A workshop on promoting scientific research in Libya.. and Yemeni-American talks for cooperation in higher education

Workshop on promoting scientific research in Libya

The University of Benghazi participated in a workshop in the Tunisian capital on the promotion of scientific research in Libyan universities and the development of research centers.

According to a statement from the Libyan Ministry of Higher Education, yesterday (Monday), this workshop, which was held recently, came within the framework of the innovation project (IBTIKAR), which is one of the joint projects between Libyan and European universities, within the “Erasmus Plus” programmes. The project discusses how to promote scientific research in Libyan universities, encourage the development of research centers in universities, and ways to determine scientific research priorities, as well as how to obtain financial resources. The University of Benghazi plays a prominent role in the project, as it is responsible for the work package for assessing the quality of the project’s progress.

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Research collaboration between the Emirates University and the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi

The College of Law at UAE University and the Department of Law at Sorbonne University – Abu Dhabi have discussed ways of collaborating in the field of scientific research by forming joint research teams in various legal disciplines.

According to the Emirates News Agency yesterday (Monday), these teams aim to address topics of special scientific interest and priority in both the UAE and France, and constitute an important scientific contribution that keeps pace with legislative and judicial developments in the two countries. The aspects of cooperation to be established between the two universities aim to encourage academics and researchers on both sides to direct their efforts to the level of scientific and research programs that serve the goals and mission of the two universities increase.

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An introductory workshop for the Khalifa Educational Award

Today (Tuesday), the University of Bahrain is organizing an introductory workshop on the Khalifa Educational Award, in the hall of the university’s e-learning centre.

The award includes several areas, namely: Khalifa International Award for Early Education, educational legal personality, general education, higher education, creativity in teaching Arabic language, people of determination, educational research, educational authorship for children, innovative educational projects and programs , education and community service.

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A cultural competition for Palestinian university students

Yesterday (Monday), the Deanship of Student Affairs at Gaza University announced the launch of the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education, a cultural competition for university students in the country.

This competition includes the fields of: poetry, short story and essay (literary – social – political). The competition requires each participant to be a student at a higher education institution, to keep the classical Arabic language in his participation, and to keep the participating works to strengthen religious, national and moral motives, and that the participating work has won a prize before. The competition offers financial prizes for the first three positions in each of the announced branches. The deadline for submitting the participating works is January 4.

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Egypt participates in a forum on investment in higher education

The Egyptian Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ayman Ashour, participated in the work of the investment forum for higher education, which was recently held in London, in the presence of high-ranking representatives of many British universities.

According to a statement from the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, in a recorded speech yesterday (Monday), Ashour emphasized Egypt’s interest in investing in higher education to keep up with the huge increase in population. He said that the Egyptian government views higher education as a key to social and economic development, and seeks to confirm its position as a regional center for higher education in the region. The minister pointed to the importance of the role of businessmen, as they are one of the main partners in the process of investing in education, and the government’s participation in investing in higher education.

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Egypt’s Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ayman Ashour, speaking in a recorded speech at a forum on investment in higher education (the ministry).

Yemeni-Americans talk about collaboration in higher education

The Yemeni Minister of Higher Education, Khaled Al-Wasabi, discussed with the US Ambassador to Yemen, Stephen Fagin, ways to strengthen joint relations, development plans in the field of higher education, and support for technical education.

This took place during a meeting that brought the two parties together yesterday (Monday) in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. The meeting also dealt with the restoration of English language teaching programs in Yemen, supported by the US Embassy, ​​in addition to scholarships and scientific visits in the field of higher education and scientific research, as well as supporting Yemeni higher education institutions so that they can overcome the consequences of the war. get over

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Taibah University launches a hundred initiatives to commemorate International Volunteer Day

Taibah University in Madinah launched an initiative under the slogan: “A Human Caravan”, with the participation of more than 2,000 volunteers and 29 colleges, to commemorate the International Volunteer Day, which is celebrated worldwide on December 5 every year.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the convoy, which included 100 initiatives that included more than 500 volunteer opportunities, today (Tuesday) aims to spread the culture of volunteering, strengthen the university’s role in community service and development and enable university employees set. to design and implement volunteer opportunities as well as to provide a range of community solutions in all university branches in Madinah.

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Part of the International Volunteer Day celebration at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia (SPA).

Open the door for supplementary application for medical colleges in the universities of Iraq

Yesterday (Monday), the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education announced the launch of the supplementary electronic portal to apply to the colleges of the medical group in private universities and colleges for the academic year 2022/23.

Students with high averages (96%) and above will be able to apply for some specialties, including general medicine, through the window designated for application in the portal of the Department of Private University Education. The application continues until the evening of Saturday, the tenth of December, and students registered in private universities and colleges for the current year will be allowed to apply for general medicine without the need to withdraw from their current admissions. withdrawn, while the application will be available for students who are not registered with the rest of the departments within the portal. , in accordance with the admissions entries for each department.

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Despite the financial crisis, the Lebanese University is progressing in the global reputation index

Today (Tuesday), the Lebanese University announced its inclusion among the 151-175 best universities in the World Reputation Ranking 2022, which was recently issued by The Times Higher Education.

According to a statement from the university, its inclusion among the two hundred most influential global universities out of more than 1,600 universities, according to the Times, is recognition of the quality of its educational programs, and a guarantee that its students will find work after graduation of it. This comes despite the financial crisis the university is suffering from as a result of the decline of the Lebanese economy and the collapse of the value of the national currency. The statement explains that the global reputation classification according to the “Times” for the year 2022 is based on a set of performance indicators that determine the extent of excellence of the university or educational institution in 4 main areas: teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook .

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Collaboration between the University of Jordan Library and UNESCO

The Director of the Library Unit at the University of Jordan, Dr. Mujahid Al-Thunaibat, discussed with the Director of the Office of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Min Jong Kim, opportunities to support the repository library for United Nations publications in the university library.

According to a statement from the university, the meeting yesterday (Monday) discussed scenarios related to the expansion of the depository library for United Nations publications, through the establishment of a cultural corner adjacent to it, to support the efforts and tasks undertaken by the organization was undertaken and highlight. the institutions that result from it. The academic official welcomed the idea of ​​starting a competition for interior design students at the College of Art and Design to design the cultural corner, with the support of the UNESCO office in Amman, to provide students with electronic information and research resources, and a place to hold seminars and cultural meetings to spread awareness about the organization. The university library has been a repository for United Nations publications since 1970.

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