Businesswoman and interior designer Asma Turki: Young Saudi women are rising to the top

An entrepreneur and interior designer, she took excellence as her motto in her work, which led her to creativity. Combining talent, study and different civilizations and cultures, she offers incredible artistic designs and a unique modern mix. It is driven by a great passion and a beautiful dream to implement major national projects, of which the participation in “Saudi Vision 2030” projects such as “The Line” is in the first place. Asma Turki, met by “Madam”, to reveal the secrets of her excellence in the world of design, and the most important stations and challenges in her career.

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Abaya by Aram Designs by Arwa Alammari.

Vision 2030 and modern development have enabled Saudi women to show their strength, skills, talents and creativity.

striving and diligence

First, tell us about yourself, who is Asma Turki, and how did you enter the field of design?

Everything is caused by God’s grace, and I am just a person who strived and strived, and got what he wanted, with God’s permission. In my opinion, talent is a natural instinct, which arises in childhood, and grows gradually, and this is what happened to me. Since my childhood, I have been interested in decoration, furniture and colors, and I am eager to explore my to keep mother in her home arrangements, especially in furniture, the combination of colors and the installation of antiques, and little by little my soul fed on this field until I found that I grew to love design and succeed in it.

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The most important stations

What are the most important educational and life stations in your career, and what is their impact on your work?

My study and life stations had a great impact on the field I chose for myself. Everything I went through on this path leading to my major motivated me to move forward in the world of design, and motivated me to learn more about it, so I can’t rule out any stage of it because it’s All of them were in one way or another a reason to develop my skill and develop my talent in a way that matches my ambition and what I want to achieve. As successes are built from the depths of hardship, my career has been full of hardships, but I am grateful for all those milestones as they have polished me, taught me and given me a lot of experience.

influential figures

Were you influenced by certain personalities who inspired you in the field of interior design?

Certainly, everyone has people in their life who influence them positively or negatively, and I count myself, praise God, lucky because I have been positively influenced by my environment, especially in terms of developing my talent for design, and among these are my mother and my sister, as they played a huge role in refining my skill and strengthening my love for design. The field is in me, because my mother was always eager to change the furniture of the house and give it new touches, which gives the house a bright and renewed character. As for my sister, she studies the field, in addition to my following of specialized magazines, and my constant knowledge of international and local fashion, which contributed to my early acquaintance with the finer details of decoration and design. This passion is an instinct, as a person is born with a passion for something, and discovers it quickly, especially if he lives in an environment that is conducive to discovering talent and creativity. My environment that I found myself in helped me a lot to understand my interests and passions, and to achieve what sparked my curiosity, so I can’t say that this matter alone is my passion. The situations that have happened to me since my childhood, starting with my mother and her obsession with renovating the house, to my sister’s magazines about the upcoming stages of my life.

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Abaya by Aram Designs by Arwa Alammari.

Project approach

In which approach do you believe and deal in your projects?

After my belief in God Almighty, I find that I have my own distinctive approach and my own way of designing and dealing with clients. Since my beginning I have been eager to appear different, and that excellence is my motto, no matter what the cost Praise God, I have built my castle in my own way and with my different techniques. I believe that a person must follow a special method, be different from others, and make his name so that he becomes bright and visible among thousands of names.

Big challenge

What projects are you proud to implement?

I have launched many projects that I am proud of until this moment, and I still remember all their details, and in every project that I implement, I am happy and optimistic, because I know that I am putting my own stamp on it that will not disappear and will not be lost in the crowd. I am also proud of every work I have done, including the big projects that It is based on many conflicts, and difficult work to implement it in the best way to satisfy the customer set, including my work in one of the world-renowned “5-star” hotels, as it presented a great challenge for me, as I was eager to present work that no one had implemented before on earth. In fact, by the grace of God, I succeeded in this task, and achieved wonderful progress, and gained a good reputation, which strengthened my practical career. And I still have a lot, and I haven’t released all my files yet, and I have high certainty that the next one is better and more beautiful.

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Entrepreneurial skills

How did you get to the stage of implementing large 5-star projects, and how did you acquire these entrepreneurial skills?

I have a special imprint that I highlight when I carry out my projects, as I rely on the fusion of different civilizations, ideas and cultures, and this is what distinguishes my work, and allows me to implement the largest and most important hotels. My learning of this entrepreneurial skill is hard to explain in a few lines, but it didn’t happen overnight. Rather, it took me many years of education, study, skill development and training. It is well known that everything is difficult at the beginning, and it takes patience, stamina and determination to succeed.
My plans in the field are varied as each project is different from the others and I am keen to avoid repetition as the client can turn to me or any other designer to add the change he is looking for so I stay away from planning several projects in one way, and whenever the work is different, I acquire new skills, and I achieve customer satisfaction.

future dreams

What national project do you dream of hosting?

Inside, I have big dreams to implement big national projects, which I am working hard on, the most important of which is participating in “Saudi Vision 2030” projects like “The Line”. And, God willing, I will put my stamp on such great projects that contribute to the development of the country and improve its progress.

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Abaya by Aram Designs by Arwa Alammari.

Multiple designs

There are many fields of interior design, decoration, home and office furniture, how do you benefit from all these specializations in your designs?

In every field, especially the artistic one that relies on mental and intellectual skills and the use of the visual sense to a great extent, creativity is the master of the situation. There are solid foundations and laws that are not in dispute, yet the designer finds a great scope for creativity in his own way, and as long as I rely on basic laws and use my own tricks, there is no objection to taking advantage out of all others The more your culture expands, the more your ideas and your productivity, and I am very eager to expand My culture and concept to include all disciplines related to my field of work.

Professional experiences

As an entrepreneur, how can a Saudi girl achieve an excellent future by studying interior design?

In the presence of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and his trusted crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, young Saudi women are on an accelerated climb to the summits, God willing. “Vision 2030” and modern development enabled Saudi women to show their strength, skills, talents and creativity, so today we find many female personalities who have succeeded and their name shines in the sky in various specializations, and on the field of interior design, Saudi women have excelled locally and globally, and the future is more beautiful and full of great opportunities, God willing.Allah.

Technical tips

What would you advise young Saudi women who are about to work in interior design to achieve their hopes and aspirations?

Young Saudi women are now more aware of what is going on around them, and skilled in what they are doing. Everyone who wants to enter this field must be characterized by skill, the ability to create, and be eager to leave a unique and unforgettable imprint, and I say to her: always think of the difference, the more your work is different , the greater your chances of success, and know that the tastes and requests of clients are different, so you must present a unique work that creates different clients for you, who feel that you belong to what you create, and make sure that you develop tools and innovate by constantly looking at everything related to the field, and do not stop at a certain point, because in the arts work changes and varies according to time and place.

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