How do domestic workers live for the ruling family and the families of the velvet class in Qatar?

Qatar’s human rights record is under scrutiny as Doha hosts the World Cup. Much has been written about the treatment of foreign workers who built stadiums and hotels in preparation for the event, but what about the foreign domestic workers who work for the wealthy families and the ruling family in Qatar?

Megha Mohan, the BBC’s gender and identity reporter, contacted two domestic workers for two elite Qatari families and asked them about their experience, working hours and leave status.

You have not taken leave for 18 months

She called Gladys, not her real name, late at night after the Velveteen family she worked for had gone to bed.

In a short online chat, she told me that she starts work at 8 in the morning and continues until 11 at night. Her duties include cleaning, helping to prepare food, and taking care of the children.

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