow, red, pink and blue Green in its various shades can blend with any other color because it is the color of nature.

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more powerful effect

Living room decor from Arteriors Home

Where can we add emerald green in home spaces? Fadia Mansour answers this question and says: “The emerald green color is a comprehensive, rich and elegant color, and it can be added to any space in the house, according to the mood and preference of its inhabitants. It can be added to the living room, bedrooms, kitchen …».
On the other hand, it is recommended to use neutral shades and pieces to center the color rather than making it the focus. A neutral base can also be used for larger items such as the sofa, rug and accompanying chairs. For a clear and deep effect, choosing the emerald velvet armchairs is the real hit. You can repeat this color throughout the room, with well-chosen pillows and accessories.

Emeralds instead of black

Another option to start small is to use emerald green as a darker shade and/or as an alternative to black, emerald green can be used as a neutral substitute for black. Deep greens pair beautifully with warm whites, teals and pinks. Emerald green is a classic color that inspires eye contact with the outdoors. This color is not shy or dismissive; It is exceptionally rich, saturated and refined. Not exaggerating, Mansour concludes by saying: “Like any strong colour, emerald green should not be overdone, whether the home decor is classic or contemporary, and adding touches of gold or silver will give this color a luxurious, stunning effect. give. As for industrial or urban decorations, charcoal or black can be added to enhance the green color. This timeless color works wonders in home decorations.

Fadia Mansour


  • (Decorations designed by Fadia Mansour)

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