Sixteen grooms and brides.. in a collective wedding ceremony for “Al-Afaf Charity”

Hossam Attia
As part of its program aimed at facilitating the ways of marriage, the Al-Afaf Charity Association organized the thirty-second collective marriage ceremony on Saturday evening with the participation of sixteen grooms and brides. Marriage and the various educational, religious, health and social counseling, and that the spirit of cooperation between all gives a clear picture of our Jordanian society, according to Mufid Sarhan, the director of the association.
And dr. Munther Zaytoun, Vice President of the Al-Afaf Charity Association, delivered the association’s speech in which he congratulated the groom on their marriage and thanked the Jordan Islamic Bank for its continued support for the association’s work and the Khalil Al-Rahman- charity association for the host. this ceremony and provision of facilities to hold it in the association’s halls. He also thanked the contributors for providing cash and in-kind gifts to the participants in the ceremony. Emphasize the continuation of the association in its awareness programs and help young people get married.
The deputy general manager of Jordan Islamic Bank, dr. Abdul Hamid Abu Saqri gave the grooms who participated in the ceremony, such as Dr. Month Zaytoun is a gift for the participants.
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Sarhan noted in a statement to “Al-Dustour” that the ceremony, hosted by the Khalil Al-Rahman Charity Association, began with verses from the Holy Quran, after which Dr. Muhammad Al-Aswad, the master of ceremonies, welcomed. the attendees. The procession of grooms and brides, the women’s party hall, amid the women’s ululation and popular chants, in a national joyous demonstration with the participation of sixteen Jordanian families from various regions. When the grooms arrived at the men’s party hall, accompany them. by the artistic band, Dabkeh episodes were held in which the groom was welcomed, in which the grooms, their families and invitees participated.
The director of the association, Moufid Sarhan, thanked the Jerusalem Scout Group and the male and female volunteers for their great contribution in receiving the grooms and guests and organizing the ceremony. He also praised the efforts of the Khalil Rahman Charitable Association management and their cooperation to make the ceremony a success, emphasizing the association’s pride in the spirit of solidarity and cooperation enjoyed by Jordanian society and its contribution to the provision of gifts to grooms and brides, expressing the association’s management’s appreciation and thanks to all for the success of this ceremony, while the association issued a set of books in Various topics dealing with the family and its problems, and conferences have been held at local and Arab levels dealing with this. issues, despite the modest capabilities of this association.
Sarhan appreciated the role of the media in publishing the news of all the weddings held by the association in the various stages of preparation and the day of the celebration, which enabled many to understand the paragraphs of the ceremony within and to follow outside Jordan, indicating that the association is eager to highlight the bright image and spread the message of chastity and goodness to the world, at a time when the family is exposed to great challenges, and many parties are trying to estrange the marriage.
Sarhan pointed out that the association handed over invitation cards to grooms and brides to invite their families and friends to attend the ceremony, and pointed out that the ceremony program included artistic paragraphs, patriotic songs, popular dances, bridal weddings, distribution of gifts to groom and brides, distribution of hospitality to invitees, and groups of scouts and volunteers participated in the reception Groom, brides and invitees and supervised the organization of the ceremony, which the association would like to organize in a decent manner with this great joy . organized an educational course for the participants and an exhibition of grooms and brides supplies.
At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Zaytoun presented shields of honor to the Jordan Islamic Bank, the Khalil Al-Rahman Association, the Jerusalem Scout Group and the singer Hamza Abu Al-Sayed, in appreciation of their efforts to make the ceremony a success.
It is worth noting that the Al-Afaf charity association has been organizing group weddings for many years with the aim of facilitating the marriage methods, finding a new view of the values ​​of marriage and family formation, offering practical models for positive habits of marriage and keeping courses aimed at raising awareness about marriage, and based on its objectives of facilitating the ways of marriage. Collective wedding is a practical way to reduce the cost of marriage, and works to establish investment projects that serve the goals of the association. and that the association provided bridal equipment, wedding dresses and groom suits, and provided bedrooms for the participants and a group of other gifts, and a group of beauty salons donated brides’ makeup for free, and the Afaf Charity Association is a Specialized Association concerned with family – and matrimonial matters, as it is based on achieving its goals in a number of ways, including spreading awareness and education, issuing publications dealing with family and matrimonial issues, conducting family and social research and studies , and provide good loans.The Jordanian newspaper Al-Dustour

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