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Last week, the city of Alexandria in Egypt was shaken after an audio clip of a child being severely abused and violently beaten in the nursery went viral.

In the recording, an adult woman appears to be scolding the child for urinating on her body, and in a few minutes, the woman repeatedly hits the child while yelling at her.

This leaked recording was the beginning of the revelation of the most horrible incidents, when the mother recognized the voice of her child in the kindergarten, and by communicating with the rest of the parents, the parents realized the truth of what happened.

The families accused the director of the well-known nursery, located in an upscale neighborhood in the coastal city, of practicing torture and enjoying the punishment of their families. Families discussed the details of the punishment revealed by their children, which included wearing them by their ears, depriving them of eating for long periods of time, and even punishing children who threw up food while eating that came out of their mouths.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution heard the testimony of four guardians of the children in the nursery, who confirmed the constant abuse of her manager against their children, hitting and slapping them, causing their injuries, and that they had the testimonies of their documented children being assaulted. them and their injuries in photographs and video clips that they exchanged among themselves, and which the Public Prosecution viewed.

The Public Prosecution also heard the statements of two teachers and a nursery worker, who confirmed that her principal repeatedly abused children, and that one of them recorded an audio clip showing one of the incidents of abuse she reported to the guardians of the abused child documented documented. .

In a separate incident, the Public Prosecution ordered the detention of a teacher in the southern Egyptian city of Assiut after accusing him of beating to death a nine-year-old girl, in addition to his habit of hitting other children in the primary school where he works.

After receiving the notification of the death of the victim, the Public Prosecution listened to the statements of eleven children of her classmates, and from the results of their statements came to the conclusion that the accused some of them and other children of the students assaulted by slapping their hands. with a stick.

They confirmed that the child refused to put her hand out in front of the teacher so he could punish her by hitting her, so he hit her with separate parts of her body until he managed to hit her on her hands , so that she lost her. force and fell to the ground, and her head hit a seat and she passed out, so the accused tried to wake her up until she was taken to the hospital.

But how can families know the truth about what goes on inside schools, and realize the extent of the abuse children are exposed to?

Tips and Warnings

In contact with the “Al-Hurra” website, the policy consultant for the protection of children and adults from violence and exploitation, Hajar Al-Sayed Ali, explained the importance of parents taking a set of precautions and procedures before their children sent to nurseries. and childcare homes in the pre-school stage.

The Egyptian consultant explained, “Despite what we hear about the torture and violence of these little creatures in some nurseries, there are good places where people have some experience and awareness and apply the latest educational and psychological methods in dealing with children, but this does not mean that we leave matters to chance, but rather we must be careful when we choose the nursery with which we will entrust our young people.”

Mr Ali emigrated

And Hajar continued: “First, the child must be ready before he is sent to kindergarten, and by readiness we do not mean age, but rather that he has been prepared in advance at home to be able to integrate with the children, and he has no fear of going to that place.”

And she emphasized the need for “the nursery to be licensed and comply with all the conditions set by the competent authorities, and also, as a mother, I myself have to inspect the building to ensure that safety and protection methods are available is and that there is surveillance, cameras in all places, especially the paths leading to the bathrooms, and that there is a separation of bathrooms between men.” and women, and to know that whoever supervises the access of children to the bathrooms is qualified and trained for it.”

And she continued: “Nurseries should not be full of children, and the rooms in them should be well ventilated and exposed to the sun in a healthy way, not to mention ensuring that there is a playground for children not.”

The consultant asked that parents ensure that female teachers have the appropriate qualifications to teach and handle children, and that their number is sufficient, with a support staff well experienced in dealing with all emergencies, and that the curriculum is suitable for the child, and does not put him under pressure greater than his age.

And she warned that the mother has the right to look at the tapes of the cameras in the classrooms at any time to check on her children, adding: ‘Parents should also speak to the nursery manager and administrators to raise any concerns or to raise doubts. they have, and find out how they will handle the children in the event that they make a mistake or If someone throws a fit of anger, we must also not forget how important it is to ask other mothers about their experiences with this or that kindergarten. .”

And she added: “All these matters are important and should not be overlooked when choosing the right nursery for the child.”

And after making sure that the nursery is suitable and after the child starts going there, Ali says: “The mother must be able to communicate with her child, whether he has entered the stage of speech or not, to find out if there was any change in his temperament and habits, and his body should be examined to ensure that there are no Any marks and bruises, and to ask the administration to submit an urgent report to the parents in the event that the child falls or any physical accident happens to him.

And she continued: “In the event that the child speaks, he must be constantly asked about his conditions and what he did during his day, and here we confirm that the child who gets used to violence against him at home practices, will accept him in the nursery, and therefore there must be no violence against the child.”

Regarding the most common signs that indicate that a child is exposed to violence, she answers me: “One of the most common signs is sleep disturbances or that he wakes up crying at night, and the occurrence of cases of involuntary urination, especially if the child has known how to use the bathroom, and the child can get nervous and hit his sisters and express He expressed his anger in a violent way, in addition to the appearance of speech and speech disorders.

And she added: “Regarding sexual harassment, it can be known by the presence of signs on the child’s body and his habit of touching his sensitive areas or taking off all his clothes in public, as if this case became very normal for him.”

About the children in the school stage, Hajar says: “Children in the primary stage have become more aware compared to those in kindergarten, and therefore we also emphasize here the necessity that they should not be exposed to physical violence within the home. that they don’t accept it in the classrooms.”

And she added: “In the event that the child talks to his parents about being subjected to violence at school, as happened to the girl Rinad, the parents must act directly and contact the Child Helpline of the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood contact. , which deals with any report of violence against children anywhere and not within places.” education exclusively.

The consultant pointed out that it is possible for a child to report any violence he is exposed to within the school, as this is found in the Children’s Act, although many schools do not apply it.

She also emphasized that it is necessary to pay attention to the child’s exposure to sexual abuse, because the child may not be aware of what is happening to him, adding: “And here it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that any strange behavior in their children’s behavior or habits, in addition to examining their bodies in a way that is not attractive to the child or affects the child.” his psyche.”

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