A national plan for the soft power industry

The Kingdom should establish an independent entity that serves the industry of its soft power, especially since the world is suffering from severe stagnation and inflation these days and is close to bankruptcy, and the list of countries in crisis is long.

The Kingdom’s victory over Argentina in the World Cup ten days ago brought many gains, the most prominent of which is the introduction of Saudi culture and society. And since the year 2019, these sports facts have sounded the Saudi victory and the global and Arab media to put it at the forefront of its headlines, and with it reports about the Kingdom and the changes that have taken place in it in recent years, and regardless of what will happen in the remaining matches, what the Saudi team did in the match It contributed to the strengthening of the soft power of the state, and to the promotion of an attractive, inspiring and ambitious Saudi model, and most importantly, the tools and capabilities needed to invest in and build upon them are available.

Sport is one of the important means of winning over people, and as proof, the presence of the Brazilian team Santos in Nigeria in 1969, when the legend Pele played in its ranks, mainly contributed to the conclusion of a three-day truce between the Nigerian government and the separatists, so that the two sides could watch The Brazilian team, and sport worked to unite the French nation, after France organized and won the World Cup in 1998, and China resorted to table tennis diplomacy to to repair broken relations 20 years ago with America in 1971.

Chile has a club called (Plastino) founded in the year 1920 by a group of Palestinian immigrants, and it served their cause among the Chileans and in Latin American countries, and in a way that excelled in the impact of it on political words and platforms, and America has intelligently used sports to spread its positive image around the world, and its means is the use of the Apollo 14 flight, the American astronaut Alan Shepherd playing golf on the moon , and the American Stanford University conducted a study on Mohamed Salah, the player. of the Egyptian national team and the English Liverpool team, and found that he provided an honorable model for Arabs and Muslims, and contributed to the decline of Islamophobia in Britain by 50%. %.

Soft power is a coined phrase that is not more than thirty years old, but its uses are old and present for a long time, and among its models is the Marshall Plan launched by President Harry Truman in 1947 or after the World War II was announced, and it was originally called the European Recovery Program, and Marshall was Truman’s Secretary of State The plan was allocated a budget of 13 billion dollars, and the distribution of aid was according to the population of the target country, its strength and influence in its European setting. , and the plan focused on supporting European students, researchers, artists and intellectuals, and on pumping a large amount of Hollywood films into Europe, and they used a language close to the youth of Europe to promote American products and lifestyle, specifically in the areas of culture, art, sport, industry and investment, in addition to building a strong relationship with children and adolescents through special programs for them, and in a way that helps to create a European sentiment and form a mood sympathetic and loyal to American priorities in the future, and the result is, of course, known.

South Korea represents an exceptional phenomenon and a difficult figure on the map of soft power, and it is necessary to take advantage of its experience at least in the cultural aspect, especially the (BTS) band, which is very popular in the Kingdom and the world, and whose concert at the King Fahd Stadium in 2019 was attended by large numbers of Saudis. And the American (Forbes) magazine said that one in thirteen tourists visit South Korea as a result, and that it has increased global music sales to 19 billion. dollars, in addition to the song (Gagnem Style), which achieved almost five billion views on YouTube, and the second was danced by the former US president. Barack Obama, and the former Secretary General of the United Nations described it as a song asking for peace, and all of the above came under a Korean agreement with YouTube to market Korean content in America, and the seven members of (BTS) was selected from 80 people, and trained by government institutions in South Korea.

The Kingdom should establish an independent entity that serves the industry of its soft power, especially since the world is suffering badly from stagnation and inflation these days and is close to the brink of bankruptcy. To help it recover economically, and in a way which achieves the exchange of priorities and interests with it in the future, in addition to continued humanitarian aid, scholarships and political mediation, and interest in the Saudi film, which began to have strong attendance, and the sports presence and its development in international forums, and the media and its controlling arms, and well-known local brands such as Almarai and Al Baik Herfy and others, as well as the Kingdom’s popular dishes and encrypted messages, the various tourist seasons in their form, and festivals that reflect the local environment and culture, and their historical , economic, political and spiritual weight, and that they are a destination for more than two billion Muslims who are most of the world’s nationalities represent.

Quoted from “Riyadh”

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