Furniture industry: Poor product manufacturing cost Ikea $46 million

Weakness and poor manufacturing and products on the market are the most prominent reasons confirmed by manufacturers in the furniture sector in the Egyptian market, commenting on the death of children from the products of the IKEA company for furniture and household supplies after they fell upon them, as the American state of California issued a decision governing the company and fined it 46 million dollars in favor of an American family that was murdered. Their son after one of the wardrobes fell on him, which is the settlement being considered by lawyers, according to the network.ABCAmerica’s largest in history.

Two-year-old Josef Dudek died in 2017 when an Ikea chest of drawers with three drawers fell.

Mohsen Al-Tajouri, deputy head of the importers department, head of the wood department at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that the poor operation of the company and the absence of supervision is the reason why IKEA is fined for furniture and household supplies. that the death of many children’s cases and the company’s failure to respond indicates the existence of gross negligence towards consumer, and the impact on the lives of consumers.

Al-Tagouri added to “The Seventh Day” that the Egyptian furniture industry is governed by many laws and supervisory bodies represented in manufacturing safety and monitoring by government agencies on industry such as the Consumer Protection Agency and the Egyptian General Authority for Standardization and Quality, and when any of the problems are discovered, the department starts immediately. In carrying out extensive investigations, punish those responsible for manufacturing defects and take immediate measures for them.

Al-Tagouri asked how to wait so long without holding the company’s president accountable, with high cases of child deaths at intervals, as determined by the court, stressing the need for the company’s president to respond to the bad industry first and how a large company with a broad market of consumer goods can lose sufficient awareness to control its production before it is sold.

Amr Farrag, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Egyptian Chamber of Furniture Industry, said that the crisis of the Ikea Furniture Company is the weakness of the production of the products offered to them, especially since this company does not have private factories to manufactures its products, but rather it manufactures together with others in poor European factories or in China, explaining that it works to provide Medium and poor products in manufacturing, not in high quality durable products.

Farrag added that IKEA products are used only once and are “non-durable”, meaning that the installation of any piece of furniture they have in the house when it is disassembled cannot be installed in another place not, as its useful life expires from the first time, unlike the Egyptian furniture industry. Perennial for many years, due to its high quality in its manufacture.

A member of the Furniture Chamber pointed out that the achievement of quick and large profits could be the reason for the use of poor products in manufacturing, whose products take a segment of society, and more precautions should be taken from consumers for such non-durable products, especially in the case of furniture with heavy weights.Heavy that harm citizens in their homes.

As for the regulatory authorities, he said that the customs inspection of these products depends on manufacturing defects and not on quality and safety standards, which is why these errors were not discovered in the industry, as happened in the case of infant deaths in California.

For his part, Alan Feldman, one of the family’s lawyers, said in a press conference that the child’s family was fully aware of the safety factors, as they protected their home and secured the furniture against the walls, thinking that may fall or move from its place, and pay attention to the doors and outlets to protect their child from any potential hazards..

Attorney Feldman added during the press conference: “When the family opened the casket with three drawers of… Ikea In 2008, they never suspected that this short box could be an instrument of death“.

According to the complaint submitted to the court, and it was stated in the official documents, the cabinet weighs about 37 kilograms, and the lawyers said that IKEA was aware that the design did not have a weight to balance the front and back parts. did not balance, which caused one side to be heavy and the other light, which made it unstable..

According to the report, IKEA filed a recall for the dresser after attorneys from Feldman Law Firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of two other families whose children were killed by the same dresser..

8 children died due to toppling IKEA furniture, and the company has recovered about 29 million boxes and cabinets, including 8 million of the same type of cabinet that caused the last accident in 2016..

Another attorney representing the families, Daniel J. Mann, told ABC News, “We hope this settlement will raise awareness of this important public health and safety issue. Tens of thousands of injuries occur each year, and that number must decrease become.”

Mann explained: Although consumers must assemble the furniture themselves, they should not be responsible for making it safe. Mann added, “Product liability laws require that consumer products be safe at the time of sale, and it should not be up to consumers to make the product safe.” Mann added that children should be safe in their bedrooms, and furniture should be designed to be stable and puncture-resistant“.

It is worth noting that IKEA released a range of puncture-resistant furniture in June 2019, which aims to prevent child deaths and injuries.

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