Phases of the Mountain View North Coast Project

Mountain View Resort is located in the Ras El Hikma area, Mountain View North Coast, one of the areas of the northwest coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The village is located near Cairo and is easily accessible. It is located on kilo 200 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road near Wadi El-Natrun Road and Fouka Road, recently opened, it is also characterized by its proximity to Sidi Abdel Rahman, El Alamein Airport and Marsa Matrouh Airport, and one of the most important advantages in the village are its proximity to the largest tourism projects on the northern coast, and most of the main roads and axes that facilitate access to and exit from them.

A large area has been chosen to be the building that the Mountain View Development Company is doing in the North Coast, and it has been chosen on an area of ​​450 hectares, divided into several phases that include a variety of chalets, townhouses, semi-detached houses, and detached villas with multiple spaces, and these units also vary, some of them are from It contains one bedroom, two rooms, three bedrooms and more. The village has a beach length of about 1000 meters and the depth of the village is 2000 meters. After the launch of the first phase, the company now announces another phase, which is considered the most important phase, which is planned at the top of Paros Island, and is located on an area of ​​50 hectares…

It includes a variety of different housing units, and it also announces the launch of another phase called Rhodes on top of the island of Rhodes, and these two phases are the upper part of the village overlooking the sea and green spaces, and as it was explained that the company divided that area on the coastal islands that characterize the location of the town of Mountain View, which gives you a panoramic view directly on the sea. Another phase called Crete Island is also of launched, and it has many green spaces, artificial lakes, and recreational and service activities throughout the town.
Phases of the Mountain View Coast Project

ΚΡΉΤΗ, carefully designed on a slope to offer the best view of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, with an area of ​​approximately 70 hectares, to include all units and their types in various spaces that satisfy all tastes , and the owner company was keen to provide Crystal Lagoons with 10 swimming pools at this stage. enjoy.

Rhodes Island Mountain View North Shore

ΡΌΔΕΣ, which means wheels in the Greek language, which is the second largest stage in it. There are units that express sophistication and high luxury, with an atmosphere of calmness for more relaxation for the owners, with a dazzling view that catches everyone’s eyes fascinates units on various bodies of water such as the Mediterranean Sea, as well as artificial lakes that reflect The colors of nature therefore create harmony and consistency, and care has been taken to establish this stage on a large area estimated at 34 meters high from sea level .

Paros Island

Where this phase, ΠΆΡΟΣ, which means weight in Greek, is established on an area of ​​50 hectares and with a modern design, with the integration of ancient Greek antiquity in the designs that draw all attention to it and the best existing designs are in terms of aesthetic appearance. It also has various types of units and a dazzling view of the picturesque landscape. With all the unprecedented services and facilities
Scala SkALA
This is the stage in which it has provided a set of different prices and cash facilities to facilitate the ownership of the owners in the stage with the best view of the sea that fascinates the eye and is distinguished by the ancient Greek sophistication. Eyes on the landscapes and the sparkling turquoise water, as well as privacy with high levels of security. All entertainment services suitable for adults and children are provided.
Mountain View North Coast Services
There are many services and entertainment functions in the town of Mountain View North Coast, in order to cover all living needs and the daily needs of customers within the town, and among these services provided by the company are the following:
The resort includes 10 swimming pools of different sizes, suitable for all different age groups, adults and children.
In addition to the presence of other indoor swimming pools for women to spend fun times freely.
It also includes vast green spaces and a landscape that spreads throughout the town and gives a more beautiful view and an attractive vision.
He also worked on the presence of a group of artificial lakes, which are characterized by wonderful and bright colors among the green colors.
There is a distinctive lake designed on an area of ​​40,000 square meters.
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