Gulf Craft Yacht Show celebrates four decades of innovation

Gulf Craft is preparing to organize its very own Yacht Show at Port Rashid, Dubai on November 29 and 30 from 1pm to 7pm. The occasion comes to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary, which coincides with the UAE’s celebration of its National Day, which will see the launch of three new yachts.

With this exhibition, the company concludes a round of participation in a number of international yacht shows this year, including the Dubai International Yacht Show, the Sydney International Yacht Show, the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Monaco Yacht Show, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show , and the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show. The company plays an important role in the UAE manufacturing sector as it has significantly contributed to enhancing Dubai’s reputation as an important center for yachting tourism, and in this context Gulf Craft is showcasing its portfolio of unique innovative products in Port Rashid, where it is based.

The exhibition will witness the official launch of the Majesty 72 and Silvercraft models 32 ‘Stray’And the modern “Silver Cat 46 Lux”, in addition to a wide range of luxury “Gulf Craft” yachts, exploration yachts and boats. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to experience this by taking a tour on board.

On this occasion, Mohammed Hussein Al Shaali, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gulf Craft, said: “It is with great pride that we celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of our company in our country in conjunction with the celebration of the UAE National Day , after a year full of success in representing the United Arab Emirates in a number of the most prominent activities in the sector.” Yachting around the world, which has witnessed the unveiling of modern models of yachts such as the Majesty 160 and the Majesty 111. Over the years, we have managed to transform from a leading regional boat building company into a trusted global brand and a proud contributor to enhance the reputation of the regional yachting sector worldwide. Our yacht show is a testament to the impressive growth our company has achieved internationally, and will also serve as a platform to unveil three new models and our diversified portfolio to marine adventure enthusiasts to showcase.”

Majesty 72

The Majesty 72 (21.99 metres) is the latest model in the superyacht icon, with a striking design and engineering distinction between the Majesty 62 and the best-selling Majesty 100 superyacht.

The Gulf Craft interior design team refined the yacht’s exterior features and individual touches, drawing inspiration from the current award-winning superyachts in the Majesty Yachts range; As the Majesty 72’s outdoor entertainment spaces are relatively the largest in its class, offering ample space on the upper lounge (Flybridge). With an optional hydraulic swim platform and comfortable crew accommodation, the Majesty 72 is one of the most elegant upper deck motor yachts, with unique advantages for spending the best times and embarking on true sailing journeys.

In the latest collaboration between Majesty Yachts and Dutch-based studio Phathom, the interior design features a seamless style that combines an inherently luxurious aesthetic with Gulf Craft’s design philosophy of luxury, comfort, practicality and modernity.

The Majesty 72 maintains the original classic yacht and boat design with the flybridge, providing an ultra-luxury experience for up to 8 guests. The yacht has four guest rooms with luxurious interiors, including a spacious master cabin for the owner of the boat, all with a private en-suite bathroom, in addition to two sleeping quarters for the crew members. Contemporary interiors and bespoke furnishings reflect a high level of craftsmanship, and the high quality and precision of craftsmanship is evident in the open-plan main lounge, C or U-shaped seating areas, galley, dining room and captain’s chair.

Thanks to its Twin MAN V8-1200 engine, the Majesty 72 can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots* and can sail comfortably in shallow water with a draft of just 1.23 meters. And because of its uniquely designed surfaces and composite structure, which enable a smooth and dry ride, the Majesty 72, with its luxurious design, will be the starting point for the design of other models in this category.

“Silvercraft 32 WA” (WalkAround)

True to Gulf Craft’s values, the Silvercraft range continues to innovate and strive to meet the dynamic demands of the marine recreational market.

In addition to its length of 9.85 meters, the beautiful aesthetics and elegant appearance of the “Silvercraft 32 WA” boat reflects a modern appeal and luxury that enhances the splendor of this collection, which has always been the title of success. Inspired by the region’s passion for family days at sea and fishing, the Silvercraft 32 WA offers unmatched engineering and sophisticated design to enhance the overall boating experience. Perfect for a day in the sun or a weekend away, the cabin features an open foredeck that converts into a king-size bed, a fully equipped galley and a spacious interior.

The deck design reveals a sundeck, a streamlined windshield, bench seats or bar seats in the rear. The swimming ladder makes the Silvercraft 32 WA the perfect boat for fishing enthusiasts in the region and those who love family outings. Along with optional cork floors that give a sustainable feel, stainless grills are placed on the side of the deck so as not to obstruct access to the front, and the cabin is integrated into the deck with seating and a table. The ample storage units have an intricate design that enhances the boat’s exterior space.

With an outboard motor ranging from 300 to 400 horsepower, the Silvercraft 32 WA delivers a smooth ride with a top speed of 42 knots and excellent fuel economy. And a draft of just 0.59 m ensures a very stable ride and easy maneuverability in all seasons and weather conditions.

Silver cat 46 lux

The Silver Cat 46 Lux is the largest boat in the Silver Cat range at 14.3 metres, making it the perfect choice for relaxed fishing trips with family or friends. The boat includes all modern amenities, such as a spacious air-conditioned salon, two comfortable cabins on the lower deck, in addition to an outdoor platform for braai. The boat is also equipped with all the amenities needed to enjoy an unparalleled fishing trip with your loved ones.

The boat is available in two versions; With external or internal drives. Its composite structure is manufactured using a vacuum casting process to ensure longer life and easier maintenance.

Powered by four 400-horsepower outboard motors, the outboard version of the boat has the classic look and aesthetics of the Silver Cat. The inboard version comes with two 440 horsepower motors to allow the whole family to access the water safely and without any obstacles.

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