Al-Zawraa is a charming nature with flamingos flying over it

Ajman: Emir of Sunni

Al-Zawraa Reserve in the Emirate of Ajman has a charming nature, due to its environmental capabilities, plants, trees and water channels. It is a refuge for the rarest resident birds and migratory birds, including the most beautiful and beautiful flamingo of all, reflects in its uniqueness a leading model of a natural reserve and an ideal destination for tourism, which is a subtropical creek. It is subject to tidal movement and is located north of the city. It is also an eye-catching green spot in the middle of the sandy landscape that characterizes the Arabian Peninsula.


The Al-Zawraa project extends over an area of ​​fifteen kilometers, from the waterfront, and two kilometers from the beach and the creek, which has prepared it to be the ideal place for activities and water sports, its green areas surrounded by aesthetic vocabulary that combined the magic of nature with the various elements of the continuity of life.

The “protection” is considered one of the most prominent and wonderful reserves, since the launch of this project in 2004, to enrich the fungal diversity and protect the endangered elements of the environment. It is characterized by its strategic location and what it contains of the essential plant, animal and fungal wealth. It is an ideal destination for lovers of ecological and natural tourism because it is full of mangrove trees that provide a suitable environment for resident and migratory birds, in addition to the presence of various plants and grasses due to the abundance of water. Its coast also includes large groups of fish and coral reefs.

The Emirate of Ajman paid attention to the development of this rich natural area, adding more infrastructure and urban engineering, turning it into a major tourist attraction and attraction, and where it rests on an area of ​​a thousand hectares , proud of its beautiful nature and its diversity and lively environmental activity.


The Al-Zawraa project in general, and the Al-Zawraa reserve in particular, offers an integrated tourism product suitable for various tourist segments, especially families, especially since there are many recreational places for children, such as the “Fantastico” -games area, the water park, the dinosaur exhibition, several sports stadiums, and various types of entertainment Water sports such as Jet Ski, inflatable boats, fishing trips, and more.

Due to its wealth and collection of many natural features, and its urban and service facilities specifically designed to receive visitors, Al-Zawra has turned into a preferred reserve for tourism and pleasure in recent years, especially because it is a rich port is that large number of resident birds and migratory birds of several rare species. There are 58 types of them.

This reserve has designed an integrated tourist resort in line with the different segments of tourism, both Arabs and foreigners, and offers family entertainment with many functions, dinghy tours, fishing trips, etc.


Al-Zawra also includes other leisure activities that include driving a wake park, climbing and shooting, cycling and ecotourism tours, which is the best way to explore the mangroves on board kayaks, and where calm waters and a network of water channels that branch between the forests help, It offers fun and safe paddling even for beginners. Golf enthusiasts can also enjoy playing in the world-class 18-hole course at the Al-Zawra club adjacent to the reserve.


Marina 1 in the Al-Zawra region, which includes more than 25 new restaurants and various entertainment options, forms an integrated entertainment and tourist destination. This includes Marina 1, which is distinguished by its wide area and distinctive architectural designs. , Saj Express, Al Saray, Abeer Alexandria, Colorato, Aqua Brown Coffee, Fontastico, Snack Shack, Z Lounge, the floating restaurant, Marsa Ajman and many others.

The number of visitors to the region varies from one day to another and from one month to another, depending on the tourist season and the events in each month, but it can be said that the Al-Zawra region is one of the most attractive tourist is. areas for visitors.


The Emirate of Ajman is an integrated tourist destination that enjoys prominent destinations, landmarks and facilities, including unique heritage sites, beautiful beaches, and many recreational facilities and tourism activities, while Masfout and Manama represent wonderful retreats for relaxation and rest..Tourists and visitors from the home and abroad flock to it in large numbers, and it includes premier entertainment facilities including restaurants of various levels, cafes and commercial centers, as well as beautiful gardens known for their wide green spaces and children’s play areas equipped with all games and entertainment.


Ajman includes one of the most beautiful beaches in the UAE, and its coast is characterized by its cool breeze and beautiful scenery, especially in winter, when the temperatures are moderate, and the wave conditions are suitable for practicing many sports and interesting marine activities such as such as diving, skiing, jet skiing and fishing, and there are many hotels and tourist facilities on the Ajman Corniche and in the city center, and cafes and restaurants line the Corniche, which stretches for four kilometers, with a wonderful view of the Arabian Gulf.

Ajman abounds with a distinguished group of lush gardens, notably Al Jurf, Al Hamidiya, Al Rashidiya, Al Safia and Mushairif, as well as the Flag Park, which is an important national landmark in the emirate, and was inaugurated by His Highness. Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman, in 2015, and is located near the Cultural Center in the Al Jurf 2 area, among a number of recreational tourist destinations, as there are picturesque beaches around it, and an area of ​​approximately 22 thousand square meters planted with trees and flowers, making it a natural outlet for those looking for calm and relaxation all day long.

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