Mr. Dr. Suad Al-Fadli: Participation in the “Merzam” exhibition comes from Kuwait University’s zeal to support its students

Kuwait University, represented by the College of Architecture, and in the presence of the Director of Kuwait University, prof. Souad Mohammed Al-Fadhli at the “Mirzam” exhibition in its third edition, which is the largest event of its kind in the field of interior design, decoration and home needs. .

On this occasion, the acting director of the University of Kuwait, prof. Dr. Souad Muhammad Al-Fadli expressed her happiness and pride at the participation of the students of the Faculty of Architecture in this exhibition, and praised the excellent efforts of all participants.

Prof. Dr. Al-Fadli said that this participation stems from Kuwait University’s zeal to support and contribute to students’ achievement of their goals, and to find ways to open horizons for them towards more success, creativity and scientific development , and motivate them to move. forward and successful future planning, which emphasizes the university’s diligence to build new partnerships This benefits its students and contributes to the refinement of their skills and the development of their experiences to contribute to qualify them for the labor market in the country, indicating that it is part of the Kuwait University’s strategy aimed at supporting youth and student energies, and achieving social responsibility towards the care of students and the promotion of education and the youth.

She thanked the exhibition management for allocating a number of stalls to universities offering interior design and architecture in Kuwait, to present their curricula and the works of their students, and to dedicate special spaces for workshops and lectures that students and visitors will generally benefit. .

In turn, the acting head of the Visual and Interior Design Department, dr. Sarah Al-Falah said that the participants in the exhibition are students of the College of Architecture from the visual and interior design departments and the Department of Architecture. Excellence in idea and specialization by the organizers and participants adds an attraction to the exhibition.

Dr. explain. Al-Falah said that the college students’ participation in such exhibitions, especially specialized exhibitions in the field of design, contributes to giving them an opportunity to get acquainted with leading local companies in the field of design, in addition to being considered as ‘ consider an opportunity to communicate and exchange experiences with experienced designers, which may open horizons and job opportunities for them in the future.

She also praised the participation of the Visual Design and Interior Architecture Departmental Club (VIA), which equipped a volunteer work team consisting of 15 male and female students who are part of the “Merzam” team throughout the exhibition period to attend to various perform organizational tasks. , pointing out that it is a valuable opportunity for our students to get used to volunteer work and contribute in a way, albeit in a simple way, in the experience of organizing an exhibition of such major level that is specific to their field of work. , hoping that this participation will provide them with other opportunities for their post-graduate career.

And shown d. Al-Falah said that the participation of the College of Architecture was not only limited to students, but also extended to the participation of some faculty members in the college in workshops and panel discussions, out of their belief in the importance of sharing their knowledge and experience with all as a matter of social responsibility.

Finally, Dr. Al-Falah thanked the “Mirzam” team, especially the designer Farah Al-Humaidhi, for her continued support for education, especially education in the field of design, and her belief in the importance of spreading awareness and urban culture throughout Kuwaiti society.

In her turn, acting head of the architecture department at the College of Architecture, dr. Sheikha Al-Mubaraki, that this participation comes within the framework of the College of Architecture’s commitment to support and encourage its students to participate in events that contribute to the development of innovation and creativity in various fields.

And she continued: “We aim to develop and develop concepts related to architecture and expand the boundaries of design, emphasizing that this experience enables our students to fully appreciate the evolving and expanding nature of architecture. realize, as well as reinforce the importance of collaboration and participation in such exhibitions that provide an opportunity for our students to integrate their local roots with emerging technology and custom architectural design options.” Extremely innovative.”

And shown d. Al-Mubaraki said that the participation of the Department of Architecture is the first of its kind, after an invitation was sent by the exhibition organizer, designer Farah Al-Humaidhi, to the college to participate under the roof of the educational bodies for interior design.

As pointed out by dr. Al-Mubaraki indicated that the Mirzam exhibition is a meeting point for those interested in design, and it is also an opportunity to highlight the architecture department in the College of Architecture and showcase students’ skills and work. also the role of student associations in community activities and highlights the extent to which Kuwait University is keen to encourage students to participate in such events due to its positive and motivating impact on students’ future career.

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