What is CGI technology? The reason why gamers are addicted to video games

We all know how far we have come in terms of technology; Year after year we see tremendous technologies that we would not have dreamed of in the first place, especially in the world of video games, which are controlled by many factors. We wouldn’t have seen what this world has achieved, whose characters may be indistinguishable from real thanks to the tremendous advances in CGI, so what is this technology and what is its role in the world of gaming?

What is CGI technology?

Computer generated imagery (CPU) is – simply – a term that describes technically produced images in any work of art such as films and video games, and is part of the visual effects or VFX used by specialists in this field to manipulate the physical nature of the work.technician to come out to the consumer in the best possible way.

In the world of gaming, we have seen an incredible development over the different eras of that industry. Gameplay, art, and sound design have evolved, but if you ask anyone what the real difference is, they’ll tell you it’s definitely the “optics.” We are witnessing a real revolution before the eyes of all humanity, it has become difficult to distinguish between the real world and the world of video games, look at the Senua character from the announcement of the next part of the game Hellblade and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

CGI’s start in the gaming world

In the beginning, the industry was “pixels”; For example, in the 1970s we only saw games in black and white. Take for example the famous Atari game “PONG”, which many believe is the first arcade game in history. You will find that it is just a black screen containing only white dots and white numbers. Other games like “BOOT HELL” and “GOTCHA” you will find that they have the same theme. All these games were programmed with computers that only made black and white games, the technology was not yet mature.

These games were a revolution at the time, and they attracted the audience as much as they did. This success made the developers work on more visually and visually appealing titles, so we saw a game similar to the “Chickens” game – as the Arabs know it – which is the Galaxian game released in 1979 and converted is in a series of games after that due to its popularity and the revolution it caused at the time due to its colorful brilliance. And a new attraction for the eyes of the players, and only one year later, in 1980, we saw the arrival of Pac-Man, one of the most famous games in the history of the entire industry, even televisions are not spared from it not.

In 1985, a new game called Super Mario was released to the market, after the recession that decimated the gaming market and almost gave us hope. In the same period and in the late nineties, we saw many games that carried the entire gaming industry forward. his shoulders and revived it again, games like Street fighter 2, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Strider saved what could be saved, and even returned the pulse to all developers because of its extreme revolution at the time, and the wheel of optics again turned around

The attractiveness of those games captivated all industry fans at the time, leading to unprecedented success, and that success in turn encouraged developers to make more of these games, and the industry began to flourish little by little.

3D time

Personal computers evolved and took their natural course, developers found their solace in designing games and showed us their creativity represented in 3D video games. A first-person shooter like “DOOM” was a huge success and to this day it is one of the best games of this type. True 3D graphics began in the mid-90s with the release of devices such as the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation.

With these players or consoles, the players started the real gaming era full of 3D graphics. There was nothing as cool as the character “Mario” jumping, flying and sliding in those green tubes, it was and still is the godfather of platform games (platform game). All this and the graphics are improving, and the features of our current era are starting to take shape.

Beyond 3D

CGI technology

Now we are seeing unprecedented leaps in the world of games that we have not seen before, thanks to CGI technology. This terrible technological development has opened doors for us that we could not have imagined at the beginning of the current millennium. We’ve seen games that blew us away like Halo: Combat Evolved, GTA 3, Metroid Prime, and many more. We didn’t even think we would get here; to environments that let us interact with video games in that way.

But what exactly did the CGI technology do?

Lighting manipulation

CGI technology

One of the main differences made by CGI technology is that related to lighting, manipulation and adjustment in a way that gives games stronger excitement and realism. We should not use regular and fixed lighting sources, but rather we should add effects – using CGI technology – that we would not have achieved if we had used natural and fixed lighting.

complexity of images

Developers try to create figures and polygons in the world of games that are in line with the wild imagination of players, and this can only be done by relying on CGI technology, which in turn tends towards interactive characters and makes them above empty designs preferred, and that’s what makes games work together and grab the attention of players who get what they’ve been looking for all along.

Flexibility and visible developments

Contrary to the traditional methods used in the past, the technology has arrived here that can change our concepts about games after being based on black and white pixels. Imagination runs wild and games are more alive and active than ever. Games have become a refuge for gamers from real life. So they started to replace technology and developments that are closer to the truth – formally – than the painful reality.

Get rid of the 2D

CGI technology

That leap from the two-dimensional world to the three-dimensional technological reality was one of the most important achievements of CGI technology. A wonderful cinematic reality with stunning graphics that offered us an incredible gaming experience; In the past we played with paper characters, but now we merge with the characters and put ourselves in their place, defeating the bad guys in the game, so we think that we have actually defeated them, incomparable months in fact.

In the end, there are many technical matters and other clear leaps that the amazing CGI technology has made in all the fields it has broken into, and with what we see today in terms of graphics and visual effects that capture the eyes and hearts, and while keeping the same approach we follow, we expect these graphics to flourish more and more. On the contrary, it will – in the near or distant future – become something that is impossible to separate or isolate from reality!

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