The modern home with classic touches. The richness of design in the interior spaces

There is a need for the presence of more than one design style under the roof of the house, to express various cultures, as well as tastes that appreciate every beauty, regardless of its source. This need is especially translated by merging classicism with modernity. In this context, the interior design engineer Ruwaida al-Kharrat talks about the characteristics of the “neo-classic”.

The classic style is known to spread a luxurious look in the interior spaces, especially since the aforementioned design style relies heavily on decorations, engravings, natural raw materials (marble, wood, gold, mirrors) and velvet fabrics… The crowded details mentioned require ample spaces with high ceilings to stand out. On the other hand, the “modern” style tends to use “clean” and clear lines and neutral colors, in addition to simplicity in furniture and soft accessories, and makes use of finishes and materials available to everyone, including: iron, wood, and industrial materials (porcelain, ceramics, etc.).

Harmony or contrast?

The presence of more than one design style under the roof of the house, expressing various cultures (photo courtesy of Fendi Casa)

It is worthwhile for the owner of the house to specify at the beginning of the project whether his goal is (a) to achieve harmony between the classic and “modern” styles, or in contrast to that favorable contrast in decoration; Each model has its own characteristics, but the balance between them achieves a simple space, while the contrast is enough to provoke visual contradiction. In this context, it is useful to choose one of the two models to occupy 80% of the space, with the base model being grafted with a secondary model (20%). For example: when the modern style is chosen to dominate the interior design, it is solved by means of furniture, carpets and accessories, while the presence of the classic style is limited to plaster cornices or wall frames and mirrors. In other cases, the classic style takes precedence over the scene, leaving the issue of small details to the “modern” style… In general, the ways to combine two styles of interior design with each other include:

1 Repetition of the use of colors, textures, patterns, motifs and shapes, in different ways, in more than one place in space. As for colors, the general rule calls for abandoning those that catch the eye, while replacing them with light and neutral colors. To avoid boredom with pure white, it is preferable to replace it with cream, beige, blue-grey, light gray or muted green. On the other hand, it is recommended to distribute gradations of pastel colors with other gradations of chocolate, or gold, bronze and earthy touches with dark green, dark blue, black or even bright red colors, in the context of graphics and decorations on textiles and wallpaper. However, it is necessary to be satisfied with three or four color gradations at the latest, so that the design does not lose its power and elegance.

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2 The plaster frames in the ceilings and walls look soft and simple, and note that the walls are often painted white, with some parts of the above surfaces covered with wood or marble.

The allure of combining two interior design styles (Image via Fendi Casa)

3 A luxurious crystal chandelier descends from the center of the ceiling of the room, knowing that the chandelier can be combined with modern lighting units and sources (for example spots). In general, it is preferable to avoid excessive distribution of lighting units, focusing on sunlight.

4 “Parquet” or solid wood, in warm and calm colors, cover the floors, which on the other hand can be covered with an alternative to marble, such as: porcelain and ceramics to reduce the budget allocated for domestic work.

5 Accessories are distributed to beautify the interior spaces, without excess, and they include: vases, mirrors, classic candlesticks, old clocks and natural plants arranged in small ceramic pots… On the other hand, the choice of the appropriate cushions ‘ an effective way to combine these two styles, knowing that it is sufficient to use One or two cushions embossed with geometric or floral patterns, in natural and warm colors.

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Interior design ideas for multi-identity spaces

Like to spread some soft accessories in the area of ​​attraction (Image via Armani Casa)
  • In the entrance and corridors, if the ceilings are high, classic chandeliers are installed, the walls are covered with simple wallpaper, and modern accessories are distributed, with the importance of the presence of a large mirror framed with a soft frame , in addition to an elegant seat that spreads a modern classic touch.
  • In the living room, modern furniture in neutral colors looks appropriate, as do the walls framed with classic frames (French panels) and the few soft accessories distributed in the area of ​​attraction (or preferred corner).
  • In the dining room, a modern dining table and chairs upholstered in fabric, with wood paneling on the walls, create a warm atmosphere.
  • In the bedroom, it is recommended that the decorations are modern and calm, with the presence of cube-shaped side tables with metal bases and lamps, simplified designs with metal shades.
  • In the kitchen, it is advisable to be careful to reduce the holes and decorations in the doors of the wooden cabinets, and to move towards calm modern colors and to use quartz (or porcelain) to cover the work surfaces.
  • In the bathroom, glass, metal and ceramic materials seem to be preferred in wet areas, with a tendency towards light, warm and neutral colours, within the framework of wall and floor coverings.
Interior Design Engineer Ruwaida al-Kharrat

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