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In their book “Love, Sex, and Betrayal in Tournaments,” Leonardo Bertuzzi and Gustavo Hoffmann recount that when the Brazilian national team arrived in Sweden for the 1958 World Cup, their first request was to replace men with all 28 women in the hotel works. , so that the players are not distracted, and the result? Brazil clinched the title with a comfortable victory over Sweden in the final.

In 2002 the same thing happened, and Felipe Scolari decided to completely prevent his players from having sex and asked them not to take their wives with them; Because no one will die if we withhold it for 50 days, as he put it, and of course there is no need to remind you of what the samba dancers accomplished in that tournament.

On the other hand, the first advice legendary striker Romário gave Gabriel Jesus when he joined the Brazilian national team in his first World Cup in Russia 2018 was to have enough sex, and as you’d expect, Jesus did not score a goal.

The matter does not stop there because there are many such examples. Rather we believe that all World Cup tournaments are decided like this and that gender was the main key to decide the championship, but we only mentioned these examples to assure you that the title is not cheating and that the World Cup currently being held in Qatar will not be decided only in Pitch.

long relationship

The relationship between sport and sex goes back to the early centuries, to the extent that some ancient Greek literature contained warnings against having sex before playing sport, as it impairs performance and makes a person less able to exert effort.

So lingering are these thoughts that some boxers and martial artists abstain from them for weeks or months before important matches, believing it makes them stronger and more united.

Currently, the matter is not limited to the World Cup or just to football, in all the collected tournaments this controversy is raised, in the recent Tokyo Olympics and when some players were surprised by a family of cartoons, some of they thought that it was also made to prevent sex, knowing the history of this thorny matter and the desire of many to prevent it altogether.

Of course, it was just a rumor and the family was also made for a completely different purpose, which you can find out in this article, but first let’s go together to understand why the players thought so.

World Cup history

Especially in the World Cup, this matter always occupies a large part of the teams’ camps, and the coaches are strict in enforcing their rules about it, to the extent that the Italian coach Fabio Capello threatened to put the players in their rooms to monitor during the 2010 World Cup to ensure that the instructions were implemented.

Some countries ban it just like South Korea, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia do, sometimes without giving clear reasons, only the matter is banned with full compliance of the order by the players most of the time.

To a lesser extent, some countries treat the matter as a reward when results improve, such as Costa Rica, who allowed the matter into the 2014 World Cup after reaching the round of 16, but it was throughout the group stage prohibit.

While some countries put several restrictions on the matter, as the Nigerian national team allowed to accompany women only during the World Cup in Russia and prevent temporary relations, while countries like Spain do not interfere in the matter.

And to realize the great importance of the matter, you can only look for the technical directors’ talk about it during the press conferences that precede the World Cup, and then you will find hundreds of statements on the matter.

A few days ago, the coach of the Spanish national team, Luis Enrique, in one of the broadcast videos that he shares with the audience during the current World Cup in Qatar, stated that he does not mind his players having sex during the World Cup and think to ban the matter is absurd.

While the Mexican coach Miguel Herrera had a strict opinion on this matter, which he repeatedly said, as he said in one of the conferences: “If a player cannot have sex for a month or 20 days, then he is not ready to be a professional player.”

There will be no sex in Brazil, they can find another solution; They can even masturbate if they want. I don’t care what the other coaches are doing. This is not a vacation trip. We are there to play football.

Safet Susic, coach of the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Despite this long history of controversy and interest, those opinions I read were never based on scientific opinion, but most of them were based on personal experience and popular culture, and despite the progress of science, this area remained completely subject to the coaches’ personal decisions and their vision of the matter.

But despite this, specialists can provide a lot on this matter, or at least provide scientific justifications for the opinions of some, and prove the error of others.

We believe science

At the scientific level, this area has seen a lot of experiments and research, and many scientists have tried to provide disciplined information that coaches can rely on and are not satisfied with personal experiences and opinions.

According to Ian Shearer, a specialist in sports medicine at the University of Montreal, Canada, there is no negative effect of normal sexual practice on the performance of athletes, and the belief that sex the night before the game will make the player weak and weak is not real, but rather useful in some cases to relieve anxiety and stress.

While Dr. Nadia Gawa goes further, she believes that preventing sexual activity from players can have great harm and negatively affect performance during matches.

Dr. Nadia Gawa says that refraining from the matter can overwhelm the players with feelings of anger and hostility and prevent them from venting, which is reflected in sadness and depression. She also reported that healthy exercise will release endorphins and some important hormones for the body of athletes.

She also pointed out that, contrary to popular belief, abstinence does not boost testosterone, but the opposite is true, as a lack of sexual intercourse can lead to decreased testosterone, disturbed sleep, and therefore greater anxiety and stronger fatigue.

The head of the Italian Society for Sexual Medicine, Emanuele Janini, shares with her that good sexual intercourse will significantly increase the testosterone hormone required by exercise, since it is the main regulator of positive aggression.

It is clear that the psychological and emotional factors provided by sex will bring positive aspects to the performance of the player, and when we talk about forced abstinence, and to prevent players from women, it is nonsense and there is nothing positive not to it.

Vera Ribeiro, sex therapist and wife of the Portugal goalkeeper Rui Patricio

Half the truth

Despite the assurances of the scientists that there is no real connection between sex before matches and poor performance, some coaches still stand by their views on the matter and refuse to allow it altogether, and their opinion may have a degree of merit.

The reason comes under the words of scientists, since there is frequent talk of normal sex, and avoidance of harmful accompanying behavior, the impact of which is very negative.

Natural sex means the usual natural exercise, and specific conditions that do not affect the muscles of the players and do not cause them to overwork, and many coaches are keen to define those conditions for their players, as Antonio Conte does for example.

And the medical director of the North-West University Center, Dr Lauren Streicher, believes that although there is no direct link between sexual activity and the ability to perform sports, it is associated with the absence of other problems such as delayed sleep or alcohol use, or excessive matter.

Normal sex is fine if done in a balanced way, but some people like to perform tricks, and we will set limits.

Brazil coach Felipe Scolari

Scientists also warn against drinking alcohol or smoking during exercise, which are common accompanying behaviors that some athletes do, and these are things that greatly and clearly affect sports performance.

Some coaches also fear that the presence of the players’ wives will affect their concentration, as well as deprive the players of spending a lot of time together, which improves the bond and spirit between the players during the combined tournament, which is of great importance. in these tournaments.

From this aspect, some coaches make their decision to completely prevent sex, even knowing that there is no medical effect for the matter, since they believe that it will be more difficult to prevent players from accompanying accompanying behavior than to completely occur, so not many are able to implement Capello’s. threat to monitor players in their rooms to ensure the controls.

off the field

And until the Qatar World Cup ends and the winner is determined, make sure that behind the tactical reasons that the analysts will list and the moral reasons that the players will tell, the original reason was here in this article and not there on the field, and it is certain that the champion will not be Spain after Enrique’s statement with which we started.

It is true that we forgot to tell you, in the World Cup in Sweden, which Brazil won, prominent players like Garrincha would escape to date girls in the nearby forests, as Romario did the same in 2002, but we hope that it does not change your belief of the importance of the case in the solution of the World Cup title.

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