Changing alliances to secure a quorum for the election of the president… Waiting for the settlement to mature!! Will the “powers that be” ally with Berri to redeem Franjieh despite his exclusion of him in the last round in favor of Aoun?! – Dolly Bachalani

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It appears that the political parties and parliamentary blocs are seeking to change their alliances in order to elect the new president of the republic during one of the next election sessions. There are leaders working abroad and at home for this change, and to market the name of this or that candidate. And while the “Shia duo” express their adherence to the name of the head of the “Marada Movement”, former deputy and minister Suleiman Franjieh, without letting his name fall into the ballot box yet so as not to burn it on one side nor would they take it on the other hand, if they were unable to secure his election as president. On the opposite side, the name of the army commander, General Joseph Aoun, is marketed, supported by the United States of America and France and Saudi Arabia does not care about his delivery to the Baabda Palace. However, what prevents the candidate of this or that team from reaching the presidential position is the inability of one of them, until now, to secure a quorum for the second or subsequent rounds of the election session.

Therefore, alliances have to change, as confirmed by informed political sources, to get out of the dead-end tunnel every Thursday, so one party of the second party agrees not to disrupt the quorum to pass the election of the first team’s candidate , without necessarily preferring the latter, or vice versa. The sources say that the US-Iran settlement is not yet mature, so that one party can give in to another.. Therefore, the wait will be somewhat long for the expected settlement to mature, whose path does not look safe and secure not.

However, the political arena is witnessing some political innuendos, such as the attempt by the head of the “Lebanese Forces” Samir Geagea to wink at the channel of the parliament speaker Nabih Berri, because the quorum is not in the second round of the upcoming sessions, according to what the sources added, suggesting that he might be ready At the same time, in order not to be “flown” by the “Strong Republic” block, to elect the two-party candidate, that is, Franjieh. The information suggests that there is some kind of rapprochement between Geagea and Franjieh, which could lead to the facilitation of the delivery of Franjieh to Baabda Palace, in the event that the path of the army commander remains somewhat “closed” by “the quorum to spread”. ” This is without disclosing what Geagea will earn in return for this concession. Note that he previously blocked Franjieh in 2018 by electing General Michel Aoun as president.

The same sources find that with regard to Hezbollah, which asks for a president who protects the back of the resistance and constitutes a guarantee for it, it does not prefer to elect the army commander, which America supports to send to Baabda Palace to the party, unless he obtains a “guarantee” from the army commander personally. Considering that the party trusts General Joseph Aoun and constantly cooperates with him, especially in preserving the security and stability of Lebanon against the “Israeli” attacks, and against the takfiris and terrorists. Together they have “al- Qaeda” and “al-Nusra Front” in Arsal.

Regarding the candidacy of the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, representative Gebran Bassil himself, for the presidency, and his two visits so far to Qatar, and external discussions to test the waters regarding his candidacy, considering that he is up to now not a candidate, so the sources see that Bassil is currently trying to market the election program presented to him. Parliamentary blocs, and if he finds an external candidate for him, nothing prevents him from announcing his candidacy months from now. He will also first seek to remove US sanctions from his record, although internal consensus on his selection seems difficult, given the ongoing political rivalry not only with the other team, but also within the team he is affiliated with.

And while some counted on the meeting of US Presidents Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron at the White House, the same sources pointed out that it led to agreement between them to support prosperity in the Middle East, especially since Macron is a great effort to complete the agreement to demarcate the maritime borders between Lebanon, the Israeli enemy, Because he wants calm in the region to ensure oil and gas for his country and European countries. France plays the role of reformer here, not the one who decides the name of the next president, because firstly it cares about its interests, and secondly because it emphasizes the need to maintain security and stability in the Middle East so that everyone can have their business.

Regarding the presidential file, the two men confirmed after their meeting their “determination to continue joint efforts to urge Lebanon’s leaders to elect the President of the Republic and move forward with radical reforms.” This means, according to what the sources emphasize, that no international settlement has yet been reached between America and Iran. He has yet to reach the election of the president. Therefore, the two presidents decided to continue efforts to force the leaders to agree, at a time when the United States knows that its allies at home are waiting for a “green light” from him.

Therefore, the internal consensus will facilitate the election of the president, but the dispute that still exists between Washington and Tehran through the former’s insistence to ensure that Iran will not be able to develop or acquire nuclear weapons, and for this reason the nuclear agreement between them has not yet been completed, still hinders The possibility of each parliamentary block taking its final position on the name of the new president of the republic. This makes some people mention “Lula da Silva”, or “constant”, “consensus” and “positions” or stick to the white paper in the presidential election session, instead of naming a serious candidate who Baabda Palace with the absolute can reach majority of the votes of the representatives.

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