Abu Dhabi police are calling for redoubled supervision of children during the winter holidays and protecting them from danger

Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

The general order of the Abu Dhabi Police called for the need to redouble control over children during the winter holiday period, not to be distracted from them and to protect them from the dangers of extortion and abuse through social networking sites and electronic games, such as: cases of bullying, threats, harassment and to entice them to share their photos and data and engage in immoral activities.
She explained that she launched the fifth edition of her awareness campaign under the slogan “Our Winter is Safe and Enjoyable”, which will last for two months, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority and strategic partners. With the aim of increasing preventive awareness of the public, and encouraging them to keep safety measures, during the winter season, and to comply with the laws and regulations that have been put in place for their safety and the safety of everyone.

Brigadier General dr. Hammoud Saeed Al-Afari, director of the community police department at the community safety sector, said: The campaign focuses on improving security, safety and positivity in wild areas, maintaining public safety, avoiding dangerous negative behavior and educating families to comply with preventive requirements to protect children from accidents falling from buildings. Residential and permanent monitoring when they approach the windows, and warn against the dangers of leaving pieces of furniture next to the windows, in order to avoid their use by children , leading to the occurrence of tragic accidents.
He called on parents to protect children from the use of violent electronic games, which incite children and adolescents to aggression and commit crimes, stressing the need for parents to play their important role in following up and monitoring their children and interfere with the selection of electronic games and applications. with good and non-harmful content.
He stressed the importance of strengthening efforts aimed at providing safety and protecting young people from the dangers of using motorcycles without personal protective equipment or driving them recklessly, in order to avoid serious traffic accidents that lead to deaths and serious injuries that often lead to disability explains that failure to follow safety instructions Violations lead to injuries and several deaths, especially during the annual peak times such as winter.

He appealed to cyclists to follow the paths designated for them, in parks, to stay away from areas full of vehicles, not to reverse, to wear a helmet, to wear protective covers for to use the arms and knees, to cycle the bicycle with a white front lamp and a red rear lamp, and to place a light-reflecting back plate to warn road users and not to carry weights that affect the balance of the bicycle user.
The campaign is aimed at all segments of society, and focuses on raising awareness through the Abu Dhabi Police social communication platforms and various media outlets, through the publication of press news, television and radio interviews that include visual and audio messages, the distribution of educational publications and booklets, and the creation of councils that house experts and specialists in this field, in addition to raising awareness.Accidents of suffocation and fires as a result of the heating agents.
The Abu Dhabi Police Directorate of Traffic and Patrols in the Central Operations Sector, the Community Police Department in the Community Safety Sector, and the Security Media Department in the Leadership Affairs Sector are participating in the campaign, in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, as well as the strategic partners, which are the Department of Municipalities and Urban Planning and the Department of Culture and Tourism.

Warning against recklessness while driving a motorcycle on land
Abu Dhabi Police, as part of the “Our Winter is Safe and Enjoyable” campaign, appealed to motorcyclists to enjoy the winter weather, adhere to public safety conditions and not be reckless while cycling on land.
And she called on parents to educate their children who use motorcycles to maintain safe driving and public safety conditions, especially on land, and not to drive recklessly to avoid accidents.
She advised motorcycle users to wear a helmet to protect the head, clothing for driving and cycling, to ensure the safety of the bike, the validity of the front and rear lights and tires, and the availability of a first aid kit.
And she appealed to motorcycle users to be careful not to use it negatively or to perform display actions that may cause inconvenience to others, stressing their interest to field awareness efforts through social media platforms and various media regarding safety requirements with doubling the dawn of winter.

Safety precautions when using the heater indoors
Abu Dhabi Police warned against lighting wood or coal inside the house or rooms without observing safety measures to prevent suffocation and the outbreak of fire.
And she emphasized that it is necessary to pay attention when using a wood stove, especially at night, and not to sleep next to it to avoid the risks of suffocation or the outbreak of a fire, and it should be ignited. outside the rooms or special vents should be provided to allow the smoke to rise upwards while maintaining the provision of appropriate ventilation, and not allow it to burn when it is finished, and be extinguished outside the house.
And she called on the public to heed public safety instructions and instructions when using heating devices to avoid any accidents that may result from their misuse, and to avoid some wrong behavior and behavior in the use of heating devices that can cause accidents, such as e.g. house fires or suffocation.
Ensure the safety and endurance of the wires connecting the heater to the electrical source, avoid placing its wires under carpets, and do not allow children to play near or around the fireplace to avoid touching it, or exposure to the heat of it and on flammable material, and not use it for heating, drying or lighting incense.
She warned that the heater should be turned off when you leave the place or sleep, and not to place it near water or a damp area.

Precautionary requirements to protect children from accidental falls
Abu Dhabi Police urged families to strengthen preventive requirements to protect children from accidents falling from buildings or residential buildings, and to pay attention to the constant monitoring of children when they approach windows.
And she warned of the dangers of leaving furniture next to windows to prevent it being used by children for the purpose of curiosity, leading to tragic accidents from falling.
She explained that with the onset of winter, and the opening of windows in buildings and houses to listen to the outside world, young children can be very close to the locations of balconies and windows, which poses a serious danger to them, and emphasizes the need to introduce control measures. for the use of balconies not only for children, but also for adults.
She emphasized the importance of closing all windows for the safety of children, especially when not in use and in the presence of parents, as most windows are easy to open with even a small child to slide, and it is important to ensure that they are tightly closed.
And she asked for the need to install metal bars on the windows, which help to protect children from falling, provided that the best types are chosen and that the distance between them is close, so that it does not allow the child to go out . , and at the same time they have a mechanism or a safe way to open in case of fires. .
And she insists it is essential to install window bumpers and ensure safety and security factors are always provided for children in terms of families keen to keep all furniture away from windows, and to keep large children’s toys away, as the child can push the lightweight. pieces on the side of the window and climb on it to see what is going on in the street, driven by children’s curiosity; which makes him fall.
And she emphasizes the need to always close the balcony, and put the key in a place that children cannot reach, and not to use the balcony for older children as a place to entertain visitors, when the parents is not outside the house and to be sure that there is nothing that enables the child to climb to the walls or bars of the balcony to hang from them.

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