Characteristic wallpaper, a large variety of colors and shapes

Distinctive and modern wallpaper is of interest to many designers or followers of finishing news, especially since it is one of the most important elements that give any place more elegance and sophistication. and to choose the most suitable and best among them, and this is the focus of our discussion.

types of wallpaper

Before we talk about wallpaper in detail and review typical wallpaper models, we will learn about the main types of wallpaper and the apparent and even essential differences between them.

vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is one of the most popular and widespread types of wallpaper among the different types of wallpaper, as it is easily installed after removing the adhesive tape on the back to protect the adhesive layer, and among the main images and shapes of characteristic vinyl wallpaper are the following

Popular wallpaper

  • Sturdy vinyl sheet.

Solid vinyl wallpaper

  • Fabric-backed vinyl interior.

Fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper inside

  • Weather resistant vinyl wallpaper like moisture.

Moisture and weather resistant vinyl

  • Paper backed inside with paper.

metallic wallpaper

Metallic paper differs from other types in terms of installation, since it is installed on the wall with a very precise metal foil, since the wall gets a bright, light shape, and one of its main advantages

Metallic accent wallpaper

  • The wall gives many metallic qualities that are especially suitable for narrow spaces and dark places.
  • Metallic paper comes in various shapes and designs, especially those inlaid with many metals, the most important of which are copper and silver.
  • It is a distinctive and modern wallpaper that gives the place more elegance and luxury, and remarkably emphasizes its beauty.

Popular wallpaper

  • Because it has the properties and qualities of metals. Please note that it should be kept away from electrical connectors and switches so that no one will be harmed.

grass texture wallpaper

Popular wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is distinguished and environmentally friendly, as it is produced with certain types of herbs and natural plants woven with thin cotton, and it is installed with an adhesive such as glue, and it is characterized by its easy installation and fixing on the wall , because it has very elegant, modern and easy designs Disassembly and installation.

Grass texture wallpaper

As for its flaws, it lies in the possibility of knots forming as a result of weaving herbs with thin cotton threads, in addition to the fact that the material costs can sometimes be high, especially wallpaper with a glass texture.

Wallpaper with patterns and inscriptions

traditional patterns

Wallpaper with inscriptions and patterns is characterized as one of the most common forms known for a long time, and although in many cases it is difficult to install and install, it is suitable for all walls of different spaces, and it also matches all dimensions and different decorations, and among its most famous forms are vertical or horizontal drawings and engravings.

Wallpaper with patterns

Wallpaper with patterns and inscriptions

Wallpaper design

mural with wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is different from the previous type, as it is designed more like an art painting with integrated corners and elements on one of the walls, which is more elegant and refined than patterns and inscriptions, but it needs certain dimensions in order not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the drawing.

Characteristic wallpaper with murals

Washable wallpaper

Characteristic washable wallpaper types

Because wallpaper, like any surface, can get dirty. This type is considered a distinctive, modern and practical wallpaper because you can easily clean and wash it, unlike other types of wallpaper that are affected by water and even moisture, which can lose its appearance and aesthetics.

Benefits of installing wallpaper

The idea of ​​applying distinctive wallpaper on one of the walls is not limited to just an aesthetic appearance. It comes with many other features and benefits, for example

The main feature of the wallpaper

  • Wallpaper can last up to fifteen years without tarnishing or fading if it is not scratched and scratched, unlike the various coatings that are affected by the time factor.
  • The installation of characteristic wallpaper gives the place an aesthetic appearance and beautiful design forms, which cannot be achieved by paint and coatings.

Warm color wallpaper

  • In the event that there are defects in the place’s finish, such as gap faults, or blemishes and cracks that can only be hidden by installing distinctive and modern wallpaper.

Hide wall imperfections with wallpaper

  • Wallpaper adds warmth and softness to the place. The design has many shapes and colors. It is also possible to choose between different types in relation to the nature of the place and the circumstances surrounding it.

Wallpaper defects and problems

After learning the main features of installing distinctive and modern wallpaper. Together we will review the main problems that may arise from its installation

Disadvantages of installing wallpaper

  • Wallpaper may require technicians and specialists to avoid being installed incorrectly. Which leads to distortion of the view of the room and thus the loss of wallpaper and the aesthetic appearance of the place.
  • It is highly sensitive as it is easily scratched or injured. If there are children or pets in the house, it can easily be damaged and distorted.

Wallpaper defects and its most prominent problems

  • Many wallpaper needs to be renewed and changed often. This is because it is easily affected by various weather factors, especially heat and humidity. Because it can fade and lose its aesthetic form. Therefore, it is necessary to look for distinctive and practical wallpaper.

Wallpaper affected by water and moisture

  • If the wallpaper extends to the floor, care must be taken that water is not regularly poured onto the floor. This is so that the wallpaper does not crack or lose its appearance and elegance.
  • In the event that the wallpaper is installed incorrectly, a group of air bubbles can form behind it, spoiling the aesthetic appearance of the place.
  • The installation and pasting process takes a lot of time and cost compared to painting the wall. Even the process of removing wallpaper is tedious and requires a lot of time and effort.

Pictures and shapes of characteristic wallpaper

Together we will review some distinctive wallpaper shapes and some different ideas for distinctive, modern and modern wallpaper designs. Especially those that include wallpaper as a key element to show the beauty of the design

classic wallpaper

Classic wallpaper

Classic bedroom

Classic bedroom

Modern forms of classic wallpaper

Modern wallpaper

Modern wallpaper shapes

Modern wallpaper shapes

Modern wallpaper shapes for bedrooms

Modern wallpaper shapes for bedrooms

3D shapes for wallpaper

Modern stone carving

3D wall art with wallpaper

3d wallpaper pictures

3d wallpaper pictures

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