Al-Essa: We aim to transition golfers to professionalism, and we look forward to expanding the base

Khaled Tayseer Al-Amiri

The Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Golf Federation, Muhammad Al-Issa, and the Executive Director of the Saudi Golf Federation, revealed that Jordan’s continued success in hosting and organizing the International Open Golf Championship is an incentive to the Arab Federation giving to move forward in the development of the game, and the transfer of players from the amateur stage to professionals.

The sport of “golf”.. remarkable achievements in a short period of time

At the beginning of his speech to Al-Ghad, Al-Essa said in a whisper leading his country’s delegation in the international tournament: “Jordan is a country that is experienced in hosting golf tournaments, in light of of its possession of a stadium with international specifications and a charming nature. Jordan has become a front in organizing major tournaments, in light of its strategies Well thought out, we in the Arab Federation are proud of Jordan’s successes, especially in the youth sector.”

And he continues: “We started to see an increase in the number of golfers in Jordan, in light of the presence of supervisors and representatives in the federation with a high degree of responsibility. These successes give us an incentive to Jordan a good part of hosting upcoming sporting events.” Next November, on the sidelines of Tunisia’s hosting of the Arab Championship, many files related to organization, development and support for civil federations will be presented, based on the vision of the President of the Arab and Saudi Golf Federations, Yasser bin Othman Al-Rumayyan, and the Secretary General of the Arab Federation and CEO of the Saudi Golf Company, Majed Sorour.

Al-Essa believes that golf is one of the most exhausting and expensive sports that requires great abilities, noting, “The continued presence and retention of elite players requires the creation of incentives because players can feel frustrated if incentives are absent,” and emphasizes the importance of having specialized courses with international specifications. In various regions, to increase the number of game practitioners.

And he added: “The Arab Federation brings together all civil federations under its umbrella, and the support of these federations through the marketing and investment committees is our top priority,” stressing that the Arab Federation has started investing in the players’ talents, so that tangible results will appear in the coming period.

The Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Golf Federation spoke about the most prominent development strategies that the Arab Federation is implementing, and in this regard noted: “To produce talent requires a clear strategy to support civil federations and contribute to the spread and revival of the game in many countries, as the Arab base seems limited. Among a certain number of players, unlike Morocco, who come from the African continent, own 50 stadiums and have human resources of players, coaches and referees.

He stressed: “We are keen to increase the base of referees and coaches in various countries of the Arab world, and we will soon hold a course for referees, organized by the Arab Union.

The Executive Director of the Saudi Golf Federation did not hide the ambitions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to develop golf in the Kingdom, saying: “We aim to host major international tournaments. Seven golf courses have been prepared for use in Saudi Arabia, and the city of Riyadh have the highest number of courses, while the Saudi Golf Federation looks forward to establishing 13 courses in various regions of the Kingdom, according to specifications subject to international standards.

He pointed out: “We have reached 240 schools in Saudi Arabia by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Schools Sports Federation, as well as the Federation of Saudi Universities. Our aim is to promote the game in a big way in Saudi spread Arabia, accelerate the growth of the game and increase the base of its practitioners. We have champions at the level of the game, and we felt the importance of Jordan Open Championship, and we decided to participate in it take with the aim of exchanging experiences.”

Al-Issa praised the Jordanian experience in establishing a golf tournament for juniors and pointed out: “The existence of a specialized league for age groups in Jordan, which guarantees players competitions on a regular basis and gives them the necessary Arab teams participate in it, and it will be strong and important to ensure the sustainability and development of the game.

He concluded his speech by saying: “Media, material and moral support increase the chances of spreading the game of golf in the Arab world, and some private federations may have problems attracting and downloading players, but we will ideas and visions at the next general assembly in Tunisia, and we will address the problems of federations in accordance with our zeal to solve them properly.” gradually”.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia is participating in the 31st edition of the Jordan International Open Golf Championship, with the players: Prince Khaled bin Faisal, Saud Al-Sharif, Faisal Al-Salhab and Abdullah Al-Hussein for the men’s category , along with player Haneen Mahmoud for the women’s category.

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