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Al-Mukhtasar Newspaper – Furnish your home with ease and comfort, with the best materials and the best designs. We relieve you of the fatigue of searching and exploring. We have presented you with a selection of the most famous furniture centers in Riyadh, which rose to the throne of excellence, and won the trust of its customers.. Distinguished by clothes and pictures Turkish dining tables with elegant modern designs IKEA Riyadh: Distinguish more, and add attractiveness to your homes, IKEA has created the most beautiful models, and the best types of wood, to unique designs, luxurious, comfortable for the family, and suitable for guests.

Free delivery services, and urgency to receive your orders, IKEA has provided bathroom shelving units in beautiful colors and designs, very soft to accommodate linen and towels.

Decorative vases at very attractive prices, and sofa seating for three and two people! Office tables at different prices, functional lamps with multiple lights, decorative shelving units, elegant straw baskets for kitchens, floor lamps, soft children’s beds with safety barriers, high-quality wooden family frames, popular beds.

Lanterns with beautiful cavities and many colors.

Coffee tables, backgrounds of beautiful mirrors to decorate the walls, and many beautiful ideas that reflect the elegance and distinction of Ikea. You can find us in various branches in the Kingdom.

Midas is an ancient name in the world of furniture.

Al Mutlaq: It is considered as one of the leading furniture companies in the Kingdom. It was founded in 1954. It offers the best international brands. In Riyadh, in particular, it offers a wide variety of furniture and furnishings of different types. It is distinguished by its permanent offers on the offered goods and lower prices from time to time.

Address: Ibn Al-Homsi, Al-Wurud, Crossing of King Abdullah and King Abdul Aziz Road, Riyadh, Riyadh 12254 Telephone Number: 011 454 5041 Hours of Operation: Open daily from 09:00 to 23:00.

Al-Omar Furniture: A leading company in the range of home and office furniture, with a wide local presence. It was established in 1975 AD. It has a distinguished and innovative range of modern furniture to suit all tastes. Al-Omar Furniture is one of the largest furniture sales centers in Riyadh, as it spans 7 floors, displays parts of all types of furniture from bedrooms, office rooms, home furniture and kitchens, in addition to excellent service to our valued customers and great care for their comfort.

Address: King Abdullah Branch Road, Al Nuzha, Riyadh 12471 Telephone Number: 00333 9200 Hours of Operation: The showroom is open daily from 3:30 PM to 11:00 PM.

Dimos Furniture Dimos Furniture is a well-known brand that overcomes large and distinctive formations of furniture with designs that make your home unique.. It works to introduce the concept of elegance and comfort to home and office furniture and furnishings with an unprecedented mechanism. . Dimos offers the most prominent designs and details for all types of home furniture, shelves and kitchens, with excellent customer handling and prices suitable for everyone, and it also provides home delivery and installation services for free.

It contains 4 branches in the city of Riyadh, Address: Salah al-Din, Riyadh 12432 Telephone number: 011 460 5161 Working hours: Demo centers are open daily in two shifts, the first from 09:00 to 12:00, and the second from 4 pm to 12 pm. Demos Midas stores: For luxurious and comfortable furniture, with its modern and elegant models that give your homes comfort and beauty for poetic night sessions. Midas provides the finest types of furniture and the sweetest colored fabrics.

Modern TV tables, with double wood and mirror backgrounds.

Enjoy the experience of changing your home furniture with Midas, and seek excellence.

Midas is the most beautiful furniture center in Riyadh, unique in the world of furniture.

Luxury reception sets, decorative lamps, modern and traditional dining tables, the elegance of Swedish wood and the elegance of French models, and the finest types of velvet, satin and silk.

Dining room sets of 12 chairs, 8 chairs and 6 chairs, with beautiful and elegant geometric designs.

Midas bedrooms, in various colors and models, calmness, comfort and a world of imagination created by Midas for the happy family.

Bedrooms for grooms with unique designs and calm colors designed by skilled hands with craftsmanship and perfection.

Visit The Largest Home Furnishings Showroom – Al Yasmeen District – King Abdul Aziz Road.

Midas Al-Abdul Latif Furniture: For the best types of furniture and carpets, Al-Abdul Latif Furniture is introduced for luxury furniture and beautiful modern designs. Al-Abdul Latif is a world leader in furniture and home innovations, including bedrooms, dining sets and living rooms, comfortable and with colors to suit every taste.

Golf and Western models, lots of luxury office furniture, and carpets of many kinds.

A home accessory that adds beauty to the corners of your homes, making you feel comfortable and distinguished amidst a bundle of elegant and unique designs.

For luxury villas and large houses, the best types of imported carpets: Havana – Mashad – Butik – Beauty – History and other elegant brands and multiple and beautiful designs. Distinguish your halls and rooms with it.

Abdul Latif More than 100 popular brands.

An exceptional name in the world of furniture.

Al Abdul Latif Furniture

Elegant furniture stores in Riyadh..

Maymoon Furniture: helps you furnish your dream home, the latest models and the best collections at reasonable prices, the quality of manufacturing and installation, a customized service, because it deals with economical and appropriate prices.

Address: 4715 Gulf International Markets, Al Khaleej, Riyadh 13223 7364 Gulf International Markets, Riyadh Telephone Number: 053 500 6113 Hours of Operation: Maymoon store opens daily from 9:30 am. to 12 p.m., then from 4 to 11 p.m.

Zamani Furniture

One of the widespread names in the field of importing and selling furniture and home accessories, the best choice for art paintings and custom frames, offers the highest designs, the best quality and the best services, highly experienced employees, has 3 branches in Riyadh. Its interest in offering the best types of furniture and furnishings with modern and classic designs to suit every taste at good economic prices.

Address: Prince Sultan Street, Al Olaya, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 12241 Telephone Number: 011 461 6225 Hours of Operation: Open daily from 09:00 to 23:00.

Maymoon Furniture

A variety of modern, classic furniture at prices that match the quality of the design inside. Its products are modern, excellent and elegant Address: Olaya General District, Phone: 2010413 American Home Furniture in Riyadh Furniture in Riyadh Distinguished Turkish Furniture Company : We put this company at the top of the list because it has 4 rare advantages over the rest of the furniture companies in Riyadh: 1) Their furniture is made in Turkey with very high quality.

2) After the comparison, we found that their prices are cheaper than most stores. “The policy of this company is to avoid raising prices.”

3) They make it easy for you and allow you to buy remotely, where you choose the piece of furniture you like and they deliver it to your home in any of the neighborhoods of Riyadh and all cities of the Kingdom, along with them a cargo fleet trained to deliver furniture without any losses to your furniture.

4) From our point of view, this is the strongest characteristic with them, which is that “furniture pieces with them are chosen carefully and intelligently at the same time, since all the pieces with them are distinctive, modern, elegant models, attractive contain ideas, and at the same time in the need to provide”… Here we list examples of pieces of their outstanding furniture:

The hidden office: it can be used with ease

It is foldable.. It is closed and kept inside a specific cabinet fixed to the wall.. When closed, it becomes an elegant whiteboard suitable for writing on.. It has internal shelves in which important items be placed..

– The organizer of the toilets: It has an elegant shape from the outside and does not require a large distance, but from the inside it includes all the requirements for the toilets

Smart pushchair: easy to use.

Where it opens in minutes to become a chair with 4 chairs.. Then it closes to become a bag that you carry in your hand wherever you go.. It has a slight weight to make it easy to carry.. It is made of aluminum, its legs are sturdy and bear the weight

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