Children and value construction in another imagined world

We are facing a real forced change of values, not only in stable societies, but also in societies that are basically in the wind, in the face of crashing waves of sectarian, religious or national attachment, or the loss of characteristics of national or national identity, or even humanity. , We are in the stage of metamorphosis of human existence through an imaginary, intangible world, but it is a very influential world in what the results will be.

This tool is the visitor that forces us to receive him without being able to prevent him or stop him, that is what we will see how it changes our behavior, customs, values ​​and traditions, and I assure you that even the most powerful dictatorial countries cannot stop its expansion and expansion among our families, so let’s start with what it does in us.

Almost any home in this wide world has not been invaded by communication technology, and strange ideas like double values, the fragmentation of customs, the erosion of masculinity or femininity, it is a strange world, a world in which a young man turns into its likeness in a relationship that transcends borders. This intellectual, spiritual, psychological and emotional invasion, and no governments, no matter how harsh or authoritarian, can stop this silent bleeding of values.

The family is an essential part in shaping the behavior of the members of society, as it is known, and that the family is the first core in which social construction, values ​​and commitment are established, followed by socialization, the first of which includes family, religion, school, media, social media and peers, all of which have become tools in the hands of the world. The virtual world, the imagined world, is a world that drives behavior and thought processes. Our study of psychoanalysis shows for us that man has these capacities: thought, speech and tongue Man and his formation, that it is the imagined virtual world, the world of image and sound, the world of theater within virtual corridors, a special language, a special style is , a special tongue, symbols that carry symbolism in their codes, understood by those who look at this virtual world.

We can say that it is the world of non-existence from which existence arises, because its aim and purpose are still far from being understood and its remote content cannot be recognized, and if some of those external processes appear to the surface, we can borrow from psychoanalysis to explore the depths of this phenomenon that embraces a whole generation, that robs their minds and abilities We say that this world is a representation that arises from the inevitable influential thing, which basically had no existence except in the force influencing the collective mind.

The relationship of the individual addicted to the virtual world is a relationship limited to the representation of “which means a group of perceptions on which desire is fixed during a short period of his life and recorded in the human soul ,” that is, in the end, in the thing that was a source of temptation, because desire is the main motive that led to the displacement of all other desires in reality, including education, success, fulfillment of ambition, and the establishment of a relationship with another in reality , and we are not exaggerating when we say that it is the castration of the mind in exchange for the defeated reality, so the goal is to confiscate this mind completely.

This imaginary virtual world was able to kill the symbol of basic life, work and communication with the family, and form a psychological structure within the values, traditions and customs of the local community, to a world outside the framework of reality, a symbolic world outside the framework of language and its source in thought, then paralysis of the tongue in expression, and it can be said that the virtual world and communication networks It has of the existence of man in the reality aside and inserted into a lost subject that has its own language, speech and tongue.

Psychological studies believe that the values ​​of citizenship have been almost wiped out, and the values ​​of morality have been crushed, because the direct display of everything is permissible and without restrictions for men and women, the bodies are licensed, and the colors of sexual display have become available for the bedrooms, and registration for a price and the delivery of sexual goods is very easy and in different cultures and civilizations And languages ​​and societies, and whoever is addicted to this world wins and loses, he benefits from his views and the many signs of admiration, especially for the family and the details of his life, so the income is very attractive, revealing much of the privacy of the young family and the lifestyle followed, and the more generous the offers, the greater the financial return of the companies of the virtual world, This is what the family achieves in terms of material returns, also in exchange for losses, including the loss of time and time, as well as health, effort, electronic addiction and the loss of real opportunities.

It is the disturbance of values ​​and their slow suicide by means of a social means of communication characterized by intellectual, spiritual, emotional and psychological anesthesia, i.e. in the language of depth psychology, with a decrease in the concept of relations between the human and the other, that the user of social communication devices and the virtual world reflects himself in a mirror manner, and controls this relationship between the self and the other self, which is a fundamental internal division specific to each party.

This virtual world, with its various and multiple ways of social communication, controls the relationship with the individual, like the relationship with the dominant “master” and the one who controls him, until he turns into an obedient slave who cannot take his place don’t leave and the moment he goes to health facilities, or performs a job assigned to him, and this process takes place in broad daylight and at night Until the relationship falls in love, the lover says to the beloved: I am you and you are me, castration or perhaps the spiritual castration complex, and the decline continues without limits and without control or standard by which society is measured throughout the world.

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