AB Contemporary Design of the Women’s Majlis

The Women’s Council is a common presence in the home in the Arab world, especially in the Gulf countries, where women gather in the aforementioned indoor space to enjoy conversations with female friends and family, within the framework of a comfortable and warm atmosphere. The above majlis are characterized by privacy and luxury, to provide a welcoming and attractive atmosphere. In this context, interior design engineer Sarah Al-Gharawi talks to “Madam” about modern lines that are popular in the design of luxury women’s seating.

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The majlis usually spans a wide and open area to accommodate the largest number of guests, necessitating the provision of comfortable furniture that allows each woman to sit, visible to all. The sessions are also distributed next to each other so that the benches lean against the walls.

light colors

Engineer Sarah explains that “the colors adopted in the design of the women’s board should be a lethargy for the eye, bearing in mind that light colors are now popular, especially pastel colors, as well as neutral colors represented in beige, creamy white, light gray become and greige. And she asks for the choice of calm attractive colors, including: light pink, green or sky blue, which enhance the aesthetics of the design and give positive energy to the spaces. And the engineer points out that “there is no fixed rule regarding colors, as it depends on the taste of each home owner.”

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Walls bound with “porcelain” or wood

A women’s board, designed by engineer Sarah Al-Gharawi

Finally, he promotes the cladding of the walls (or one wall) of the Women’s Council, with “porcelain” material, according to the “open book” technique, with the importance of providing the walls with indirect lighting from the right and left, to light. the attractiveness of the design. An indication that “porcelain” is an alternative to marble and available at a lower cost, it is distinguished by the diversity of its patterns, colors, finishes and lustre.
On the other hand, the walls are decorated with strips of the popular “steel” material, laid in the form of lines, which add luxury to the interior decoration, and chosen in a color that harmonizes with the colors of the other elements that was adopted. in space, especially the color of silver, gold or bronze.
It is worth noting that the “steel” material can also beautify the wooden (or marble) walls.
As for the floor, it is covered with marble in a light color or even with “porcelain”, in neutral colors, with a piece of soft padded carpet installed under the “coffee table”, in a different color to distinguish between the parts of each session.

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Sofas and chairs

Bright colors, in the Women’s Majlis. (Image via D&D Home)

The sofas and seats are in turn covered in soft luxurious fabrics, such as those that are embroidered or velvet, to reflect the luxury and comfort of the space. And she likes to choose pillows in different shapes and contrasting colors. It is also desirable to choose furniture pieces of strange and attractive shapes, especially those with curved or soft circular edges with those designed in geometric shapes in the space with the aim of adding creative contrasting touches in the space.
On the other hand, the tables in the middle of the board follow the current fashion, so that the designs vary between luxury and simplicity, so the mentioned pieces of art enrich the void. Round tables are chosen to represent streamlining, with different sizes and heights, or in creative, non-traditional shapes.
On the other hand, it is important to provide a sufficient number of side tables that go under the sofas for hospitality and to ensure ease of movement.

White in the plate (Image via D&D Home)

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Comfort and luxury are two main factors, within the framework of the design of the Women’s Majlis

Lighting and accessories

Bold colors in the majlis. (Image via Indigo Living)

Lighting has a great impact on design, and it is available in different types and shapes within the architectural space, and it is preferable to choose lighting in warm yellow, as well as to install hidden lighting units on the walls between wooden panels or next to “porcelain “. ” and around plaster ceilings to enhance luxury and creativity, with the possibility of also installing them. Lighting accessories on the walls, as well as hanging a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, according to the desire of the residents, in a way in accordance with the elements distributed in space.
Various accessories and decorative pieces, especially antiques, candle holders and crystal pieces, are distributed on the shelves, as well as the table top.

Comfortable sofas for long sittings. (Image via B Design)

On the other hand, mirrors play an important role in interior design, and it is popular to adopt antique and dark mirrors, without neglecting the indoor plants, whether artificial or natural, arranged in pots shaped like sculptures assume various sizes, or in shapes that match the accessories distributed on the shelves or on the surfaces of the tables.

Interior Design Engineer Sarah Al-Gharawi

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