Interior designer Nahla Mojlad: Nothing is impossible for my dreams to come true

She is an ambitious woman, persistent with a firm will, not discouraged by obstacles, and not deterred by fear of a Saudi market teeming with female interior designers, after the door opened wide for Saudi women to enter dig all sites. work, thanks to the wise Vision 2030 launched by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman. . Nahla Al-Mujlad graduated from King Abdulaziz University (Decorative Engineering) in 2005 and assumed the presidency of the Design Department with a group of architects in her private office. She also worked for ten years in the largest Saudi companies, in addition to her work in design. But the ambition preceded Nahla, so she specialized in flower arrangements for parties and festivals until she published a book under the title “NAL FIORE” for a world of her own. The magazine “Laha” hastened to turn the pages of her artistic career and monitor her future aspirations and boundless ambition. Al-Mujlad is characterized by his clear thinking, and his absolute belief that staying at the top of the Saudi market is for the fittest and fairest.

– What prompted you to branch out from geometric design to flower arrangements for all occasions?

After proving myself in the field of interior design for almost ten years, I felt that I had more skills and distinctive technical tools, so I loved delving into small technical details, given my passion for small arrangements that attract me and makes a beautiful difference in a wide space, especially if the choice is one of the most important Decorative elements, which are the flowers that give a sense of beauty, and a distinctive and unparalleled brilliance to the place. The flowers have the had the greatest impact on my soul, and I found myself whispering and fragrant among them.

– With your absolute conviction, do you not see that this qualitative shift is a risk in the Saudi market after achieving success after success in the field of design?

The continuity of success depends on diversity, especially in the artistic fields and exclusively in decoration, since the Saudi market today is different from that of yesterday and needs development in terms of technologies, diversity of tools and constant knowledge of everything new in the fashions. of the times.

– You have published a book in this regard, how did you get the idea for it?

After I graduated from university, an idea that had been haunting me for years began to ferment in my head, but the idea was postponed and the birth of the book was delayed despite my great passion for roses, and my attachment to work under its colors that bring happiness. The idea grew after I started organizing my special events related to flowers, and creativity was renewed, and my passion increased a lot, through the continuous and diligent work I documented with my lens and posted the most beautiful photos on social media , so they were very admired, and many started asking me for designs, so the book saw the light under the title “NAL FIORE”, and included a number of wonderful designs.

How did Nahla read the responses?

The responses have been beautiful from women who taste this distinctive art, in arranging parties and arranging flowers between their sides, keeping in mind their compatibility with the decor of the place. Requests continued to offer the most beautiful offerings for social and private events and weddings.

Why did you choose Britain to print the book?

Britain is the most inspiring to me because of its streets full of gardens and full of roses that spread their sweet fragrance in time and space, and leave traces in the soul that make me float in the spaces of the universe, and dream of beautiful visions. Flowers take me to a pink world full of imagination to create my designs.

– What did you get from the trip that you like?

Travel didn’t just stop at tourism for entertainment, but I found many benefits in it. Every country has its own characteristics, beauty and culture which gave me a lot and made me focus to travel on flower farms. A country, and the dates of his exhibitions, so that I can breathe in his fragrance.

What does this passion for flowers give you?

It gives me life in all its aspects, from the planting of flowers to their shapes, names, textures, colors and scents that permeate my soul and make it brighter and more beautiful.

– You say that survival of the fittest is at the top in the Saudi market, what are your criteria for this strength?

Confidence and distinction are the real criteria for me to delve into the Saudi market and turn its cards, and then for continuity in an era where monotony and blind imitation abound. And this is what we see with the climbers in the field, so that they confuse between this and that without a real study of the subject, so that the works come out scattered and unrelated to each other, and far from the real study of the art of decoration , and they do not have experience in this field.

– What are the important projects that engineer Nahla presented in this field, either on a social or private level?

There are many projects that I am proud of and are now documented by their owners. The most important of my works is my participation with some international engineers to build a hotel in one of the big projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– Since you work passionately in the field of flowers, what are the most important elements of a successful design that leaves a mark?

My intuition always leads me to success, and it constantly accompanies me and gives rise to strength, persistence and determination, as it is one of the most important ingredients for the success of any business.

– Nahla looks forward to engineering work with a different perspective. What is your future vision for this market, certainly in flower arrangements for special and social events?

Society has become fully aware of all sectors, especially in the field of flower arrangement, after people’s awareness of it has increased, because of the beautiful shades it throws on social and happy occasions, so that flowers are an integral part of the housewife’s life became and her garden, and this is what I tried to achieve. In my book about flowers, “NAL FIORE”, considering that any woman is capable of creating her own atmosphere and arranging her home and decorating it with all kinds of flowers decorate.

– Does the trend of arranging dinner tables at weddings and events and placing flowers in their proper place satisfy the ambition of engineer Nahla?

Setting dinner tables and arranging flowers on occasions is one of the most enjoyable and happy times in my life, and I may spend long hours working among the delightful colors and the attractive varieties of roses, and blending them with the decorations of the place gives me happiness, so I no longer feel the time, which makes me draw strength through my beautiful work.

– Who is better able to satisfy the Saudi woman: the engineer or the female engineer?

Through my experiences in this profession, the female engineer is the best able to satisfy Saudi women and understand their special taste. Saudi women always look forward to everything new, and they are proactive in knowing the trends of the times, and they possess a distinguished artistic sense in all fields, whether in art, decoration or international fashion.

What is the role of social media in the success of your business?

Social media has greatly contributed to the diversity of my work and has increased my knowledge of many people working in the same field around the world, which has made communication easy and comfortable between people, especially in my field, and I have a good number of followers with good taste.

– What are your future dreams that satisfy your ambition?

My dreams are big and I strive to achieve them, and as long as I have a strong will, I will achieve them with the grace of God, to satisfy my ambition that precedes my dreams, and nothing is impossible in this life as long as than the will exists, and every achievement I present satisfies my ambition.

Who is behind your success?

My husband, he is the cornerstone of all stages of my life by the grace of the Lord of the worlds, and the presence of my two daughters, Jana and Dani by my side, is the greatest motivation for success. I thank God for my little family, and I thank everyone who praised me with their appreciation and gave advice throughout my years of work.

A final word for her readers.

Greetings to everyone who feels the beauty around him and the peace within him, and he just needs to enjoy all the happy details in his life. One should live happily and feel the meaningful things because these are God’s blessings upon us to to enjoy

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