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Nabateans – The registration link for the Hussein Bin Abdullah II Award for Voluntary Work was launched today, Monday, in the Ministry of Youth and the guide for the award in its first session for the year 2022-2023 within its three categories, “individual volunteering, group volunteering and institutional volunteering”, and it will continue until February 28 through the website official award.

The launch of the registration link was attended by members of the Board of Trustees of the Hussein Bin Abdullah II Award for Voluntary Work.

He also launched the official website of the award and the introductory guide to the award, which included the vision and mission of the award, its general principles, philosophy, foundations, objectives, areas of voluntary work, conditions for advancement, time frame, award has. categories and levels, candidature steps, working model, main and sub-criteria, evaluation process mechanism and award management.

The award organizers call on young volunteers and all institutions that contribute to volunteer work and collective volunteer initiatives to participate and register via the link, appreciating the efforts of all the organizers and participants to make this award known set.

The Minister of Youth and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Award, Muhammad al-Nabulsi, said during the launch that the Hussein bin Abdullah II Award for Voluntary Work, which is under the patronage of His Highness Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II was introduced. , the Crown Prince, to celebrate the International Volunteer Day in the year 2021 in partnership with the Crown Prince Foundation and many institutions. National, which aims to spread the culture of volunteering, consolidate the values ​​of volunteering, activate social responsibility in institutions, and honors individuals and institutions that perform outstanding volunteering and have a positive impact on the sustainable development process.

Al-Nabulsi indicated that immediately after the launch of the award, the setting up of the award system, the formation of the board of trustees, the management committee and arbitration committees, and the development of the award introductory guide began, which led to the introduction of the official. website and the registration link, noting that induction sessions for the award will be held in schools, universities and civil society institutions.

He pointed out that the award’s vision is to excel in volunteering to serve the Jordanian society, while its mission is to expand the culture of volunteering, enable individuals and institutions to achieve standards of excellence in their implementing volunteer projects and initiatives, and motivating and appreciating the efforts of volunteers, institutions and teamwork.

He added that the award is based on the principles of giving, leadership, innovation, equal opportunities and non-profit work, in addition to transparency, motivation and sustainability, while its philosophy is based on the principles of appreciation, motivation and good example, indicating that the fields of voluntary work to apply for the award are social, health, educational or training, sport, art and cultural, in addition to environment, tourism and the field of leadership and innovation.

He said that the process of evaluating nomination applications for the award is subject to the best practices in the field of award evaluation and the membership of experts specialized in evaluation processes, indicating that the award model consists of four main axes. ​which is represented in planning for voluntary initiatives, implementation, results, impact and the axis of sustainability through which 9 sub-evaluation criteria emerge.

And he indicated that the candidates for the award compete for nine awards for the best volunteer work that meets the criteria of the award according to its levels, since the award will be awarded to the first three places for the individual category, the first three places for the group work category, and the first three places for the institution category, and the volunteer work shield will be awarded to a legitimate volunteer personality because of his contribution to work The national volunteer who was not nominated for the award, on the recommendation of the evaluation committee and a decision of the grant’s board of trustees.

He explained that the individual volunteer work certificate will be granted to people who meet the criteria for obtaining the certificate according to the color gradient of the award seal, pointing out that the individual volunteer work certificate includes four colors (bronze seal, silver seal, gold seal, platinum seal) and is granted for each year in which he participates. The same volunteer with new volunteer work that pushes him to make more annual volunteer efforts.

A certificate of participation will also be awarded to all applicants for volunteer work, in appreciation of His Highness Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, Crown Prince, for their efforts in the field of volunteer work.

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