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There is a good connection between the design of children’s bedroom decor and the psychological aspect, since the interior decoration reflects an aspect of their personality and psyche, since the child must participate in the design of his room so that it can become a creative painting . .

These rooms turn into their own space, all beauty, safety and meet their requirements. It can be said that children’s bedrooms are among the most important rooms that need to achieve creativity and innovation in their design and content.

Key points for selection

Interior designer Heba Saleh presents the main points to consider when designing a child’s bedroom to be safer and more comfortable. Therefore, every detail of this child’s space must be taken care of.

Girls tend to be calm and pink colors in general (Pixels)


It is known that colors are the key to the success of any design in children’s bedrooms, therefore it is preferable to choose bright colors, such as orange, yellow, pink, green and purple, but there should not be more than 3 colors in the space, so as not to fall into the circle of confusion and chaos.

Among the tips related to choosing soft (neutral) shades and colors when you want calm and simple decorations for children’s bedrooms.

As for the colors that girls like, they are somewhat different from those of boys, so they tend to prefer soft and pink colors. As for boys, they choose blue, which suits the quarrelsome and active personalities, because this color has ‘ an effect on calming the nerves.

For children characterized by a lack of activity, it is better to use yellow because it stimulates intellectual activity and keeps the mind awake, while red is used to improve the child’s self-confidence, according to the interior designer.

Larissa Maasrani - Girls tend to wear soft and pink colors - (Pixels).
It is recommended to choose durable furniture of good quality for safety reasons (Pixels).

Simplicity and security

The simpler the designs of children’s bedrooms, the less accessories, the more space for children to move, play and move easily around them. Therefore, it is advisable to choose good quality solid furniture for children’s bedrooms for their safety, keeping in mind their weight and expectations of increase in the later period.

Hardwood or smooth iron are usually ideal. In this context, it is necessary to stay away from pieces of furniture and accessories that can harm this age group, such as: sharp corners, flammable materials and oil heating stoves, while avoiding the use of candles in the decoration of bedrooms.

One of the most important things to consider is the safety and security of the child, especially if he is younger than 6 years old, since non-hazardous materials should be chosen, and the decoration should not be designed with sharp corners not. or the abundance of antiques that hinder the child’s movement and freedom in the room.

The most important thing – as the decorator says, to Al Jazeera Net – is that the room is healthy, constantly ventilated and secured against the dangers of electrical openings.

As for the rooms in which more than one child participates, the color of the cabinets can be distinguished in different colors according to the desire of each child. Also, the walls can be painted on one side of the room in one color and the other side in a different color to please the children.

Among the characteristic decorations are the bunk beds that come in the form of two or three beds vertically on top of each other. This type of decoration contributes to the exploitation of the available spaces in children’s bedrooms.

Choosing a few pieces of furniture and accessories in a very limited way to leave room for free movement (Pixels)


Decorating children’s bedrooms with their drawings, artwork and crafts boosts their confidence. Moreover, they leave their mark on the places in which they live.

In children’s rooms, a few pieces of furniture are usually chosen, and accessories are used in a very limited way, to leave room for the child to play and move freely.

As for the wall clock, it is one of the important things to train the child to keep time from an early age, and it can be chosen in the colors that he loves and that match the design of the wall, such as by the interior designer recommended. .

: Larissa Maasrani - Parents can be creative in the use of paint, decorate with colored drawings, or with posters and pictures that make children happy and give free rein to their imagination - (Pixels).
Parents need to be creative to decorate with colorful drawings that make children happy and unleash their imagination (Pixels)


Curtains give an atmosphere of comfort, and it is necessary to match the colors between the curtains and the rest of the room elements. It is very important to protect children from exposure to sunlight in amounts that can harm them.

You can choose curtains with drawings of cartoon characters that children like.


Attention should be paid to the lighting of children’s bedrooms, and to study the places and angles in which it is distributed, while staying as far as possible from unstable floor lighting, or those that stand in the way of children, to avoid problems during movement and play.

It is also necessary to take care of the lighting near the place where children study, and to ensure that it is sufficient and appropriate. Note that any confusion in the distribution of lighting can negatively affect children’s eyes.


So that the floor of the room does not let the child slip, and it is safer: a wide-area carpet is laid on it, which is the safest and most practical way, regardless of the type of floor in the room, whether it is parquet , marble or ceramic, as the mat is safer for the child and protects against slipping and easy glass breaking. It must be cleaned first, because the soil associated with the carpet can cause allergies in children.

Larissa Maasrani - Girls tend to wear soft and pink colors - (Pixels).
If the budget allocated for decorations is modest, paint (pixels) can be used.


If the budget allocated to children’s bedroom decorations is modest, parents can be creative with paint, decorate with colorful drawings, or with posters and pictures that make children happy and give free rein to their imagination.

The interior designer never recommends painting children’s walls in dark colors, which are reflected in the child’s psyche, so colors that inspire joy, optimism and happiness should always be adopted.


This space is very important for the child to be able to play with his toys and dolls that he owns, and to carry out various activities such as drawing, coloring and playing with dough.


Storage space should be provided because it gives the child happiness when he hangs his drawings on this special space or keeps gifts given to him.


The interior designer advises parents to leave the freedom to choose the room for the child, so if he chooses it with conviction, he will preserve it and begin to learn to take responsibility, and also not to forget to leave him the freedom to choose the basic. pieces that make him more confident.

Larissa Maasrani - Girls tend to wear soft and pink colors - (Pixels).
Every part of the perfect room should inspire fun, adventure and curiosity (Pixels)


The interior designer emphasizes the importance of drawing up a plan to design the interior decoration of the child because it facilitates the task of designing children’s bedrooms. For example, if he loves dinosaurs, then this animal can be the main focus of the decoration plan, with the acquisition of accessories revolving around it.

And she confirms that every part of the ideal children’s room suggests fun, adventure and curiosity, because the decorations and accessories of children’s rooms should reflect their hobbies and tendencies so that the surrounding environment is a friendly and joyful environment.

The interior designer concludes her speech to Al-Jazeera Net that the child’s feeling that his room is his little kingdom gives him more confidence and stability when he is among his toys, possessions and daily details, and his participation in the play and order of games improve his love and belonging to this place.

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