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Who among us does not lose his things from time to time, be it a phone, a wallet or a set of keys, especially if they are valuable. In this case, a mathematical search technology that can help you find your lost items is simple enough to understand and apply in our daily lives.

In a report published by Big Think, author Tom Hartsfield said that losing a person’s phone, wallet or keys prompts him to use some tricks to find them. He can go back and retrace his steps, or look for all the places where he put his things, and he can try to remember every place he passed, and all these options make sense. But the search logic can be simplified and time and money saved by Bayesian search theory.

The author points out that “Bayesian research” is a sound and intelligent intuition that acquires a formal character and tends more towards relatively simple mathematical concepts. If you were looking for a multibillion dollar lost treasure, you might sit down at a computer and draw many probability distributions and combine them mathematically. But if you’ve been looking for your wallet for an hour, a quick mental implementation of Bayesian search can save you time and increase your chances of finding it.

Arranging and organizing the study corner in the children’s rooms helps to ensure that homework (network sites) is not lost.

How do you find your important papers?

For example, if you lose an important piece of paper, it will be either easy or difficult to find; If the paper is on an empty desk, you will find it there. But if you leave it on a desk full of piles of papers and untidy items, your chances of finding it decrease. But if it can be blown out the window, the chance of it being in the garden is much less because of the wind.

Now let’s take all the possibilities and mix them together. Each search area is likely to contain the missing item and has a high probability of finding it represented by a relatively large number. Regions where the element is easy to identify but unlikely to be present will have a lower number. While areas where you are unlikely to be and cannot be easily located are excluded and left as a last resort.

Dedicating 15 minutes a day to organizing the home can start with an open space like the kitchen, and you’ll be surprised at the extent of the change (Getty Images)

This is how you make everything tidy at home

Instead of wasting time looking for lost things, here are some tips to avoid losing your things and to create a comfortable home, according to a report by the writer Anne Mira in the Spanish newspaper ABC has been published in this regard, quoting the author Caroline Kunzel. from the book “Home Maintenance Tips for Beginners”, in her special edition, thousands of tips on all kinds of home-related issues, and the following are the most important:

Determine a specific place for each purpose in the house

This rule is to allocate a specific and fixed place for each purpose of the house, for example putting dishes in the kitchen cupboard, cutlery in the drawer, shoes in the shoe rack and pens on the desk.

If we keep everything in its place, you don’t have to carry anything from room to room just to leave it lying around.

In addition, the author recommends “tracking each item and returning it immediately after each use.” This behavior can usually be internalized after a period of getting used to doing it.

Dedicate 15 minutes a day to cleaning the house

If you get tired at the thought of starting to clean the house, reduce this task to 15 minutes daily. You will be surprised how much can be done in such a short time. It can start with the rooms of the house or an open space like the entrance to the house.

Determining a place for each purpose and returning it immediately after each use contributes to the arrangement of the house (Getty Images)

Faster time and less effort

Housekeeping expert, Rita Madrani, believes that every housewife wants to make every room in her house a beautiful painting, and she can do it when she improves the organization of her work. Organized and completed in just a week.

And you can repeat the ball after a month, from the last arrangement you make, and Maadrani advises – in a previous meeting with Al Jazeera Net – housewives who face a great challenge to arrange the house, the importance of getting used to the immediate arrangement, which is a very small step in achievement, but it represents a great achievement. In the arrangement of the house, where it is preferable to make the bed after waking up , and all family members can contribute to this, and also to wash the dishes immediately after eating.

It also recommends placing items that are used daily in each room in easy-to-reach storage areas, and placing items that are used intermittently in deep storage areas.

10 children's bedrooms with two beds, a wardrobe and a dresser, one of the most modern forms of rooms that have become widespread with the choice of a children's room design - (network sites)_
Exposed designs in children’s rooms that make it easier for parents and children to easily access things (network sites)

garbage problem

And because mothers usually suffer from the problem of frequent chaos in the children’s bedroom and the scattering and loss of things in it, the decorator Dalia Al-Jabali emphasizes in her interview with Al-Jazeera Just how important it is to have a “closet” or choosing wardrobe. which fits the room’s space so that your children do not feel crowded, and it also contains many shelves and drawers.

An internal design for the wardrobe should be chosen according to the number of children, whether it is for the purposes of one or two children, so that it meets all purposes, and there are designs that are exposed, so that it is easy for parents and children to easily access the objects, and this design has advantages including:

Less waste and easier ordering: It is easy to reduce scattered items and organize them, thus solving the problem.

The effect of regulation on children: The children’s wardrobe will accustom them to live in a more organized and neat atmosphere, and day by day they will mature, having passed on to them this sense of organization possessed by their mother.

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