The best Omani golfer in 20 years. This is how Azzan Al-Ramahi rose to the top

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Nothing expresses dedication more than athlete Azzan bin Mohammed Al-Ramahi’s journey with golf. The Omani used to travel to Dubai every fortnight to hone his skills, which paved the way for his many achievements.

Although the first grass golf course did not open in the Sultanate of Oman until 2010, this did not prevent Al-Ramahi from achieving many impressive achievements, including being the first Omani to compete on the European Tour, according to the official website of the European tour. Tour the Internet.

Golf has never been so popular.

The athlete Azzan Al-Ramahi played golf for the first time when he was 14 years old. , plain textCredit: Andrew Redington/Staff

Al-Ramahi’s interest in the sport began during his adolescence at the end of the nineties, and at a time when golf was “not known at all in the region”, especially among the younger generation, according to the national team player. said in an interview with CNN in Arabic.

Al Omani added: “During that same period, the world famous athlete Tiger Woods became famous after he won the Masters Tournament in 1997. This made me more interested in playing the game.”

The best Omani golfer in 20 years.  This is how Azzan Al-Ramahi rose to the top
Al Ramahi’s golf journey began after his father played the sport a few years before him. , plain textCredit: Andrew Redington/Staff

In addition, the fact that golf is an individual sport, the variety of challenges that different golf courses embrace, and the possibility of playing the sport for a long time instead of retiring early as in other sports, are factors that make the player attracted here. sport more.

When Al Ramahi started playing the sport in 1998, Oman had no grass golf courses, and this posed a challenge to those who were passionate about the game.

The best Omani golfer in 20 years.  This is how Azzan Al-Ramahi rose to the top
The Omani has always loved individual sports. , plain textCredit: Andrew Redington/Staff

“It was much more difficult to play on sandy golf courses, especially when the weather is very hot and humid during the summer,” said Al Ramahi.

Various challenges, such as the lack of a recognized national golf authority, were not an obstacle for Al-Ramahi and his brother, he said, as their passion led them to participate in regional tournaments at their own expense.

And it got to the point that Al-Ramahi was eager to travel every two weeks to the city of Dubai of the UAE to train on the grass courts there, enabling him to prepare well for the regional championships in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Arabs. world.

The best Omani golfer in 20 years.  This is how Azzan Al-Ramahi rose to the top
Azzan Al Ramahi during the National Bank of Oman Open golf tournament on February 16, 2018 in Muscat, Oman. , plain textCredit: Andrew Redington/Staff

However, that changed with the opening of Muscat Hills Golf Club, the first grass course in the country.

It was at this club that Al Rumhy hit his opening shot as the best Omani golfer.

From that point on, golf developed little by little in the Sultanate.

Golf is one of the newest activities in the Sultanate of Oman, according to the official website of the country’s Ministry of Tourism on the Internet. There are now three golf courses in Muscat, and more are expected to open soon.

Proud moments in the career of the best Omani golfer

The best Omani golfer in 20 years.  This is how Azzan Al-Ramahi rose to the top
Al Ramahi is the first Omani to compete on the European Tour. , plain textCredit: Andrew Redington/Staff

In the midst of challenges, Al-Ramahi was able to achieve impressive results in his career.

One of the moments that the Omani is particularly proud of is representing the Sultanate of Oman in its first ever participation in the Asian Olympic Games in South Korea.

On that tour, he finished fifth in the individual rankings among some of the best amateur golfers in Asia, some of whom were well-known professionals who played on the PGA Tour.

And the player mentioned another historic moment, in which he became the first ever player from Oman to compete on the European Tour during the Oman Open in 2018.

Al-Ramahi said: “I am also happy, and I am honored to be the best Omani golfer since 2002 until now, for almost 20 years.”

And when it came to the toughest losses he faced, the player referred to the GCC Championship in Riyadh in 2014 and said: “I was very close to winning the individual championship because I am with only knocked out two points from the Bahraini winner. , Nasser Yaqoob.”

In the end, Al Ramahi finished fourth in the overall ranking, and this encouraged him to work even harder.

In the short term, the player aims to continue representing his country in regional and international tournaments.

In the long term, he wants to be part of the process to develop this sport in his country, and plans to establish a golf academy.

The player added: “I’m looking forward to watching my seven-year-old son Yusuf develop himself, and hopefully he will replace me as the best Omani golfer in the near future!”

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