Special – Lebanese guesthouses attract tourists with their designs and features.. Breathtaking views that tell a thousand stories

Guest houses have become an important tourist option in Lebanon, as they attract visitors, provide them with wide and varied options in various Lebanese regions, and contribute to the revitalization of the cultural and social fabric between tourists and home owners. These houses have been renovated or refurbished, while preserving the ancient heritage building, and offer excellent service to their guests. These houses are surrounded by gardens, trees and flowers to give them beauty and charm. The guesthouse owners are eager to warmly welcome their guests, communicate with them, listen to their stories and interests and invite them to taste Lebanese dishes and agricultural products, creating social bonds and friendships between them.
We show you some guest houses in Batroun, Douma, Maaser Beiteddine, Al-Matin and Tyrus.

Batroun House

Batroun House is located on a hill, surrounded by oak trees and overlooking the sea. The windows of the house are large and its doors are colorful, allowing the visitor to enjoy peace and freedom from the noise of cities. It is 40 minutes from Beirut, and it receives tourists from all over the world. After visiting guest houses in England, Colette Kahil decided to build a guest house in Lebanon. So she chose a property near Byblos, and made sure its architecture was inspired by traditional Lebanese construction, decorating it with antiques she had collected. When the house opened, all the rooms were reserved for the summer. Colette says the food is homemade, and she is eager to create Lebanese dishes for visitors to savor. In the morning, breakfast includes cheese, manakish, juice, olives and fresh vegetables grown in the garden. Visitors say that during their stay in this house they only hear the chirping of birds and the rustling of trees, and they praise the hospitality and reception. About her experience with visitors, Colette says she enjoys meeting people from all over the world and listening to their stories.

Duma house

“Beit Douma” is located in the heights of Batroun, at an altitude of 1000 meters, and it overlooks the mountain and the olive groves. It is designed to be a modest house, not a hotel, so that the visitor can feel that he is in his home. The importance of “Beit Douma” lies in the mind of its creative designer, Kamal Mouzaouq, who also designed “Souk El Tayeb”. Breakfast includes all kinds of manakish, which are baked in a traditional oven, similar to the old stone ovens, and the table is decorated with local labneh dishes, olives, honey and pottery eggs, all brought from the production of farms near the house. .
As for the decorations of “Beit Douma”, Kamal Mouzaouq brought rare pieces from every country he visited to decorate the place, and the Lebanese fashion designer Rabih Kayrouz participated in this decoration. On the walls of the house there are some paintings imitating nature, tree leaves, mountain plants and birds. As for the rooms, their ceilings are decorated with baskets, which emit a dim light. And there are some things that deviated from their original role and turned into other tasks, since the home owner was inspired by his ideas from the Beiruti “Baqja” workshop, which is concerned with the production of furniture pieces from a group of abandoned things, such as jute bags converted into cans for soft drinks.


If you are looking for a quiet place to spend the weekend, you should head to the Chouf, specifically to Maasser Beiteddine, where the “Beauty” guest house is located, and you will find a piece of heaven on earth. The “Beauty” consists of 10 houses, which are located far from each other, to respect the intimacy of the guests. Some accommodate four people, others two. All houses overlook beautiful landscapes, surrounded by flowers, trees and walking paths. They are equipped with both antique and modern furniture, and elegantly designed beds and bathrooms. Modern technology is not absent in houses, as the owners of the project were eager to secure the Internet, air conditioners and all the necessities to spend the weekend in luxury.
The names of these houses explain to the visitor the identity of the house he has chosen. If the visitor chooses the “House of Roses”, then he is on a date with the Morning of Roses, because the scent of wild and wild flowers planted on either side of it are refreshing. As for the “Al-Mandaloun” house, it is characterized by its architecture, with ancient arches rising on its balconies. Elissar’s house was chosen by the owner of the project, Rafik Bazarji, following the choreographer Elissar Caracalla, who lived in the house for two consecutive weeks, and therefore he decided to associate it with her name. The “Jasmine” house, because the fragrance of jasmine wafts nearby, the “Arisha” house, because its entrance is shaded by spider veins and grape clusters. As for the “al-tannour” house, there is a tannour oven nearby, where fresh bread can be eaten for breakfast. The “river” house, because it is built on the bank of the river. And the “laurel” house because the laurel trees surround it. And the “bridge” house because it is located next to the Beiteddine Bridge, which was built in the era of Prince Bashir II the Great.

my grandfather’s house

My grandfather’s house was built more than 200 years ago in Al Matin, Upper North Metn, and it belongs to its owner, Suleiman Sarouf. His son, Muriel’s granddaughter, decided to turn it into a guest house, and received families who wanted to spend days away from the city. It consists of two floors: the lower one, which is designated for eating, sitting and children’s activities. And on the second floor, two bedrooms, which can accommodate five people, in addition to a large balcony overlooking the valley. A wide vestibule opens at its entrance, which is surrounded by a small garden from the east side, and a seating area under the “pergola” from the west side. And on a modern wooden staircase you reach the Manama floor overlooking wonderful landscapes.

Jasmine House

Dar Al Yasmine in Tire has been a private home for 44 years. Then the family decided to turn it into a public place, and they prepared 9 rooms. When the project became popular, the owners decided to convert the stables into bedrooms. “Dar Al Yasmine” is fully equipped, and includes a swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar, a tennis court, activities for children and adults, all kinds of rooms, and a cottage suitable for two people for a romantic getaway in It is possible to do horse riding, provide food for deer, and watch ducks, swans and birds.

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