Designer Amal Al-Faqih: Needs are more important than wants in the world of decoration

With confident and steady steps, Saudi interior designer Amal Al-Faqih began her career in the world of design. She is passionate about her work, likes challenges and likes to pay attention to the smallest details. She knows the client’s needs well. and draw her designs accordingly, and this is what sets her apart from her point of view. Madame caught up with her to talk more about the world of decorating today and give her advice to those looking to enter the field.

Interior designer Amal Al-Faqih

Who is Amal Al-Faqih?
An interior designer who graduated from King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Department of Interior Design and Furniture in 2014. A wife and mother, a confident person who is passionate about my work and everything that distinguishes and contributes to my work and life.

Where does Amal get her designs from?

There are many things I take into account when I design, the most important of which are the client and his special needs, the latest materials and the advancement of modern technology.

What are the materials used in your designs? And what sets it apart?

There are many materials that I use that vary from project to project and from person to person and keep up with everything that is new and useful in the field. What sets them apart is the high quality and taking into account the environmental and natural factors of the region.

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Many schools

The living and dining area was designed by interior designer Amal Fakih

Technology has helped the designer to shorten the time but has increased the cost of designing

The world of design has many schools, which schools do you classify?

There are many schools, some of which are design follows function or function follows design; I belong to the school where design follows function because it logically meets the client’s needs.

Modernity has been observed in your designs..Do you have room for oriental design?

Yes, but with modernity, as the general orientation of the property now follows the small spaces away from the spaces we are used to in the past.

What about sustainability in design?

One of the important factors that we have to consider in the design, as it saves time and money for the customer and serves the environment, but its high price made it within a very narrow scope.

In the footsteps of which of the local and international designers is Amal walking?

All designers that I draw from them are distinguished and who contribute to my career, especially at the local level, and those who have a credit that I do not deny them, for example, but not limited to, the engineer Muhammad Saqir, to whom I express all my thanks and gratitude, because he is the one who guided my first steps into the world of design and Dr. Nada Al-Nafe at the level Academics.

How do you see the future of interior design in Saudi Arabia?

In the past, decoration design was limited to a certain group of society and only the residential sector, but currently we see a promising future with the difference in culture in society, and design is included in all sectors, such as design corporate decor, cafes and others.

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Difficulties and challenges

The guest house was designed by interior designer Amal Al-Faqih

In Saudi homes, the exploitation of spaces is a problem in designs

Having problems with design and dealing with clients?

  • There are no problems we cannot overcome, but women’s challenges in the field are more difficult than men’s, so we need family and society’s understanding of the nature of our work and support.
  • The engineer turned into a social reformer and the rights of the designer were lost when the couple broke up.. So who pays the bill?!
  • The existence of legal loopholes and fraud by some customers and their exploitation when signing contracts.
  • The degree to which the Saudi woman or family accepts the importance of providing a female interior designer to design the Omar house. In this aspect, I am very happy to accept and understand the importance of the role of our designer, as there is a great demand and awareness of the Saudi community for what we do.

Residential design and display model designs, which one would you prefer to work on?

Display models are my favorite; This is because it represents a big challenge for me, as it is presented to a large segment of people with different tastes, and the design has to win their admiration, as I am a fan of challenges.

A print that is distinct and unique to Amal in his designs like no other?

Read the customer, know the smallest details, and ensure their implementation according to the customer’s point of view, in line with the basic lines of the design.

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National Identity in Saudi Arabia

What is Amal’s design philosophy?

Ensuring national identity in Saudi Arabia and real estate development in my country.

Is there a ritual of your own when preparing the design?

Yes, I am a very moody person, and I need time for design. I rely on search engines to research and study design at all global and local levels in accordance with our identities and needs.

You have trained many girls, how do you see their passion for the profession?

Here in Saudi Arabia, to enter interior design, the applicant must undergo an acceptance test, which is looking for advanced skills that I work on during training, and here it becomes clear to us the extent of the applicant’s originality and suitability for the department , and we find that they are very few.

How did Amal chart her path in the world of design?

Pay attention to the smallest details and commit to their implementation.

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The world of applications and decoration design

A bedroom for two people designed by interior designer Amal Al-Faqih

world of applications and technology; How did he contribute to the world of decoration?

A very important point needs to be clarified in this aspect. Technology has contributed and helped the designer to shorten the time but has increased the cost of designing as the service is not provided for free. As for the apps that have spread across all social media platforms have added to awareness in general, but it never replaces the designer.

How do you develop your field of work?

By constantly looking for everything new and continuous development by attending workshops in all disciplines directly or indirectly related to the field, for example: «project management, psychology, art and technology».

A project that Amal is proud to achieve?

Feynan, one of the residential projects in Jeddah.

Disadvantages you find widespread in Saudi homes?

Not using the spaces inside the houses properly, such as enlarging the salons and minimizing the bedrooms, and the lack of spaces for external spaces such as gardens and balconies.

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Labor market and specialization

Advice you would give to anyone who is about to furnish his home?

  • Prioritizing needs before wants, and then consulting and seeking expert advice.

And I say to those who are going to study interior design:

  • Universities graduate a large number of designers to the point where the labor market does not absorb this number, leading to unemployment. That is why I recommend the exact specialization after graduation. Example: specialization in commercial projects, design of local furniture, lighting design.

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