Merex Investment launches the development of “G1 Beach”

As part of its strategic plans to contribute to the promotion of the tourism and hospitality sector in Dubai:

In addition to 10 new gourmet restaurants, the destination will feature three brand new experiences: GG Regolato, Paoli and Sirene Beach by Gaia.

When it opens, “G1 Beach” will become the first food and beverage destination of its kind, as it hosts a group of the most prominent international operators for the first time in Dubai.

The new destination will offer a modern perspective on the hospitality experience in Dubai

Dubai United Arab Emirates: As part of its strategic plans to contribute to improving the performance of the tourism and hospitality sector in Dubai by enabling people to rethink the way they live in the city, Merex Investment Group which specializes in asset management announced the development of “La Mer South” beach. , under the name “G1 Beach”. Which will include three completely new experiences operated by international brands that will introduce their presence for the first time in Dubai through the new destination: “GG Regolato”, “Paoli” and “Sirene Beach by Gaia”. The new destination will be unique have panoramic sea views, in addition to 10 luxury restaurants that visitors can enjoy from sunrise to sunset.

The development works will contribute to ease of movement for visitors through valet services, ample parking, golf carts and green fairways, which will be shaded during the day and illuminated at night to create the perfect atmosphere for beachgoers. Visitors can access by sea via the reception desk which overlooks the sea.

The new restaurants at J1 Beach Resort will open for the first time in the UAE and will be fully licensed to operate day and night.

In this context, Shahram Shamsi, CEO of Merex Investment Group, said: “G1 Beach is an excellent addition to the hospitality sector in Dubai as it will be a leading destination for modern living and the business sector, and we firmly believe that the addition of new sea destinations that operate during the day and night. It will reimagine the way visitors enjoy an interactive and sophisticated experience.”

Merex Investment will work to help destinations reach their maximum commercial potential by taking advantage of prime locations and expanding the application of space industry principles. The three new additions to G1Beach will support the growth of local and global partners by providing comprehensive, convenient and diversified lifestyle assets.

It is worth noting that Merex Investment managed to attract the “GG Regolato” brand, which has won the title of one of the best international brands in this field, to open its first facilities in the region, following the signing of an agreement with the “Parys Society” holding group. The new facility will offer a menu of signature Italian cuisine in an indoor restaurant with two outdoor terraces, a garden, a Bellini bar, a swimming pool, a children’s circus and a relaxation area, in addition to direct access to the beach.

In this context, Brian Bendix, CEO of the Paris Society Holding Group, said: “We believe that the vision pursued by Merex Investments will contribute to making ‘J1 Beach’ one of the most prominent destinations in Dubai attracting visitors from attract around the world. world to Dubai, as it will set a new standard.” “For the highest quality beach life, hospitality and lifestyle offerings. Following the brand’s success in Saint-Tropez, Paris and Val d’Isère, Dubai is naturally the next beach destination to host ‘GG Regolato’ which will provide an exceptional visitor experience.”

On the other hand, the “Gaia” group will present the “Sirene Beach by Gaia” beach destination in the “G1 Beach” project, which will be characterized by its character inspired by the coast of Greece. Yevgeny Kozin, co-founder of Gaia, confirmed: “Studies have shown a significant shift in people’s preferences for their holiday destinations, as statistics confirm a significant increase in the proportions of people who want to spend their holidays relaxing on the beaches and spend time trying new restaurants instead of traveling. From this point of view, ‘Sirene Beach’ offers an unparalleled luxury beach experience that will allow guests to enjoy the beach all day long, relax and spend time with their loved ones. ‘Gaia’ cooking range, which will give visitors an experience they have never enjoyed before.”

Pauli Beach will be the third new addition to the “G1 Beach” project, as the brand will introduce its presence in the region for the first time after achieving impressive successes in the United States of America and France. The destination will offer a signature menu of Japanese cuisine in a modern style.

Sanjeev Nanda, founder of Nate Food, who will manage the Baoli in Dubai, said: “The Baoli is a tranquil space inspired by the beautiful stepwells of India that will provide a unique experience for visitors to Dubai’s J1Beach. Middle East is part of the brand’s success in our international destinations and we believe that Dubai is the perfect place to continue to offer world-class hospitality experiences.”

The area will be closed during construction on the destination and is scheduled to open to the public by the end of 2023.

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