Charles Schwartz wins £4m at LIV Golf’s first event despite sporting civil war

When it’s over, after three leisurely outings and a few inconclusive interviews, they bring out the entertainment. On the big stage there was a performance by Jesse J, a singer known to many thanks to the lyric of a particular song: “It ain’t got nothing to do with money, money, money.”

With a half-decent short game, Greg Norman will probably score it – it’s already on the party.

Time will tell what happens with this dirty circus they call the LIV Series of Invitations. So did golfers and the sports they brought to the Civil War. Will it bloom, as they are told to say about their leaky sheets? Or will he be incapacitated by a legal crisis that has already begun, as seems more likely?

It all remains to be resolved, but if anything can be announced with certainty, then at this particular point in time of uncertainty, unlike all this nonsense, it was all about money, money, money.

There are huge piles of it, £20 million worth of stuff. To this one tournament in St Albans, Saudi Arabia sent 20 million little sponges to 48 golfers to wipe away the global stains caused by the execution of 81 men a day, or the dismemberment of one. upset journalist.

What does a large sports sink look like? This is a picture of Charles Schwartzl when he finally scooped up £3.8 million, the spoils of winning individual and team competitions, and above all, a willingness to go with questionable flow.

Charles Schwartz won the first event of the LIV Invitational Series at seven under

The South African took a three-shot lead before the final day and returned for round 72

Let this character breathe a sigh of relief – when that golfer won the Masters in 2011, his cut-off was £1.1m. green jacket. Augusta. After 11 years, ranked 126th in the world and without a win since 2016, South Africa trebled it only to win on the field at a Centurion club that included a teenager and 25 top 100 players.

It was the richest tournament in the golf calendar, and perhaps the cheapest one.

To see Schwartz’s muted reaction after witnessing a soft return from Hani Dupless — hat lifted, waved to its holder — was a snapshot of the awkwardness that came with this wobbly addition to the sports scene. It’s also the smile of 25-year-old Hani Duplis, who came second with £2.2m amid career earnings of less than £400,000.

At least Schwarzel had the realism to admit, unlike some of his teammates, that the money was in his head, which explained a back-and-forth swing of nine scores as his lead dropped from five shots to one . “I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t feel anxious — there’s a lot of money at stake,” he said.

Schwartz’s countryman, Heni Du Plassis, finished with just one shot in six under to glory

He also resisted any sickening temptation to put this victory on par with his victory over the masters, adding: “Money is one thing, but there you are playing for history. Winning a major always trumps everything you do.

At that point, the embarrassing human rights issue came up again, as it had all week. He said: “Where does the money come from? It’s not something I’ve looked at in my career.” “When you’re a beginner, you can find fault with anything.”

Of course, some mistakes are easier to spot than others, and no one carries them out like the person in charge of this tour, Norman. Surprisingly, he has shied away from the public eye in recent days amid criticism from the media, allowing actors to take in his play, but he took to the stage on Saturday night and raged like a cult leader, albeit for ‘ a small gathering of mostly fans for free there. .

‘It was breathtaking?’ he asked them. “There were so many obstacles and dreams that they tried to crush. They cannot crush us. Golf will forever be a powerhouse.”

The 37-year-old demanded $4 million for his win, the largest payout in golf history

Perhaps one day someone will explain what these chips and pots will really bring to Saudi Arabia and whose agenda they will serve. or not.

Right now the toothpaste is out of the tube. Golf will have a stormy period and will face more big names, with no one knowing how the final will be, especially around the Major and Ryder Cup.

At the heart of it all is a Rebels streak that opened in two relatively flat rounds, only kicking off when Schwartz doubled his 12 in the final episode. The accident at the sight of the Grand Prix was a nice tribute to Greg Norman, but the South African stopped in time. He also took home the team award with Dupless, Brendan Grace and Louis Osthausen.

They were all left as rich, or just richer. and golf? It depends on your point of view.

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