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Many mothers suffer from the crying of their children for no known reason, and many of them spend the night awake with almost no sleep in their eyelids due to the incessant crying of their children, which brings them to the brink of physical and nervous breakdown. can push .

In fact, raising children is a daily challenge to solve many endless puzzles, for example, the mother breastfed her child, fed him, changed his diaper, made sure of his satiety and burped him, but the child whines and cry

The mother comes back again to check the list, check his diaper again, try to breastfeed him again and make sure that all necessary precautions have been taken so that her child can sleep peacefully and peacefully, but it is useless as the child’s screams are loud still in the room.

Changing a baby’s diaper is the first precaution a mother takes to stop a child’s screaming of unknown cause (German)

What are the reasons that drive children to cry continuously for no apparent reason?

Author Rhiannon Lucy Coslett covered this issue in an article she recently published in The Guardian.

The author says that her child kept crying for no apparent reason, and she made sure he was fed, cleaned, changed his diaper, and made sure there was no gas in his stomach, but he still cried, and in the end, after weeks of painstaking research, she discovered that he was crying because his hands were cold!

“I think we as humans have an instinct to solve problems, and more experienced parents can remember the long hours they spent trying to figure out why their child was crying for no apparent reason,” explains the author .

She adds, “Sometimes my mom and my husband and I find ourselves having a ‘family meeting’ in the living room to speculate together on the causes of the problem. Could it be a problem with developing teeth? Is the quality of the diaper uncomfortable and unfit for him? All that effort and all that mature brainpower.” Designed for one small baby.

The author points out that there are many reasons why children cry, including that the taste of food is not pleasant for him, and some mothers, for example, eat spicy food or have an unpleasant smell, and this is reflected in the taste of her milk , which makes the child cry. There is also the issue of teething, which is a problem that you may not feel. Many mothers who do not particularly breastfeed, and there are problems of flatulence or sleeping a lot during the day and other reasons .

Crying baby from Pixabay
The baby’s crying may be due to flatulence problems or sleeping a lot during the day (Pixaby)

The Healthline platform listed a number of the most common reasons why babies cry, in particular:

1- Digestive problems

Your baby’s digestive system develops with their daily growth and age, and this may be one of the reasons why babies cry to you as a parent for no apparent reason.

2- Air entering with food

Babies are born without experience with anything, and it can take a while for them to learn how to coordinate breathing with eating, and your baby will probably swallow air while eating. You can help your baby get rid of gas by making sure they burp during and after feedings, and unfortunately, some mothers don’t pay attention. This is enough attention, so they do this process quickly and urgently, which makes the child cry.

Pure cow's milk in a cup or bottle should not be offered to a baby during its first year.  (Publishing is free for dpa clients. The image may only be used with the mentioned text and its source indicated.) Photo: dpa Photo: Andrea Warnecke/dpa-tmn/dpa
Your baby can swallow air while eating, and you can help him get rid of gas by burping (German)

3- The nature of the mother’s food

If you breastfeed your baby, know that everything you eat passes to your baby through your milk. It can be difficult for your baby to digest gluten, eggs and dairy products, so if you are breastfeeding your baby, you may want to adjust your diet to suit your baby in collaboration with your GP.

If your baby is formula fed, talk to your healthcare provider to make sure what kind of milk is right for your baby.

4- Fatigue and exhaustion

Babies can get very tired if they stay awake for a long time. Your baby will signal to you that he is tired and may start to cry and yawn. He may start to touch his face, pull his ears or cling tightly to you. Your job at this stage is to help them sleep, and here you have to darken the room, put the “pacifier” in his mouth and gently rock his bed until he falls asleep.

Make sure your child’s temperature is appropriate by touching their fingers and toes (Pixels).

5- Body temperature

Like us adults, children don’t like extreme heat or extreme cold, so make sure your child’s temperature is appropriate by touching their ears, fingers and feet. Also, make sure that his room temperature is normal, and not too cold or too cold. hot.

The “babawa” platform mentioned additional reasons for babies crying, perhaps the most prominent of which are:

6- The method of laying

Stiffness from lying in the same position for a long time, and this is something many mothers do because they are busy with their homework or work, so remember to change the way your baby lies while awake so that he is comfortable and relaxed, but when he sleeps, make sure he sleeps on his back during the first year of his life.

crying baby pixels
Stiffness due to lying in the same position for a long time is one of the main causes of baby crying (Pixels)

7- Feeling lonely

Sometimes children feel lonely when their mothers leave them alone for a long time, and it disturbs the child and makes him cry and scream, because nobody likes loneliness, not even babies.

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