Videography Mirzam 3 experience with exceptional quality

  • Al-Humaidhi: “Mirzam 3” lays the foundation for inclusion, both formally and implicitly, in the list of specialized exhibitions
  • Workshops throughout the day at nominal prices provided by experts in the field of home finishing and furnishing
  • Al-Ayyar: “Raresense”, his products are cotton, designed by Kuwaiti hands and implemented in the best factories in the world
  • Al-Nasrallah: “Modern” and “Neo-Classic” distinguish the designs of “LQ Design” to serve the taste of our society

Hanan Abdel Maaboud

The “Mirzam 2022” exhibition, in its third edition, was launched yesterday morning in halls 5 and 6 of the Kuwait International Fair in Mishref. It is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of its kind in Kuwait in the field of design and decoration, as it is held on an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, and includes more than 240 pavilions. Exceptional, with more than 20 different categories in the world of interior design and decoration, in addition to a large number of participants in the field of design and decoration, the number of which is more than 190 participants.

On the sidelines of the launch of the exhibition, the founder and organizer of its events, M. Farah Al-Humaidhi, said that the “Mirzam” exhibition will continue for 5 days until December 10, pointing out that it is the public’s passion for new innovations in the field of design and interior decoration, and its visitors will have an exceptional experience in which quality is mixed. With elegance under the title “Inspired.. write down.. and supply.”

Al-Humaidhi said in a statement to Al-Anbaa on the sidelines of the launch of the exhibition activities: “We establish the establishment of the inclusion of the “Marzam” exhibition officially and implicitly in the list of exhibitions that are in decoration and interior is specialized. and exterior design at the regional level, in preparation for its placement on the global map of forums and exhibitions that bring together decoration and interior design companies. And architects, experts and specialists, pointing to the existence of a work strategy which aims to improve public taste and build a qualitative culture with a Kuwaiti imprint on the skills and art of decoration and interior design for the individual and the family.

She said that she expects a large and double turnout for “Mirzam 2022” for several reasons, the most important of which is the handing over of very valuable prizes to each of the visitors who conclude a contract, purchase or transaction during the exhibition, and it will be centered around the grand prize, one of the Volvo cars presented by a car company.Volvo, the strategic sponsor of the exhibition, in addition to prizes worth 10,000 dinars divided into 5 prizes, a voucher worth of 2,500 dinars provided by the platinum sponsor. “Abyat”, and a voucher worth 500 dinars from “Farah Home”.

Al-Humaidhi revealed the rate of return of Mirzam participants and the volume of investment in it, which exceeded 85%, and also announced the organization of practical and theoretical workshops throughout the day at nominal prices for visitors, presented by experts on various areas related to the finishing and furnishing of houses, in addition to the allocation of a number of pavilions in the exhibition for universities She studies interior design and architecture in Kuwait to display her curricula and the works of her students, dedicating spaces for workshops and seminars that will benefit visitors, noting that all Mirzam seminars will be free to attend and exclusively sponsored by

Al-Humaidhi concluded with special thanks and appreciation to the Kuwait International Fair Company, specifically the Executive Director of the Marketing and Sales Sector, Basema Al-Duhaim, for the unlimited and continuous support for Mirzam Exhibition, appreciating the efforts and role of the head. and permanent sponsors.

“Raresense” Kuwaiti creations

During our tour of the exhibition, we met Hessa Al-Ayyar, the general manager and owner of the “Raresense” import and export company, who expressed her happiness with the atmosphere of the exhibition, indicating that the company is a Kuwaiti brand is that prepares sheets and cotton by producing them in three factories around the world, all by Kuwaiti designs, based on the work of designs. A leading Kuwaiti team, and it is implemented in the best places in the world, namely Turkey , Italy and Egypt.

Al-Ayyar indicated that Kuwait does not have factories to provide service for the manufacture of these products. She said, “We strive to be global, especially because it is a Kuwaiti brand,” noting that this brand is very popular in Kuwait and has excellent customers for whom special designs are produced. We also have export lines in several Arab Gulf countries as well as Morocco.

She revealed that the participation in the exhibition during which many new designs were presented, as well as many new ideas that will be implemented during the coming period.

She pointed out that it is customary to come out with modern designs every season, especially the seasons of the holy month of Ramadan and holidays, as well as the summer and winter seasons.

Modern and new class designs

We also met the interior designer and general manager of LQ Design, Abd al-Rahman al-Nasrallah, who said: We are always eager to introduce new designs to our society as our company designs, implements and oversees, adding that the company handles contracts from the stage of lions to the stage of furniture.

He stated that the main character that distinguishes his work is the modern and the neo-classic, which serves most of the tastes in our society, where the French classics and old models are out of the market.

He pointed out that the Islamic character in designs is rarely requested, but it is desirable in large councils and diwans, and pointed out that on the occasion of the exhibition, the company provides free services, including consultation through the exhibition and booking through the website, as well as in the event that a contract is signed within days. The exhibition is a free design work, whether it is a villa, a room or a land.

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