Nostalgia for the elements of the beautiful time, decoration fashion in 2023

There is no cure for feelings of nostalgia for the past, which has been and continues to be an inspiration for writers, visual artists, interior designers and designers… On nostalgia, the Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez says: “Nostalgia has been erased – as usual – bad memories and reinforce the good. No one escapes its devastating effects! Nostalgia is a great reason to recycle old models, to let them “inhabit” homes today, or to attach to home accessories that grandmothers used to their granddaughters and they proudly refer to it when they talk about it.And nostalgia is a “title” of the decorations for next year (2023).
Under the title “Nostalgia for the past”, evidence suggests that various elements were present in the large family home during childhood, and the “Art Deco” style will be at the top of the facades of exhibitions and design works, with touches pressed with modernity . In this context, the architect and designer Mahasin Salih al-Halabi, whose projects stretch between Beirut and Riyadh, says, “People’s efforts to slow down the pace of fast diaries will be reflected in holdings inspired by grandmothers’ houses.”

The dining room was inspired by some of its contents from the “Art Deco” style.

The “Art Deco” style will keep pace with the contemporary style through new colors such as dark green or lavender

Modern “Art Deco” suit

Old and new elements in the lobby of the house (Photo of Tasmimi Studio by Eng. Mahasin Salih Al-Halabi)

The engineer sheds light on “Art Deco”, the design style that appeared at the beginning of the last century, and reached the peak of its popularity between 1920 and 1940, to extinguish since 1950, and she says that “the aforementioned style will be at the forefront of decoration in the next year (2023), while working with its materials, colors and patterns, in an updated way,” which raises the following point: “Art Deco in the last century had a contrasted sharply with modern art that is more simple and related to nature, as it came in that era to highlight the production of machines, specifically in the field of furniture, accessories and interior design materials. And in 2023, the above model will be the simplicity of decoration disappears, giving way to the presence of bold collectibles in the house. According to Ing Mahasin, the “refinement” of the “Art Deco” style will be achieved through the sharp colors, the most famous of which are yellow and gold in meu bell pieces or paintings, to be replaced with new ones, such as: deep green, dark olive, blue green or lavender, i.e. the colors you will know, widespread over the next year.

Art Deco-inspired furniture, infused with the seasonal colors (Image via Casa Lusso Furniture, UAE)

In addition, the model is distinguished by specific engravings, such as: the “chevron” pattern and that zigzag pattern, as if it were animal, and with materials such as: steel, iron and mirrors… However, the materials will appear in a new, simpler appearance, that is, with the abandonment of the large mirror frames, and the incorporation of iron With wood and marble, and the use of wallpaper with forms drawn from nature and printed in large sizes.
Regarding industrial lighting, the engineer explains that metal is a basic material in the designs that will reveal the lamps, in their shapes, by overlapping with the modern lighting system (LED), and that the crystal will prepare the chandeliers, according to shapes which will approach nature (birds and tree leaves, unlike the old round crystals).

A healthy environment for people

On the other hand, the engineer draws attention to the focus in architecture and design to ensure a healthy environment for people, by making the new housing units have large openings (windows) to allow the greatest amount of sunlight to enter the interior spaces, for the role of natural light in improving moods and improving concentration and quality of sleep. The architect also focuses on the following elements, which will either appear or be restored in the coming year:

A design entitled “Oklahoma Tray”, made of fine crystal, by hand, by Julie Hugau and Andrea Larson, and inspired by the graphic expression of Art Deco, with the aim of exploring the delicate materials from which mirrors are made. Tray, is part of the Reflections Copenhagen collection, available at Matchesfashion
  • continuity of organic forms.
  • More bold colors, especially black and gold. It is true that neutral colors will not disappear, but dark colors will invade the home.
  • Touches of decoration are inspired by the green exterior (ornamental plants, especially trees…), with the boundaries between the garden and the interior of the house fading away.
  • Cladding the interior walls with wood and marble, in addition to wrought and hollow iron, but in a way that more mimics the specific style of house design.
  • The return of arches in a big way, whether in wall cavities (niches), doors, insulators or drawings on the walls.
  • Wallpaper fashion, galore.
  • Restoration of old furniture, which used to “inhabit” the family home, during childhood.
  • The modifications that the kitchen will know are related to electrical appliances; After it was the last, it will be hidden behind cabinets, which will be visible, in unconventional shapes and colors. In addition, you will know the “island” in the kitchen, with double interest, and there will be more than one of them, in the spacious kitchen, or a multi-level one (for working and eating) in the smaller kitchen. There is a dying out of the monochromatic design scheme, with a trend towards more earth tones, especially in kitchens that are still far from all white. There is a tendency to make the space between the sink and the upper cabinets more colorful.
    An updated and luxurious version of the popular dice game, by L’Objet, available from Matchesfashion
  • The open seating area will make way for rooms or corners that enjoy privacy.
  • The fashion of light wood will disappear, in exchange for the popularity of the material in dark and sharp colors.
    Architect and designer Mahasin Salih Al-Halabi

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