The reason for the presence of cockroaches in the bedroom

The reason for the presence of cockroaches in the bedroom, where many homes around the world are exposed to the presence of cockroaches in the bedrooms, which is something that has irritated all citizens around the world, is one of the things that everyone who suffers from the presence of cockroaches in their homes want to know, Because they are present everywhere in the world and a source of nuisance inside and outside, at home, in addition to being dangerous to human health, we will remind you through this article and the reason. for the presence of cockroaches in the bedroom, to know how they entered it and where they are, in addition to mentioning the methods that help to get rid of them permanently.

The reason for the presence of cockroaches in the bedroom

Cockroaches are attracted to warm, dark and damp places. The warmer and darker the place, the better for the presence of cockroaches. However, they can adapt to lower temperatures. The presence of cockroaches in the bedroom is definitely a possibility, although they are not an obvious source of food. and water, the bedroom is full of dead skin and hair that many people often overlook, if you have cockroaches in the bedroom, we will mention one of the main reasons for the presence of cockroaches in it by

How do cockroaches get into the bedroom?

Cockroaches can exist between cracks and prefer narrow, tightly packed spaces between objects, as they can squeeze into incredibly tight spaces by flattening and expanding their legs, causing cockroaches to enter wall cracks and hide behind baseboards or in cupboards, and provide them with food. And the shelter as long as most people don’t clean such places, besides they can climb walls and ceilings and all kinds of furniture and beds.

Does the presence of cockroaches in the house indicate magic?

Among the beliefs that have been proven is that the presence of cockroaches in the house indicates magic or envy to which the owners of this house are exposed, but there is no religious text that proves these beliefs or the connection between the presence of cockroaches in the house and the jinn, in addition to the existence of many beliefs that say that The presence of cockroaches in the house indicates jealousy and hatred among its members, but these beliefs are unfounded, because they appear in the places where they find their food and reproduced in it.

Are cockroaches an infestation

Cockroaches are disgusting and unpopular insects and they are scary to some people, so some said that cockroaches are a pest, but all scientists agree that cockroaches in the house have nothing to do with the pest because it is a natural condition that can occur , in any home, and the reasons for their appearance must be sought and found Solve it and treat it to get rid of it.

Where are cockroaches found?

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, so they prefer dark and damp places to hide and breed, and they can be found in the following places

  • Behind refrigerators and kitchens in general.
  • pans and stoves;
  • Sinks are under the floor and in the bathrooms.
  • And within the main engines and devices.
  • Under rubber carpets, behind wallpaper, and inside cracks in walls.

Where do baby cockroaches come from?

Small cockroaches are the worst and most widespread type of cockroaches in homes, and many women try to get rid of them, but in vain, therefore it is necessary to know where the small cockroaches come from in order to find a radical solution for them, and get rid of them in effective ways, because small cockroaches often come from The eggs in the house due to the presence of large cockroaches in it, so they must be completely eliminated, in addition to the possibility of the presence of small cockroaches, they come from the water drains where the eggs are located.

Signs of cockroaches in the bedroom

The clearest indication of the presence of cockroaches living in the bedroom is to see a cockroach in it, and to see cockroach droppings indicates their presence in the bedroom, concentrated on the wall behind large appliances, and their appearance varies according to the type, because it can look like black pepper, ground coffee or made It is deposited in the form of oval grains, or it is just brown in color. The amount of feces in the bedroom indicates the amount of cockroaches in it. If the amount is small, it will be easier and faster to get rid of it, in addition to the presence of sometimes unpleasant smells.

How to keep cockroaches out of bed

Due to the ability of cockroaches to get into the bed, people are often confused about how to keep them away, so we will mention the main ways to help with this by

  • Be sure to seal cracks and holes in walls, doors and windows.
  • Peppermint oil, an effective cockroach repellent, can be used by mixing it with water and spraying around the bed.
  • Thyme oil can be used as a killer for some cockroach life stages.
  • Studies have also shown that turmeric, cinnamon and ginger are all useful in keeping cockroaches away.
  • It is also possible to sprinkle lemon juice around the bed to keep cockroaches away from it.

To get rid of cockroaches in the house forever

To get rid of cockroaches in your home forever, you must follow these steps

  • The first step to ensuring that cockroaches stay out of the house is to make sure that the house is clean so that the cockroaches have nowhere to hide and have an easy meal, and remember that the difficulty of getting rid of them to touch is not their power, but their presence in unlikely places.
  • The second step is to repair all holes and openings through which cockroaches can enter and all water leaks.
  • The third step is to use boric acid and spread it in narrow and dark places where cockroaches can be found.
  • Step 4 Contact pest control companies if none of the above steps help.

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